Monster School Owner Danny Cage On Which Of His Students He Was Wrong About & More

Monster School Owner Danny Cage On Which Of His Students He Was Wrong About & More

Danny Cage, owner of the wrestling school “Monster School”, was recently interviewed by WINCLY. During the interview, he discussed one of his former pupil’s Matt Riddle. Cage admitted that he was wrong in his original assessment of Riddle and is excited to see him thrive. He discussed why he didn’t think Riddle would succeed as well as who he’d like to see Riddle in an angle with. Here are the highlights:

On Being Wrong About Riddle:

I’m loving it and this is where I can admit when I’m wrong. I thought that when he was training with us, not that he wouldn’t make it, but that he would stand in his own way because he’s so out there and so independent. But it works for him and wrestling needs someone like him. He’s a star top to bottom. I’m glad that he proved me wrong and I love when people prove me wrong, because I learn something.

On Riddle Not Liking Promos:

He hated promos; that was it. Keep in mind he’s coming from the UFC world and is ready to go. It’s like having a kid in the candy store in that you can look at all the candy but you can’t eat any. So we’d bring him into the gym for promos for two hours and he’d get antsy. Everything he does is so odd because he’s a legit ass-kicker and everyone knows that. But they always say your promos should fit the way you wrestle. Riddle does not. Riddle is not laid back in the ring. He’s a badass and his engine can stay 1000 RPMs. As soon as he flips off those flip-flops, then he’s not that guy anymore.

On Riddle Taking Shots At WCW Legends:

In my mind I said if it was three or four years ago, you just signed your own death certificate. But since he’s proven he can say and do these things and back it up, how can you fault him for that? The guys he’s popping off to are the guys that would have been popping off to people when they were his age. It’s generating pub and it’s all good. I would salivate at the change to book stuff like that and see where it could go. We’re getting to a point where you don’t have to keep your mouth shut about other places. We don’t have to pretend that nobody exists except WWE.

On Wrestlers Having More Of A Voice Now:

I love it and it’s welcome because it’s saying to the fans that we’re not gonna treat you like idiots anymore. We’re not gonna give you everything you want because if we give you everything you want, you’ll get spoiled and walk away and find something else. So we’re gonna keep you on that short leash and every once in a while give you a payoff.

On Wanting To See An Angle Between Riddle & Goldberg:

It only makes sense or at least do something with Riddle, Goldberg and somebody else. How could you not? Jericho did a similar thing with Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat. Why not do something with Riddle, Goldberg, Lance Storm, Booker T? That’d be a lot of fun.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: WINCLY.


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