Moose Signs New Contract With IMPACT

As first reported by Sporting News, IMPACT star Moose has signed a new deal with IMPACT Wrestling. Moose would later cut a promo confirming this news on the IMPACT Twitter page.

So everywhere I go to, the question is asked: Moose what’s next? To be totally honest…it feels like IMPACT Wrestling has been playing rib after rib after rib on me. First of all…they send me here to crappy Louisville Kentucky…a place I don’t even wanna be at. Then last night…they had me go to Dayton Ohio, another crappy town, probably the worst town in the United States of America. It’s almost like they’re trying to get me out the company. It’s almost like they don’t want me to be here. Well guess what IMPACT wrestling? I’m Mr. IMPACT wrestling. I don’t care if there’s a guy on the roster called Johnny Impact. My boots are way too big to be filled. So that means…I’m signing back here, because without me…there is no IMPACT wrestling.

Check it out below.


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