More Details On Big Cass and Enzo's Invasion At The G1 Supercard, New Tag Name Revealed

More Details On Big Cass and Enzo’s Invasion At The G1 Supercard, New Tag Name Revealed

In the latest newsletter from the Wrestling Observer, an in-depth analysis of the Enzo Amore and Big Cass invasion at the ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard was detailed, explaining moment to moment what went down that had the fans at Madison Square Garden shocked last Saturday night.

Following the Fatal-Four tag match for the ROH and IWGP tag team championship, Mark Briscoe was seen throwing punches at a fan, who turned out to be Enzo Amore. Big Cass, who was sitting next to Amore surrounded by planted fans, got involved shortly afterwards. Those who were sitting nearby could immediately tell that this was an angle as security did nothing to intervene. Reports state that security was notified that this would happen, but were not told specifically what the angle would be. The exchange ended up being really stiff in an attempt to prove that the brawl was real. The Guerrillas of Destiny, nor anyone from NJPW, were informed about Cass and Amore’s angle. Tama Tonga and brother Tonga Loa did not participate in the brawl as they were disgusted by it. Tama later tweeted about the situation, calling it “ROH booking at its finest.”

On Enzo and Cass…their new tag team name will be the Free AgentZ. Yesterday they released a promo video on Instagram with their new monikers, nZo and CazXL. The PPV audience was not shown the footage of the brawl, the idea being that it wasn’t supposed to happen. Bully Ray was event sent out there to assist the Briscoes. The Observer also reports that Cass did not appear to be in great shape and received several potatoes from the Briscoes.


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