More Details On Killer Kross In IMPACT, Length Of Contract, Won’t Be Used At Tapings This Weekend

According to PW Insider, IMPACT will not be using star Killer Kross at this weekend’s tapings in Las Vegas. Kross has not been seen on weekly television since his loss to Eddie Edwards in a first-blood match at Slammiversary. Early reports revealed that Kross refused to blade during that bout with Edwards due to the lack of medical doctors on-site and zero blood tests being run. IMPACT has responded by claiming there were EMTs on hand, but that they offered Kross a blood capsule , which he ended up using, and that there was no issued with his choice.

As far as his contract, Kross has 18 months left on his current deal. IMPACT initially offered six-figures over the course of three years, with the initial figures coming close to $40-$80 thousand per year, perhaps higher, that Kross denied. He’s still been communicating to management through a lawyer.

Stay tuned.


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