More on WWE’s Bray Wyatt Merchandise Boxes Selling Out, Much Higher Prices on eBay

As noted on Monday, WWE Shop began selling a new Firefly Funhouse playset box that included exclusive merchandise for Bray Wyatt and The Fiend.

Joey noted before how the boxes quickly sold out after being put up for grabs by the website. WWE has confirmed that the limited edition boxes sold out in under 3 hours. WWE made just 500 of the $39.99 boxes, and noted that they will not be creating any more.

The boxes immediately started popping up on eBay. Sellers on that platform currently have the boxes listed for $225, $249 and $250.

The boxes included an exclusive Fiend t-shirt, an autographed Wyatt postcard, playset cutouts and display set to turn the box itself into a Firefly Funhouse, pictures, stickers, and more.

Below is WWE’s announcement on the sell out:

Limited edition Firefly Funhouse sells out in under 3 hours!

For the first time ever WWE Shop sold a limited edition Firefly Funhouse box and Yowie Wowie did the WWE Universe ever respond! 500 boxes containing exclusive Bray Wyatt merchandise sold out in under 3 hours.

Each box contained:

* Exclusive Bray Wyatt “Fiend” T-Shirt
* Bray Wyatt Autographed Welcome Postcard
* Playset Cutouts and Display Set – the box itself turns into the Firefly Fun House!
* Pictures, stickers & more

The box may be gone, but there’s still plenty of other Bray Wyatt merchandise to help light the way. All you have to do is… let him in.

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