MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - Brock Lesnar's Appearance in the UFC and What It SHOULD Mean to the WWE

MR. TITO STRIKES BACK – Brock Lesnar’s Appearance in the UFC and What It SHOULD Mean to the WWE


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Welcome back to the EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING coming to you from a brand new computer… Yes, in my almost 20 years here at clicking here.

From my file count, I have 1,265 total Mr. Tito’s Phat Daily Column columns from October 1998 through August 2002.

– Rest of 2002: 30 Columns
– 2003 Count: 78 Columns
– 2004 Count: 37 Columns (but I must have lost March to June 2004 on a Zip drive, remember those… I’d probably add 20-30 more columns to that count)
– 2005: 41 Columns
– 2006: Don’t have them archived, sadly… I’ll split 2005’s count in half because I first retired during mid 2016 and estimate 20.
– BAD TITO: 39 special columns

Retired from mid 2006 through early 2010… I wrote 3 special Columns Forums entries during that time that would eventually get posted on the Main Page.

– Wrote periodically for the first half of 2010 and then began writing daily on’s Blogs Forums. So I’d estimate 100 “Blog is Tito” entries that year?
– Wrote almost every day during 2011… I’ll estimate 340 columns that year and it could have been more had some internal drama not ended that Blogs Forum… May have saved my life, too, as writing daily gave me the worst insomnia.

– Wrote daily for early 2012, walked away briefly due to burn out… By mid 2012, I was writing weekly. So… 150 columns that year?

For 2013 through 2017, even now, I would assume a 1.5 columns per week ratio. Sometimes I write once a week, sometimes I write 2-3, sometimes 4 times a week. That could mean:
– 2013: 78 Columns
– 2014: 78 Columns
– 2015: 78 Columns
– 2016: 78 Columns
– 2017: 78 Columns
– 2018: 39 Columns (annualized difference, half way through 2018)

Add those up, I’m looking at an estimated 2,500 columns written and posted for for 19 years and 8 months. Considering it takes me roughly 2 hours (conservative estimate, probably closer to 2-3 hours) to pound out a column… 5,000 hours? But I’d argue that doing clerical stuff as Mr. Tito, such as reading and responding to your emails or Tweets now probably chews up more time than that.

Cost to you? Nothing but your time. “Boo hoo” to all of the haters who bash a column that is provided to them weekly for free. Oh, you have it SO BAD when you click my links. In spending my own time and dealing with any drama associated with writing opinions on wrestling, I have been 100% voluntary and never once asked for any compensation. On me, hours of my personal time, many computers worn out, and some bad cases of insomnia that have caused me a few health problems as of late. My choice, as I’ve treated this as my hobby…


Enough on that, let’s speak about Brock Lesnar. Easy point to make: Would Vince McMahon let Lesnar remain a World Champion in his company if he was going to ONLY work for Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC)? Of course he wouldn’t… This is the same guy who humiliated Bret Hart, longtime employee, regarding a World Title. Vince McMahon and UFC President, Dana White, are working together. Vince will make his dollars on WWE Network exclusive matches while Dana White gets to benefit from a part-time Lesnar whose star power is kept strong by the WWE. Gee, why is Dana White so supportive of Ronda Rousey in the WWE? Place your bets on if/when Ronda does a return UFC match or two in the future. Believe me, it will happen.

That said, for Brock Lesnar to (a) get called into the Octogon in a promo by Daniel Cormier and (b) enter the ring immediately and shove Cormier… Yeah, there is a bit of scripting there. Yep, Brock Lesnar just happens to be in attendance and near the ring when that Cormier promo was cut. If I was a diehard Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fan right now, I’d maybe question what is going on there at UFC… That said, you should be estatic that Brock Lesnar is back! He’s a star that will cause more mainstream attention towards your sport and potentially create new MMA fans.

What needs to be repeatedly said is that Brock Lesnar is STILL a WWE employee, period. Again, Vince McMahon would NEVER let a World Champion just walk away from the promotion like that and work for another brand. And if you need proof of how Vince McMahon treats anyone who leaves the WWE, just look at Brock Lesnar. After trying to make it as a NFL player, Brock Lesnar wrestled in Japan and then tried to join UFC. He had a “no compete” clause in his 2004 negotiated exit from the WWE to not wrestle or compete in MMA until 2010. Lots of lawyers had to get involved and eventually, the WWE and Brock Lesnar settled out of court. Once that happened and when Lesnar thought he was fully done with the UFC following his illness, then it became possible for him to rejoin the WWE.

There is a question, however, as to when Brock Lesnar will actually work in the WWE again… Reportedly, SummerSlam is out of the question although I’M CALLING BULL on that… I figure that WWE will try to do Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the THIRD time during 2018 as if the previous 2 matches were any good. That and the time to give Reigns his “big win” over Lesnar has passed. WWE blew it during the previous 2 matches and Reigns, himself, blew it with subpar performances. Reigns had TWO chances to shine against Lesnar and he didn’t produce. The same old out-of-breath stuff for the first few minutes, letting his opponent control the match for a while, hitting a Drive-By (signature move #1), Table spot on the outside, multiple Superman punches (signature move #2), taking the opponent’s finisher repeatedly, and then Spear (signature move #3) possibly following another Superman punch. Meanwhile, Roman is sweating as if he just fell into a swimming pool (doctors need to check him out, seriously).

If I were Vince McMahon, I’d appear on the next edition of WWE Monday Night RAW and hype a “special announcement” for the THIRD HOUR of RAW. At 10:30 pm, Vince appears in the middle of the ring with WWE Universal Title on his shoulder. Vince McMahon announces that due to a LACK of title defenses and also appearing for UFC‘s recent event before appearing for the WWE, Vince has something to say to Brock Lesnar: YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!. Now, this is 100% storyline driven, as Brock Lesnar can return sometime during 2019 or 2020 after he gets a few more things out of his “MMA basement”. Once Lesnar is returned, he’ll see a RAW main event scene that has Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, & Seth Rollins and maybe others who have gained valuable main event experience since Lesnar was “fired” during 2018.

Then, Vince announces that at Extreme Rules, the following two matches will be Tournament entry matches:

– Bobby Lashley vs. Roman Reigns
– Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman (may be officially booked this week)

Winners of those matches will wrestle in a “Finals” match at SummerSlam 2018.

PROBLEM with that plan is that Braun Strowman is the “Money in the Bank” winner and it makes my scenario redundant.

FINE – Make Bobby Lashley vs. Roman Reigns wrestle for the NEWLY crowned WWE Universal Title at WWE Extreme Rules and make it REQUIRED that Braun Strowman cashes in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Having Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2018 presents a scenario where everybody wins, assuming that Brock Lesnar isn’t coming back for a while. Vince McMahon gets Roman Reigns headlining SummerSlam as WWE Champion and retains some “heat” for what he did to Lesnar (i.e. “YOU’RE FIRED!”). Braun Strowman gets a valid WWE Title shot. BETTER YET, did you enjoy those Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns matches? How about THIS for some positive feedback and my old buddy from around Cleveland is going to serve me up some crow to eat: Roman Reigns had his BEST matches with Braun Strowman and Braun Strowman had his best matches with Roman Reigns.

THUS, you’ll get a GOOD Roman Reigns match at WWE SummerSlam 2018 that finally, nobody will complain about… Unless he wins and retains the WWE Universal Title.

Here’s some goodwill to throw at the fans. If we strip Brock Lesnar of the WWE Universal Title… CAN WE CHANGE THE F’N BELT, PLEASE???

That’s right, the period menstruation belt needs to be NO MORE! That is the worst looking belt of all time! Let the title die with that “UFC Traitor” Brock Lesnar and introduce a REAL BELT, a MAN’S BELT… Bring back the Eagle WWE World Title to serve as the WWE Universal Title. Hell, bring back the bigger version from 1998-2002. I don’t care… Just make sure that it looks like a REAL TITLE BELT and not just a stupid “WWE” logo. Give us the damn bird on the title! Hey Vince, wouldn’t that look REAL NICE around Roman’s waist? Eh? Mmm, mmm, mmm?

In my opinion, the WWE has only wasted our time with 2018. All of 2017 was booked to prepare Roman Reigns to defeat Brock Lesnar 100% clean to become “the guy”. Then, when 2018 arrives, Roman loses at Wrestlemania 34 and then in a very lame and “controversial” fashion at Greatest Royal Rumble. And now, Lesnar is at risk for possibly not showing back up… But if he does, how do you think that the fans will treat seeing Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar? “Booooooo!” “This Match Sucks!” “You Can’t Wrestle!” “Boring! We’ll get the wave and some beach balls flowing around. Maybe fans hitting the exits. When Roman wins the WWE Universal Title, complete hatred by WWE fans in attendance.

And that is why you SHOCK THEM! Folks, take a page out of Survivor Series 2016 when Bill Goldberg defeats Brock Lesnar quickly. DO NOT give the live fans a chance to crap on the match. Lesnar attacks early and tries a F5 finisher. In mid-air, as Lesnar spins him around for the F5, Roman catches him with a Superman Punch… Then as Lesnar is trying to stagger up, Roman hits the Spear… From there, either PIN him quickly or lock him into a FIRST EVER submission hold that we’ve never seen before. I’ve been trying to suggest a Full Nelson like Camel Clutch move and call it the “Reign of Terror”…

Disregarding that submission hold, if we HAVE to do Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar, GIVE US SOMETHING DIFFERENT than a long match where Roman escapes 5 F5 finishers. Beat Lesnar quick and get out of there…

Or hell, make it a quick match where Roman crushes Lesnar and then Braun Strowman cashes in the Money in the Bank. And then we’re treated to yet another GOOD Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns match because somehow, both guys have good chemistry together and somehow know how to make matches together.

Point being, it’s time to move on from Brock Lesnar during 2018. We haven’t seen him since the Greatest Royal Rumble and his whole point for existence in the WWE through 2018 was to lose to Roman Reigns. The WWE has a nice pit of decent wrestlers on the RAW roster who are ready to compete over a prize. Whether you vacate the title or have Roman quickly dispatch of Lesnar, it has become a tired act. And I sense that Lesnar is tired of working for the WWE. The guaranteed money to do very little work is nice but the prestige of being a sports entertainer is gone. After all, Lesnar has been a WWE employee again since the RAW following Wrestlemania 28 during 2012. 6 years, folks… I have personally enjoyed it and he has helped carry the WWE Network and made it feel special due to his exclusive matches.

But your time has come… Go enjoy UFC again, Brock Lesnar. Get that MMA stuff “out of your basement” and once that dries up again, come on back to the WWE for some fresh matches. Brock Lesnar is only 41 years old… He is in amazing physical shape and UFC’s rules (tapping out, referee calling matches, rounds, etc.) protect fighters from long-term harm. That and Lesnar’s part-time schedule in the WWE have preserved his body along with his 2004 exit. I could easily see a 43 year old Brock Lesnar returning to the WWE and looking exactly the same.

It’s time for all of the signings and NXT developmental call-ups to get a real chance. The Ohio Valley Wrestling “Class of 2002” guys have had a great 16 year old run. It’s time to see how well the NXT “Class of 2012” and classes of 2015-2018 can perform in the WWE along with all of the other free agent signings. WWE has invested a ton of money in talent and development… Time to let those birds fly.

After all, you’ve got FOX and Comcast‘s $2 Billion and I’m willing to bet that those contracts LACKED any language that says “must have Brock Lesnar or John Cena”. Nope… Both Comcast and FOX had to clearly observe how both guys were clearly not with the WWE. They bought the rights to their content which is known to have an infrastructure to provide 2-3 hours of live programming each week per show.

The ONLY thing with Brock Lesnar is how the WWE Network would do without him. Lesnar being exclusive, in my opinion, has helped the WWE Network thrive. With the new TV deals, does the WWE care about the Network as much? Do they begin selling Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, etc. to Television Networks as major events? Or is that why Ronda Rousey exists to be Lesnar’s substitute?

Either way, there will come a day when Brock Lesnar will be gone for good… Why not try life without him… If things don’t work out, give him another pile of money ($3-5 million, per previous contracts). It is quite easy for Lesnar to wrestle 4-5 times per year against an entire roster of WWE wrestlers who are probably intimidated by him and to get flown in by a private jet when needed. And as you’ve already seen, WWE and UFC can clearly work together and “share” Lesnar. WWE makes Brock Lesnar into a household name and UFC can use that starpower for their Pay Per Views. Win, win.

I just want to repeat my request… If you’re going to let Brock Lesnar go as WWE Universal Champion, let him keep that red period belt. And bring back the Winged Eagle belt, please.



With my final column being on October 26th, 2018, let’s take a look back at the past to see what happened on my earliest column from today’s date, 7/8/18 (or at least when I was writing most of this column).

The earliest July 8th column is from the year 1999 when the WWE was igniting on fire and about to hit their peak on the last fumes of the Austin vs. McMahon feud. Change was in the air during that time, however, as the Rock kept getting cheered after that Austin feud and Triple H was preparing for his main event run. That and I think after the Wrestlemania 15 masterpiece, burnout started setting in on Vince Russo. Meanwhile, WCW was dying a lame death and ECW started struggling…

Now, I’m going to warn many of my new readers… This is 1999 Mr. Tito who was a 19 year old kid who just­ finished his first year of college and was only writing columns for less than 9 months.


July 8th, 1999 – MR. TITO’s PHAT DAILY COLUMN

Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. The ratings are finally in, so I’m wondering how the WCW hype did for it’s ratings. Let’s find out. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis (Tito 2018: See, I cared about the ratings back then!)

Monday Nitro
First Hour: 3.8
Second Hour: 3.3
Third Hour: 2.7
Composite: 3.27

First Hour: 5.7
Second Hour: 6.2
Composite: 5.95

Head To Head
RAW: 5.95
Nitro: 3.0

-Ok, this week had less viewers than last week. I suppose they didn’t buy into the WCW hype, or someone read the spoilers. I think it was because of the holiday weekend, and many were traveling late. Whatever the case may be, many were tuned off on Nitro as the second hour started at 3.3, then dropped to 2.7 while RAW went up. WCW, in my mind had too many loose ends that they just can’t fix. That lip syncing and the Megadeth portions killed it for me, leading up to the main event. (Tito 2018: I believe WCW gave Bill Goldberg the “Crush ‘Em” Megadeth song as his new theme)

Of course, WWF’s main event was much better, and I think the fans knew that the Nash vs. Sid match wouldn’t be a match at all. I know that WCW can put on a better show than this, and maybe close the gap on the repetitive WWF. Maybe, that is if WCW doesn’t “drop the ball” everyweek. (Tito 2018: In truth, the Summer of 1999 had some decent WCW match-ups but the storylines were dull as hell to kill the show’s ratings.

WCW News
-More concern over what happened with Macho Man on Monday Night is still going on days after Nitro. Right now, the WCW bookers are wondering how they can patch this up. It’s hard to say what will happen with the Macho Man after this incident, but WCW, like they always do on controversial angles, could just drop it all together. WCW made a mistake by having that segment. Macho did look pissed as hell, and that probably drove some fans away thinking it was real. Whatever the case, that wasn’t a great way to generate heat. Heat on disturbing angles isn’t the right way to get a heel over. We’ll see how this plays out. (Tito 2018: No idea what happened with Savage back then… Something with Gorgeous George?)

-Like the WCW hotline reports, you know the ones that Calvin only makes and everyone else rewords (Tito 2018: Calvin actually called the hotline and subscribed to the newsletters back then. Most sites would copy & paste our stuff… That’s what my comment was about.), say that the “Rap is Crap” song is really over with the Country audience. Like I’ve said before, some local radio stations have been playing it in my area, and in many fan’s areas as well. This could be good publicity for WCW, that is why the Country team played it at Nitro. It seems that WCW is leaning towards having the Country team now as faces, not heels. Even as heels, the Country team gets more face heat than the No Limit soldiers. It would work out much better if they switched. (Tito 2018: The issue was that the No Limit stable was awful and the Country Team had actual good wrestlers.)

-Well, I have heard that WCW has the 30 day no-compete clause on Chris Jericho. So when Jericho’s contract expires, he has to stay off of WWF television for 30 days. WCW is STILL pondering over the decision to bring him on WCW television. The bookers want him for the ratings, but Bischoff feels that by having him wrestle on WCW for a brief period, and then show up on the WWF, would boost the WWF’s ratings. Of course, if you job the hell out of him, maybe everyone will just laugh at Jericho when he arrives on WWF television. We’ll see, and of course, the 30 day thingy could be just a rumor. (Tito 2018: He did stay off television for a brief while after he officially signed…)

WWF News
-Well, it’s offical. According to, Jerry Lawler is running for Mayor of Memphis! Good chances say that his local popularity will probably win him the election. I like the King, but if he gets the job as Mayor, will he still do commentating? I think he’s the best heel commentator ever, and without him, the WWF shows wouldn’t have as much life to them. If he gets Mayor, especially for a decent sized city of Memphis, then it would be hard to travel with the WWF and be Mayor at the same time. I only wish Lawler the best. (Tito 2018: I’d soured on Lawler during late 1999 and 2000 when he dropped the heel commentary and was relieved when Paul Heyman replaced him during 2001.)

-Well, the Big Show has been said to be disappointed with the WWF when they didn’t make him King of Ring. He feels, as a huge WWF investment, that winning the King of the Ring would have gotten him the opportunity to become an instant contender. The WWF felt that they can get Paul Wight over anytime, but that Mr. Ass needed to win the King of the Ring to give him some credibility. The WWF has big plans for the Big Show, like the super push that he will receive real soon, and the early rumors say that he’ll fight Stone Cold at Wrestlemania next year! It will be interesting to see how what the WWF does to make the Big Show get more over as a main eventer. (Tito 2018: Didn’t happen for the Big Show and in fact he was due for some trouble with the WWE soon in the form of a demotion to the developmental territory..

@That’s it for today’s PDC. Thanks for reading, and just chill..till the next episode.


There you go, folks… a LAME edition of the Phat Daily Column from July 8th, 1999…

We’re in a good mood… Let’s try another one! Since writing this crossed midnight, let’s post July 9th for fun!


July 9th, 1999 – MR. TITO’s PHAT DAILY COLUMN

Welcome back to YET another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I’ve got something special lined up for today, and I also have some Phat Chat news (Tito 2018: That’s right, baby… I’m SO OLD that I had my own chatroom!). On to the PDC.

Note: I am very behind on e-mail recently, so if you haven’t received any expected replies from me, this is why. Sorry. (Tito 2018: During 1999, my email inbox got pounded… Because I commented on the news daily, everybody kept asking me insider questions as if I was Meltzer or something. Kept me very busy and back then, I answered any email that arrived. Helped me build a loyal fanbase…)

WCW News
-The future of Goldberg is uncertain in WCW. Sure he appeared on Nitro after the Megadeth concert, but he probably only did that to promote Universal Solder 2, which he has a role in (Tito 2018: That movie SUCKED compared to the first film!). Goldberg is still griping for more money, but Bischoff is not giving in. It will be interesting to see if this situation is still going on when that RUMORED “out clause” happens in October. If this dispute is still happening by then, and Goldberg does have that “out clause”, don’t be surprised if he takes it. He’s very interested in one day fighting Stone Cold, and that could be his ticket to ride.

-Well, according to Calvin’s hotline report, Master P’s final WCW appearance could be Bash at the Beach when his No Limit Soldiers take on the Country Team. If he’s actually leaving, WCW can save their money, since he cost them $200,000 per appearance (Tito 2018: LOL, no way! There is no way WCW paid that much to Master P!). That’s ridiculous. Anyways, if it is his final appearance, that only means a super push for the Country stable. WCW is really starting to like the Country team. They are marketing the T-shirts, having the “I hate rap” promoted on radio stations, and they are giving them more camera time than the rap side.

-Hogan will most likely come back at the end of this month, or maybe August. What is probably going to happen is that Hogan will have the title, and then eventually drop it to Bret Hart. Wait a sec, Nash has the world title, and it appears that he isn’t losing it for a while. He has said so himself, that he won’t job to Hogan again, so that creates controversy! Nash is much more powerful, WCW decision wise, than he was when Hogan beat him back in January. The reformation of the NWO, which had Nash jobbing to Hogan on purpose, was actually scripted when Nash first started as head booker. We’ll see what happens here.

-Well, the WWF is learning from WCW’s mistakes. That’s right, and this is directed towards recent musical acts. The WWF has wanted some music stars for a while, and they have always been after DMX, but now all hope is lost for musical acts in the WWF. Oh well, musical acts in wrestling equal bad ratings and problems for a federation. Musical acts usually bring their egos into the locker room, and their egos just don’t mix with the wrestlers. A good example was ICP. They acted like Gods backstage, and they were taking actual shots at the wrestlers in the ring. Wrestlers would get pissed at them, but they didn’t hurt ICP since their job depended on it. (Tito 2018: Anytime that I had a chance to mention ICP in my columns back then, I did just to troll their fans. Man, did they take my columns personally!)

-The WWF is really mixing around ideas on where to use Jericho when he arrives. He will be on his own, probably at first. It’s unknown if he will do a shoot interview when he arrives. Many readers wish he would join DX, but I think it would be too obvious for the WWF to put him in DX. One thing that the great Ryan Brander pointed out to me, was the fact that the WWF now has a bunch of midsized wrestlers that look like Jericho or are shaped like Jericho(ex. Edge, Christian, Triple H). (Tito 2018: LOL, how about that comment on “midside wrestlers that look or are shaped like Jericho! Ryan Brander or “derman” was the Assistant Webmaster of back then and he used to feed me opinions like that constantly. On this such occasion, I gave him credit!) WWF is probably going to eventually push Jericho as a heel main eventer, because it appears that they see potential in Jericho; something WCW didn’t see. (Tito 2018: Right on that.)

-Everyone is wondering what is going on with Shawn Michaels these days. Well, right now, he’s enjoying life. He’s relaxing, styling and profiling, banging Whisper, and being very careful about his wrestling career ending back injury. The WWF just wants to use him for added shock value when they need it, since he’s the commissioner in the storylines. It’s very hard to say if he’ll be part of DX, since the WWF wants active wrestlers to be part of the future DX factions. Plus, they feel that HBK has “been there, done that” with DX. They would rather him out of DX, since he can’t wrestle with them. (Tito 2018: Little did I know that HBK was enduring some bad stuff during this time and things were about to get worse very soon. “Banging Whisper”, LOL. I said horsecrap like that all the time back then.)

Phat Chat RETURNS!!!!
-That’s right. The most electrifying night of chatting is back for this Sunday Night at 8 PM Eastern. I’m not too sure who is the guest yet, but I’ll find someone. Guest or no guest, Phat Chat will happen this Sunday! Oh yeah, Phat Chat is now on the LoP Chat Server!! You can now access the chat by going to (website removed). To access it now on mIRC, use the server (website removed) and go to channel #phatchat. I hope to see you there! (Tito 2018: I had guest writers from other websites… Went well at first and then it got too popular and savages began spamming the chat.)

Alright, I’ll admit it. Before the internet, and before I was Mr. Tito, I used to subscribe to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Hey, it provided me with the news that I needed, plus I liked the pictures. I didn’t have the internet then, so I needed something? Anyways, there was a feature in it that I enjoyed very much. It was the WCW-WWF Midyear report. Yes, I know that I’m 9 days over the midyear point, but oh well, I’ll do it anyways! Hell, I’ll even grade them to add a little spice to it. Enjoy!

WWF Midyear Report and Views
-Alright, the WWF is still hammering WCW in the ratings. Why? Because they can always put on a solid and entertaining program. The WWF, most of the time, puts on awesome Pay Per Views, and they can somehow always create shock value. The WWF can somehow get away with having a taped show against a live show every week, yet still win. The angles have been somewhat repetitive, and that’s the only problem I see with the WWF. The WWF, so far this year, gets a [ B+ ] for their efforts this year. The repetition is the only REAL problem the WWF has. (Tito 2018: Basically, running Austin vs. McMahon into the ground.)

WCW Midyear Report and Views
-This year, so far, has given us strange, and very confusing angles. The beginning of this year gave me a sour taste in my mouth with Hogan defeating Nash so easily. Ever since then, it’s confusing as hell to decide what side someone is on. Horrible finishes to Nitro main events and watered down midcards have made me disappointed in WCW. They can do so much better, but they do nothing about it. The only thing they can think of now is bringing back wrestlers and hiring rap stars. The WCW receives a [ D+ ], because they can do so much better.

@That’s it for today’s edition of the Phat Daily Column. Thanks for reading so much, and just chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, running with scissors, signing off! (Tito 2018: I was enjoying Weird Al’s latest CD, “Running the Scissors”)


I hope that you enjoyed today’s Mr. Tito FLASHBACK. I’ll keep doing them until I officially leave.


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