MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - My Top 10 Greatest Matches of ALL TIME + Some WWE RAW Thoughts

MR. TITO STRIKES BACK – My Top 10 Greatest Matches of ALL TIME + Some WWE RAW Thoughts


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The EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING has returned to… I always LAUGH when someone considers me a “terrible person” because I write wrestling columns under the assumed name based on a Jackson 5 member (Tito Jackson). Worse yet, many think that they can flame me in the Comments section below and get away with it. Nope, I hit back… If you troll me, I won’t take it. I just am not in a spot to take bullcrap. It is humorous to me how there are repeat haters attacking me… Usually, when I dislike something (TNA/Impact Wrestling), I just ignore it… As many of my loyal readers will tell you, I’m quite generous and I answer feedback all day long on Twitter to anyone who tweets me… Of course, if you troll me to the point of being annoying, the “Mute” function is wonderful.

Yes, I do have a little bit of swagger to my column and I’ll repeat things (like the 3 million RAW viewers thing) to death… But I’m a human being behind this alias. When I wrote my “Straight Edge” column recently, what I was trying to say is I take everything too seriously and am too passionate about things. I wasn’t insisting that being Straight Edge makes you angry or a “prick”, but that we’re a tad too sensitive over matters and don’t have anything to “take the edge off”. Things that happen to me during the day go with me as I go to bed, often causing me to struggle to sleep. I don’t have any chemical or substance “escape”, which makes something like tuning out for 2-3 hours to watch WWE “my escape”. When that begins to let me down…

If someone trolls me repeatedly for various feedback options, I’ll hit back repeatedly and even join them in the gutter. If you’re actually nice to me while providing constructive feedback or criticism, I’ll respect what you say and take your thoughts into consideration. If you act like a butthead, I’ll treat you like a butthead. I’ve had many readers who have stuck with me for 20 years now and that’s not by being mean to them. If you want the real me, just listen to the 3/21/2018 – LoP Radio Edition of The Doc Says… where I appeared on Doc’s podcast as just my normal self. What most of you see is the “war inside my head” that gets downloaded onto Wordpad to write a column or answering to very negative feedback.

Right now, I’m extra grouchy because I’m highly disappointed in the WWE. It has been a BAD pair of years after what I thought was a successful start to the RAW/Smackdown brand split of 2016. 2017-2018 has seen Pay Per Views become worse in quality and the Main Event scenes become extremely dull. The Roman Reigns “Era” is doing nothing for me… WWE is so bad that it has me seriously considering to walk away from it all for my 20th Year Anniversary as Mr. Tito at on October 26th. So EXCUSE ME if you troll me with Roman Reigns and my reply is GET OFF MY LAWN. Just don’t act as though I am the only one disliking the WWE lately. All of you complain about the promotion. Difference with me is that I’m refusing to eat Vince McMahon’s crap sandwiches, as I’m seeing many of you somehow accepting Roman Reigns as your savior.

So there… If you dislike me, you only have to wait 2 months. Then, who will you have to complain about?


Mr. Tito’s Top 10 Wrestling Matches of ALL TIME

In honor of The Doc‘s recently published book, Greatest Matches and Rivalries of the Wrestlemania Era which you can obtain by clicking here. I reviewed it a few weeks ago and I strongly recommend it. His book gives a Top 100 list but with lots of detail regarding the matches, the feuds, the behind the scenes happenings, and the relevance of the matches for future generations.

With the book out for some time now, I would like to give my Top 10 favorite matches of all time for you, my readers… But not as a response to Doc’s list, as that is his list and his is a good one… These are my Tastes & Preferences and before I possibly go, I just want to go on record on what I feel are my favorite 10 wrestling matches through 8/26/2018.


#10 – Sasha Banks vs. Bayley – NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2015
Things were looking dire for me during 2015, as I really didn’t like the creative direction of the WWE through Wrestlemania 31. During the end of 2014, the WWE gave their “wrestler of the year” slammy to Roman Reigns despite him being out for months with an injury. Then he won the Royal Rumble… While it may have appeared that Seth Rollins “saved” that Wrestlemania, Rollins himself was a bad champion due to how he was booked with the Authority. With the NBA Finals happening on the same night as WWE Money in the Bank 2015, I ended my self-imposed WWE Network boycott and used the Free Trial. I binged all of the documentaries for the next 2 months and once complete, I thought about cancelling by September 2015. But then I watched NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2015.

Holy cow. While I dabbled with NXT shows somewhat, I never gave the Takeover shows a chance. I was shocked at how good this event was… But there was one match in particular that was epic… Bayley vs. Sasha Banks. Before then, I was “meh” on Women’s Wrestling. Some of Trish Stratus’s work during the mid 2000s was nice, but never consistent. Then, following the Divas Search Contest and when female wrestlers were called “Divas”, I took it less seriously. Before Sasha vs. Bayley, there was an amazing video package which showed Bayley always coming up short until she began climbing the ladder by beating Emma, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair before nearing the NXT Women’s Title shot against Sasha. Sasha Banks, back then, was a ruthless heel who had lots of swagger, hated her opponents with a passion, and detested fans. She was mean… Thus, heading into NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2015, you had a vicious heel with lots of heat taking on a sympathetic babyface with Bayley.

After that vignette, I was sold… But then they wrestled the actual match that won my 2015 “Match of the Year” award. In front of a large New York crowd, Sasha and Bayley stole the show. Sasha was unleashing her psychological games on Bayley, as she taunted the crowd and made sure to stomp Bayley’s hand repeatedly. It was a female wrestling match that I’ve always wanted but the WWE denied us for years. Finally, the women were allowed to be competitive athletes and were allowed to have a longer match on a Pay Per View. I was shocked… The ending sequence was awesome as Bayley hit a sick reverse Frankensteiner off the top rope and then hit the Bayley-to-Belly suplex for the win. In just 30 minutes, I felt the importance of Bayley not just getting the NXT Women’s Title shot, but also the victory of finally winning the title. The ladies would put on a 30 Minute Ironwoman classic later that year that headlined a Pay Per View that was almost as good.

#9 – CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar – WWE SummerSlam 2013
If I could point to a single match for how modern Pro Wrestling should look like, I’d show you Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk at SummerSlam 2013. This was the BEST SummerSlam match of all time and that is quite an accomplishment because there were many (although this is the only one making my list, I can imagine many are in my Top 50 or 25.

You can always tell that Brock Lesnar respects his opponent by the way he sells for them… His best matches were against Cena, AJ Styles, and CM Punk because not only did his opponents sell for him but Lesnar would sell for them. The absolute beating that CM Punk took was out of his world yet Brock Lesnar went out of his way to sell for CM Punk as well. Good chance that Paul Heyman helped orchestrate this match and convince Lesnar to try a few things. Often, when Lesnar doesn’t respect his opponents, you’ll get no cooperation from him and the match quality suffers (see Dean Ambrose match).

CM Punk, at this point, had a chip on his shoulder because he was somehow convinced that his hard work would reward him with a Wrestlemania main event for 2014. Punk gave maximum effort for Wrestlemania 29 against the Undertaker and then SummerSlam 2013 against Lesnar. Punk put everything into that Lesnar match and Lesnar never looked better.

#8 – Hardy Boyz vs. Edge/Christian Ladder Match – WWE No Mercy 1999
Many rank Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon as a Top 10 match while others consider the TLC match to be better. Not me… The Hardys vs. Edge/Christian Ladder Match to end the “Terri Invitational Tournament” at No Mercy 1999 was perfect. You have 4 wrestlers trying to make their mark in one night and all 4 guys were young and healthy back then to demonstrate amazing Ladder matches to come. In one match, both wrestlers shows what could be possible in the ladder matches with highly athletic athletes.

Prior matches were different. Razor Ramon was more of a power wrestler who didn’t take the big bumps off the ladder as Shawn Michaels did. His matches against Shawn were typical Scott Hall matches that happened to have a ladder which Shawn Michaels used repeatedly. Then, you had the Eliminators vs. Rob Van Dam/Sabu in ECW trying out a few “extreme” Ladder matches. I would argue that they created a blue print for more daredevil stuff but Sabu, RVD, Sabu, and the Eliminators didn’t care to take multiple risks off the ladders Hardys, Edge, and Christian did. They were more grounded and used weapons on the ground.

The stunts that Hardys, Edge, and Christian pulled off were ground breaking as nobody thought to ever do double team moves off of ladders nor did you have anyone as willing to bump off of high elevation like these 4 wrestlers. Furthermore, all 4 wrestlers were hungry as they were on the midcard and were just waiting for that opportunity shine. In ONE night, both teams became household names and the respect that they showed on the next night during RAW was “icing on the cake”. The ending to this match is so awesome with the sequence that allowed Jeff Hardy to grab the bag of cash to win the match. The momentum of him moving that caused him to fall off the top of the ladder and take a horrible bump. The Dudley Boyz would quickly gain momentum of their own and join Hardys and Edge/Christian for years of amazing matches, but this one is the very best because it was original and didn’t need excessive table spots to make great use of the ladders.

#7 – Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Chris Benoit – WWE Smackdown 2001
Yes, I’m full aware of what Chris Benoit did to his family… Doesn’t deny what he did 6 years prior to those horrific events. His match against Steve Austin on Smackdown from May 31st, 2001 is what Austin has considered one of his “best” matches of all time. It was taped in front of Edmonton and during that night, it actually felt as though Steve Austin’s heel turn was successful and that Benoit’s potential as a fan favorite top drawing superstar could have been realized. They wrestled on RAW just days before this but that seemed to act as a “warm up” match for their Smackdown classic. It was a brutally violent match with extreme psychology pushed by both superstars. This kind of match probably wasn’t great for Austin’s surgically repaired neck and Chris Benoit just suffered an injury in the TLC match from the previous Smackdown himself.

Yet on this night, both wrestlers put on a wrestling clinic that made you feel guilty for receiving it on FREE television. Following Wrestlemania 17, ratings dropped significantly and the WWE’s response to that was to give away major matches such as Austin/HHH vs. Benoit/Jericho, Jericho vs. Austin, Austin vs. Benoit, and of course that TLC match. Then later, WWE unleashed the WCW/ECW angle and changed it weekly out of desperation.

With this particular match, however, it was almost as if Austin was trying to get Chris Benoit over. The effort and the bumping by Austin were off the charts and he was a very giving wrestler in this match. Benoit brought his usual intensity that he brought to every match and lucky for Chris, he had a “home country” advantage that made him look like a legitimate babyface. The ending is the only weakness to this match, as Vince McMahon came down to interfere and it caused Benoit to get rolled up for the loss. Many false finishes before these series of events, however, made you feel as though Benoit was going to be champion that night.

#6 – Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker – WWE Wrestlemania 25
Many of the reports back then were mocking Shawn Michaels that he had “nothing left in the bank” or that Undertaker was “too old”. But then both of these guys hit the ring and completely stole the Wrestlemania 25 show and poor Triple H vs. Randy Orton had to follow that. If you go back to late 1997 and early 1998, these guys clicked back then. Michaels was a bumping machine but he had his own personal intensity that somehow gave him courage to step up to the Undertaker. Undertaker was a talented big man who actually complemented Michaels’s athleticism to keep up with him during their matches. Michaels liked to “blow up” his bigger opponents with cardio, but Undertaker could always keep up.

This match is special… On any given night, a veteran wrestler can flip that switch on and deliver a 5 star performance with little effort. If you watch this match, both guys are just working a regular match and both were able to walk away from that ring without injury. Although the Triple H matches from Wrestlemanias 27 and 28 were good, they became increasingly violent and probably caused the Undertaker’s health to severely decline afterward. Michaels didn’t need that, as they could just do regular selling and false finishes to tell a story to the audience that this match meant something. It was so good that it earned an encore match at Wrestlemania 26 with Shawn’s career on the line.

#5 – CM Punk vs. John Cena – WWE Money in the Bank 2011
This was supposed to be a throwaway match, as John Cena was set to drop the WWE title to Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam 2011. CM Punk’s contract was about to be up and he let it be known that he was leaving the WWE to “try something new” for the next half of 2011 and onward. But then something interesting happened. On RAW, CM Punk helped R-Truth defeat John Cena in a Tables Match and for whatever reason, WWE management gave CM Punk a live mic and full creative freedom to say whatever he wanted. That he did. Punk delivered one of the BEST promos of all time, the infamous “Pipebomb” speech which he thrashed John Cena, the Rock, WWE management, Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Triple H (“doofus son in law”), John Laurinaitis, and others while also saying “hi” to Paul Heyman and his then-friend Colt Cabana.

And that caused a stir among wrestling fans and mainstream sports media outlets even picked it up.

Overnight, the WWE had a huge potential star on their hands but his contract was still going to be up following Money in the Bank 2011. By the way, that event just so happened to be in Chicago which was Punk’s hometown. Coincidence? Heading into that match, there were still questions as to whether or not CM Punk re-signed with the WWE and news didn’t break because Punk only re-signed with the WWE on the night of Money in the Bank 2011. Before the match, he made threats to that he’d defend the WWE Title at Ring of Honor or New Japan… WWE and Punk kept everyone in the dark about his contract situation that it caused fans to suspend disbelief for what could happen at Money in the Bank.

This match had absurd heat from it caused by it being in Chicago (“Punk Wins or We Riot” signs seen) and for the uncertainty of whether Punk would remain with the WWE. On top of all of that, John Cena and CM Punk executed a nearly perfect match in this climate. This was the first time that we saw a very giving John Cena in terms of selling for his opponents and trying to make a superstar with his efforts. Before, Cena was a modern version of Hulk Hogan as the unstoppable babyface that always came back to win matches. Tides were turning, as Cena sold for Punk and finally, Cena had a perfect heel complement to his babyface character. For years, Cena never had a good dance partner much like Austin, Rock, and Foley had with each other. While I disliked Vince’s interference in another match that I reviewed on this list, the psychology of panic was there as Vince did not want CM Punk taking the WWE title elsewhere. He sent stooge John Laurinaitis to the ring to interfere but John Cena called him off… In doing so, that distraction cost Cena the match and CM Punk ran off through the crowd with the WWE title (before Del Rio could cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase). It ended perfectly and sadly, the WWE began flushing that momentum down the toilet on the very next night with the beginning of the WWE Title tournament.

#4 – Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat – NWA/WCW Wrestlewar 1989
Honestly, I could place any of the 1989 matches on my own personal list. Chi-Town Rumble 1989 or the Clash 2 out of 3 Falls matches were amazing, but if I had to pick one, the WrestleWar is the most complete match of the 3. Chi-Town match seems as though Flair is overwhelmed while the Clash match had a bad ending with the controversial finish of whose shoulders were down following the Chickenwing submission pin. WrestleWar match was the most balanced match between the two wrestlers and a nice conclusion to their epic feud. Steamboat arrived and scared Flair yet Ric Flair evolved as a wrestler, with time, to overcome him. Flair had to win this feud because Ricky Steamboat wasn’t a Main Event level draw.

Both guys know how to work and know how to work with each other. They feuded against each other years before this as midcarders and those matches were epic showdowns too. Through 1989, both wrestlers were older and wiser while I believe that Steamboat had something to prove after his WWE run didn’t end well following his Wrestlemania 3 Intercontinental Title victory. I also think that Flair had something to prove, as his 1988 had some struggles trying to carry Lex Luger during main events. It was almost as if Steamboat was brought in to appease Flair who had a say in his career now that TBS bought Crockett’s NWA Mid Atlantic and wanted to feature Flair on their shows. Hence why Steamboat returned and also why Terry Funk was brought in. Funk would actually attack Ric Flair after this WrestleWar 1989 match and create yet another amazing feud for Ric during 1989… And also create another match on my personal list as you’ll see below.

#3 – Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels – WWE Wrestlemania 21
Wrestling fans create DREAM MATCHES and many of them never come true. This one did, however, as everything seemed to come together perfectly during 2005. Specifically, Kurt Angle’s health. 2003-2004 were not good years for Angle, as his neck kept bothering him and the quick fix surgeries never provided long-term solutions. By 2005, though, he seemed healthy enough to work through some high impact matches. Michaels was available for Wrestlemania 21, as he was no longer part of the World Heavyweight Champion title scene.

This match is just unreal… Both wrestlers in their primes, coming together to perform a perfectly executed match. Michaels was in his older peak after returning during 2002 and returning to full time duty during 2003. Wrestlemanias 19 and 20 were amazing efforts by HBK and his confidence as a worker was fully back. Then, you had Angle. Finally, he was healthy again… Not only that, this was an experienced Kurt Angle who learned how to be a better worker by that point and tried to avoid past high risk mistakes that got him hurt. He began to rely more on his mat wrestling abilities again, as I believe that he picked up too many bad habits from his 2001-2003 in-ring work with Chris Benoit that made him try too many high risks. Not surprising, both Angle and Benoit had neck injuries for their styles.

And Shawn Michaels puts over Kurt Angle 100% clean at the event. That made this match truly epic because it was a true sign that the Shawn Michaels of the late 1990s was gone (well, he’d appear briefly for SummerSlam 2005) and it acknowledged the great wrestler known as Kurt Angle. Sadly, the injury bug would keep biting him and that would lead to increased use of pain medicine to endure the endless WWE schedule. Angle would get a release from the WWE for health reasons and soon join TNA in a move that shocked many through the fall of 2006 (Angle cites leaving WWE then as “saving his life”). Michaels, however, had 4 more great years of work to come of many awesome matches, notably at Wrestlemania, to make a case as being the best in-ring worker of all time.

#2 – Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair “I Quit” Match – NWA/WCW Clash of the Champions 1989
As I noted above, this feud started when Terry Funk brutally attacked Ric Flair following Flair’s NWA/WCW Title win over Ricky Steamboat at WrestleWar 1989. Funk and Flair had a match at Great American Bash 1989 which Flair won but they had a rematch on the TBS televised Clash of the Champions event following that event. Not just a regular match, but an “I Quit” match where the wrestler had to say those words into a microphone to end the match.

The psychology of this match is off the charts. Both men sold their absolute hatred for each other and held nothing back in the ring. It was as violent of a match with strikes, chops, working on limbs, and cheapshots that you could get without the use of a weapon… Except one: the microphone. See, the referee carried around the microphone and he held it up to the wrestler’s face so that he could say “I Quit” into the microphone. However, Terry Funk quickly grabbed that microphone and used it as a foreign object to Ric Flair. Terry Funk would say “do you quit?” and Ric Flair would reply “NO!” and then BAM, microphone bashed over Ric’s skull and the thump from the mic could be easily heard. The Rock and Mick Foley would use this same tactic during Royal Rumble 1999 for their match although that involved lots of chairshots.

It is Ric Flair’s best match, in my opinion. As a babyface for a brief period of time, he was allowed to be a pure worker and not have to beg and plead with his opponents. If you watch him against Steamboat and then into these Funk matches, he is at his most aggressive point offensively in his career. Because he’s having great matches with Steamboat and Funk, he is also at his most confident. Sadly, after this Funk feud, things began really falling apart at NWA/WCW as TBS executive Jim Herd began having an increased say over the product. Ric Flair was about to have a rough pair of years before joining the WWE. Had NWA/WCW kept Ric Flair strong instead of always thinking that he was “too old”, the momentum created during 1989 could have been extended for many years. 1990 and 1991 were complete disasters for WCW despite having a decent roster of wrestlers back then including Flair.

#1 – Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart – WWE Wrestlemania 13
Can’t deny it… And the funny thing is that this match was an undercard bout on what amounts to be a TURD of a Wrestlemania show. WWE as at its absolute lowest point, as severe Creative changes were need to make the WWE relevant again. Yet, they had their top superstar RIGHT THERE for the taking with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Austin came up with his own gimmick, look, and persona while having creative freedom on his promos to say whatever. On his own, he created the “Austin 3:16” phrase to mock Jake Roberts at King of the Ring 1996 and he began to show off his promo skills that he developed during his brief stay in ECW.

Problem was that Austin was still a HEEL and Bret Hart was still a vanilla babyface. When Bret Hart returned from his brief break following Wrestlemania 12 through Survivor Series 1996, the wrestling landscape had changed. Fans were now feeling it OK to cheer for heels and dislike babyfaces. Bret Hart was too “by the book” and fans were rejecting him but supporting Steve Austin. Their characters, however, were still stuck in their previous modes. Enter Wrestlemania 13, a match that was not supposed to happen. Wrestlemania 13 was supposed to feature Bret Hart defeating Shawn Michaels to reclaim his WWE Title. However, Shawn Michaels “lost his smile” and briefly retired that year citing a knee injury that would end his career. Bret needed a match and had to “settle” on Steve Austin. Their Survivor Series 1996 match was fantastic and Bret seemed to personally like and respect Steve Austin. Combine Bret’s willingness to sell for Steve Austin plus the amazing ending that caused a full double-switch of heel/face characters, it becomes the BEST wrestling match of all time.

I agree 100% with Jim Ross… If you are onboarding new wrestlers at your training facility, this Wrestlemania 13 match is what you show students. It perfectly projects two opposing wrestlers with true heat against each other and then perfectly tells the story of Bret changing his attitude while Austin is beginning to peak as a serious wrestler and not just a rulebreaker. The iconic moment of Steve Austin in pure agony, with blood dripping down his face, yet REFUSING to give up is one of the biggest moments in WWE history. Right then and there, Austin became the #1 guy and it was all uphill from there. All Austin needed was heel opposition to really make it big and sadly, Bret Hart was the victim of that with the Montreal Screwjob making Vince McMahon into that heel character for Austin.



– I do like that Braun Strowman announced his Money in the Bank briefcase in advance. THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT, baby. In fact, I would change the MITB’s cash-in rules to be AT LEAST 1 week in advance. Cash-ins after the champion has already wrestled have been cheap and hardly anyone has ever benefited from such practice. CM Punk did that cheap cash-in twice and he was a lousy champion before 2011 because of it. Hard to take a champion seriously when their win was so cheap.

– THAT SAID, I don’t like Braun Strowman “turning heel” to join Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. Seemed too forced, as everyone was wondering if the Shield were actually acting as heels. This week seemed like Vince McMahon was insisting “no, no, no”, Roman Reigns is NOT heel. If you haven’t learned by now, Vince will never turn his top babyface heel. He refused to ever turn John Cena from 2005-2014 and he won’t for Roman.

– Happy to see Trish Stratus last night, but I thought here segment with Elias was lame. Just didn’t fit either character. The 60 Year Old insult was terrible writing because even if Trish was really 60 (she is 42), nobody would kick that out of bed. With all of these veteran wrestlers coming back to complement the existing Women’s Division, let the other female wrestlers do the mocking. Just reeks of misogyny and I thought that the WWE argued that their product was above that?

– I keep seeing stories of Hulk Hogan trying to relive some New World Order memories. How about this? My column here at started during October 26th, 1998 as the NWO Hollywood and NWO Wolfpack were dying while the group officially formed during June/July 1996. Pretty scary when my 20 year old wrestling column is actually younger than the biggest wrestling angle ever.

– The saddest thing about the WWE today is that nothing on the entire roster is more interesting than Triple H vs. Undertaker wrestling 1 match in Australia. Seriously, a 49 year old wrestling a 53 year old guy with replaced hips has more interest than the WWE’s 2 biggest “stars” wrestling in a cage at next month’s Pay Per View. How sad is that? Goes to show you the utter failure of creating stars beyond 2005 that both the developmental system and WWE Creative Team both own.

– You can always tell when someone is an “internet darling” when they get released from the WWE. Neville is the latest guy, as I was surprised that he was actually still with the WWE. Honestly, I didn’t notice that he was even gone. I’m not here to bash the guy, as he does have some legitimate athletic talent. But a 5’8″ wrestler with no personality or abilities to cut a promo, pass. 205 Live was bad for him and any wrestler for that matter, as it does not create a culture of pure athletic competition as it should. It is just a show latched onto the end of a Smackdown show where the crowd is already leaving or exhausted. He needs to a place where the in-ring stuff is taken more seriously than the character driven stuff and he’ll be fine.

– Years ago, I was OK with the Bella Twins because I thought they were funny as heels on the mic and I liked the “Twin Magic” to cheat during tag matches. Now, fast forward to 2018, I do not want to ever see them on my television screen. No offense, as you had a great run and I do not deny that… But the rest of the roster’s abilities have passed you by. If one or both of you get Ronda Rousey at the WWE Evolution show, then the WWE deserves a FINGER OF SHAME for not letting one of the full-time wrestlers to get a crack at Rousey. Because you know that when the Bellas lose to Rousey, you’ll never see them again on television for a while until the next opportunity to get over arrives. Total Bellas isn’t exactly setting the world on fire with ratings and neither is Total Divas. The Bellas are the ones carring around that “Diva” mantle while the rest of the roster has evolved. I still find it SAD that both Bellas were runners-up in the 2019 Rumble match.

October 26th, take me away…


And remember… To purchase the Doc’s book Greatest Matches and Rivalries of the Wrestlemania Era via in the United States, GO HERE. To purchase this book via in the United Kingdom, GO HERE. If those don’t work, please inquire Doc via Twitter through his handle @TheDocLoP.


So just chill… Until the next episode!

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