MR. TITO STRIKES BACK – Should Wrestling Fans Pressure Sponsors to Improve WWE? Cena vs. Undertaker, More

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Welcome to a weekend edition of the EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING exclusively here at / This upcoming week, however, we’ll be seeing some “Excellence in Podcasting” this week from yours truly… Of course, that already existed with the fine folks at #LoPRadio as they supply LoP with lots of audio content. However, for the FIRST TIME on Wednesday on March 21st, Mr. Tito debuts on The Doc‘s podcast, The Doc Says…. This will mark the first time since the year 2000 when I’ve been in audio form for I hope that you enjoy!

Today’s column is a follow up to my last column in which I discussed how Social Media pressured sponsors regarding the Fabulous Moolah having her name placed on the Women’s Battle Royal at Wrestlemania by the WWE Corporation. Snickers folded to the pressure and spoke out to the WWE regarding Moolah’s name involvement. The end result was the WWE removing Moolah’s name from that match.

At the very bottom of my column within the Columns section, a poster by the name of Kevalex218 made this great point: “So should people start # or @ Snickers or other WWE sponsors in their ‘ROMAN SUCKS’ tweets to get WWE to finally listen?”

NOW we’re finally onto something.

So wrestling fans are willing to waste energy griping about a NAME of a Battle Royal but you won’t hold the WWE’s feet-to-the-fire regarding anything that WWE Creative or the McMahons present on television? Really?

Of course, many fans “got the message” after the WWE squashed John Cena at SummerSlam 2014 and the Roman Reigns MEGA PUSH was installed. RAW’s viewership has been down over 1,000,000 ever since and thousands in attendance per live attended show. That’s evidence of a boycott…

But, you could walk away OR you could really hold the WWE accountable. As seen by the pressuring of sponsors to remove Fabulous Moolah from a Battle Royal name, the consumers have more power than they think… Go back a few years to Bill O’Reilly from FOX News. After a few issues at the workplace that resulted in high dollar lawsuits, pressure was put on his sponsors by social media and other media outlets to not sponsor his show. One by one, sponsors left his show and despite still drawing 2-3 million viewers nightly, FOX had no choice but to let Bill O’Reilly go. Anyone caught up in this #MeToo wave has been immediately let go by networks out of fear of what kind of outrage would spark. Remember Enzo Amore? Second his allegations went public, the WWE Corporation reacted swiftly before anyone could even care criticize the WWE.

However… Do you REALLY want to go that route as a wrestling fan? Do you really want to pressure sponsors to tell WWE Creative to improve?

See, nobody is perfect… That would be like me picking up the phone and calling your boss about your problems in hopes of getting you fired. Is that fair to you? Despite how hard that you’re working for a given company, it takes the anger of one person or more to ruin your opportunities. Then, that creates a reputation for other employers because you’ll get a bad reference from your previous employer.

The real way to hurt the WWE is financially…

(a) Cancel your WWE Network subscription.
(b) Do NOT watch RAW or Smackdown on Cable TV, Satellite, or Hulu.
(c) Do NOT buy WWE merchandise.
(d) Say NOTHING on Social Media about the WWE.
(e) Do NOT attend live events.

You know, an actual boycot. You don’t have to put pressure on sponsors directly because your reduced viewership, collectively, will put legitimate pressure on the sponsors anyway. Let your DEMAND as a consumer enforce change upon the WWE, not trolling sponsors to beg their Corporation to threaten the WWE Corporation.

You need to have stones as a consumer.

After WWE’s drug policy was clearly not enforced well following the deaths of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, I had enough of the WWE and boycotted them cold turkey from mid-2007 through late 2009. Ever notice how I barely talk about that era? Then, after the mistreatment of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk through early 2014, I boycotted joining WWE Network from its start during February 2014 until January 2015. Do you realize how freakin’ hard that was to do while writing wrestling columns? It wasn’t until I wanted to watch BOTH the 2015 NBA Finals and Money in the Bank 2015 that gave the FREE Trial a try for the WWE Network. Then I started watching NXT and it hooked me… damn it. But, I was SICK of watching 3 hours of RAW lately… As I was assessing costs and was sick fo how Comcast was price gouging me, I “cut the cord” during August 2015. So I watched condensed WWE shows on Hulu and when those shows even became unbearable, I now sample both shows on to convince myself whether to watch the Hulu shows or now.

I rarely attend WWE Live Events… I don’t buy WWE merchandise.

And as I’ve stated in this post “Superstar Shake-up of 2017” world where the WWE broke their own product… If things don’t improve by SummerSlam 2018 for me, that WWE Network subscription is next on my chopping block… And then not caring about pro wrestling ever again.

But I’m just one guy with a LoP megaphone to show to everyone of my financial boycotts of WWE stuff… Everyone else has to act too.

You can yell “YOU DESERVE IT” at Roman Reigns all you want when attending live RAW tapings but the FACT is that you are at the WWE Live Event. They already got your money… If you are attending live events to BOO Roman Reigns, once again, Vince got your money. You can attempt to put pressure on WWE’s sponsors all you want but if you’re at the arena as a paying customer, WWE won’t change. If you just keep automatically renewing the WWE with your $9.99 monthly, the WWE won’t change.


How on earth can anyone be against John Cena vs. Undertaker? I don’t get it…

As I said recently, everyone was UPSET when Wrestlemania 33‘s plans were changed from John Cena vs. Undertaker to Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker. Then when that match SUCKS because a younger Roman can’t bump around or power lift the larger Undertaker, the mood changes… Somehow, the Undertaker receives 100% of the blame and NOT the guy receiving the mega push since 2014 to become the #1 guy.

Yet during 2018, you are also shouting “you deserve it” at Roman when he gets attacked by Lesnar.

You are ALL OVER THE PLACE as wrestling fans, folks…

Wrestlemania 34 is likely to be a 5-6 hour show. Plenty of room for everybody to shine. Secondly, the Undertaker and John Cena are just wrestling each other… Doesn’t affect any other matches, nor are there any titles on the line. If this one match, between 2 all-time greats who still have drawing power, can bring in many older fans who haven’t watched for a while and also bringing in more media coverage… Win, win for the WWE. They can use Undertaker vs. Cena as the “draw” match to bring new fans to the WWE and introduce them to newer stars. Oh yeah, RAW 25 attempted to do the same thing with all of the nostalgia but the younger wrestlers weren’t really featured.

And I don’t care what version of Undertaker appears… Dead Man, Ministry, Bikertaker, or even Mean Mark from WCW… I DON’T CARE. As long as it is the 2 human beings who have wrestled as Undertaker and John Cena in that ring at Wrestlemania 34, I’m satisfied as a wrestling fan. I went from NOT looking forward to Wrestlemania 34 to very much looking forward to it now.

You just watch… These two will STEAL the show because John Cena has a lot to prove that he’s not a fading star and Undertaker wants to redeem himself after that bad Wrestlemania 33 match with Reigns.


I’m HAPPY for Mark Henry. He is one of those “longevity” inductees but I believe that his latter decade gets him in. Damn injury bug kept him down from being a pretty strong main eventer. Everything clicked with the “Hall of Pain” stuff.

Funny thing is that he was signed after those 1996 Olympics by the WWE and they tried everything with him. Guy was a great sport about everything, too. Date Mae Young? Sure…

He’s a unique guy who had the property of continually improving as a wrestler. Just those damn injuries always slowed down his potential.


The Nintendo Switch version of WWE 2K18 received another patch today and it reportedly does NOT resolve the framerate slowdown issue that greatly harmed its gameplay. What a joke. Fine, the Nintendo Switch is under-powered compared to the Xbox One or Playstation 4, but explain how 2K Sports’s NBA 2K18 plays well on the Switch? And many other 3rd Party games of reasonable size.

2K Sports blew it… Instead of making something more customized towards Nintendo’s power, they tried to shove close to the same game onto the Switch. Foolish…

Because of this dropping of the ball on the WWE 2K18 port, I won’t even dare buy future WWE games in the Nintendo Switch on DAY ONE or at all unless reviews are extremely popular. That’s how you boycott things, folks.



This may be considered a non-wrestling discussion, but what the hell.

First and foremost, I’m a big fan of The Rock both as a pro wrestler and overall as a positive human being. He has brought wrestling fans so much joy as “the Rock” and made a major impact on the wrestling business. As an entertainer, he is generally likable and he’s someone I can easily see becoming President of the United States. He has charm, charisma, intelligence, and a great ability to communicate.

However, I’m kinda sour on him as an actor…

See, for every film that the Rock does, I see no differentiation between his characters. He is the over-confident character that he developed in the WWE but just with special effects behind him. No difference. In fact, each and every character looks exactly the same as well. ALL OF THEM have those tattoos. Each and every one of them. Has Hollywood make-up staff become lazy and not even try to cover those tattoos up? Every Rocky character has those same tattoos!

He looks the same in each and every film… Acts the same way too.

Contrast that with Arnold Schwarzenegger… I can easily distinguish between his roles ranging from Terminator, Predator, Commando, Total Recall, True Lies, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, and hell, even Mr. Freeze. While some of his characters look similar, he acts and carries himself differently. Because Arnold has the ability to create different characters for each film, it thus makes each film different from each other.

I want the Rock to succeed but yet he’s not doing much to differentiate himself from role to role. He doesn’t have that marquee role yet like a Predator or Terminator film that he’ll forever be known for. He’s doing well, overall, as a movie star but imagine how much better he could be doing with a successful franchise? Something that he could maybe push out some sequels (besides Fast & the Furious).

You have to act and/or look different each film… Pick one… But man, try not to have ever character having the same tattoos. Nothing against your tattoos, as I respect what they mean to you… But each and every character looks the same!

If you smell what I’m cooking!


Don’t forget to tune into on Wednesday, 3/21, for my first ever appearance #LoPRadio as I joined The Doc‘s “The Doc Says…” podcast. I hope that you enjoy it… I was a little nervous, given that it was my first audio show on LoP since the year 2000 and that downloading Skype on my mobile phone was a last minute decision… But I think that it went well. First time actually speaking to the Doc after years upon years of speaking to him by email or Twitter. Cool guy…

I hope that you enjoy… We’ll see what it could lead to…


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