MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - The Window is Closing on Many WWE Wrestlers + Top 10 Wrestlemania Shows of All Time List

MR. TITO STRIKES BACK – The Window is Closing on Many WWE Wrestlers + Top 10 Wrestlemania Shows of All Time List

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Welcome back to the columnist who has the man who will fight for your honor and has been the hero that you’ve been dreaming of… Mr. Tito @ Folks, we’re in the homestretch now, the final month before my “series finale” of Mr. Tito columns. This is for real, this is not just a threat… I am retiring on my 20th Anniversary Column on on October 26th, 2018. My decision was actually made personally about 2 months ago to which I deactivated my WWE Network sometime during August, as the last 2 Pay Per View events have been watched at a friend’s house… My decision is mostly based on how I feel in 2018, as I’m not much of a wrestling fan any longer based on how the WWE has drained me and how I don’t like the alternatives much at all.

Now, let me say this: If *YOU* like what the WWE is currently doing or if you are a big fan of the alternative promotions (New Japan, Ring of Honor, Impact, All In group, or any other Indies)… Enjoy them! Don’t let me be the one who deters you from enjoying something. One of the funniest reactions that I constantly get from haters of my column is that they are upset that my writing doesn’t agree with their tastes/preferences. So? Why let some guy working under an alias created in honor of a Jackson 5 guitarist bother you? Seriously… If you like what you like, don’t let me drag you down. If you’re a big fan of Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal, be proud about it for all I care. If you believe that pro wrestling, as a whole, is heading in the right direction… Then enjoy it! At the end of the day, you don’t have to read my column OR you don’t have to share my opinions.

This is tough for me because I’m really walking away from a great gig at and several opportunities offered to me to take the Tito stuff further. My numbers are still strong and are actually way stronger than when I first did my comeback during 2010. I still “got it”, so to speak, and I could force myself to keep following the wrestling business if I so choose… But I’d be miserable doing it and do you really want more columns bashing WWE Creative and Roman Reigns? I’m sure that many readers enjoy that, but I don’t personally like bashing Vince McMahon and his company that I’ve loved since late 1988. It bothers me to see how much the promotion has deteriorated in quality. You can tell me about the Stock Price or the TV Deals until you are blue in the face… But IN MY OPINION, this promotion is worse off than it was 30 years ago, 20 years ago, and 10 years ago in terms of QUALITY. And as TV viewership, attendance, and merchandise numbers in the United States prove… It’s not just my opinion.


Enough retirement talk… You clicked this link for a WRESTLING COLUMN and damn it, I’m going to follow through. There shall be NO half-assed efforts on the way out the door. That is now how this guy works. I’m still motivated to write, I just don’t like pro wrestling as much as I used to.

What I’d like to talk about today is how the DOOR IS CLOSING on many WWE Superstars. What do I mean by that? Well, in Sports, many franchises build teams from the bottom up. They hit rock bottom and then they hire a new Coach and/or General Manager that changes the culture of the franchise. They have a few good drafts, finally find a Quarterback, and year by year, they show improvement. Then, they make the playoffs and then go deep into the playoffs. They could get close to the Super Bowl or Finals, maybe winning it. But then, something happens to that team… Maybe a key injury, free agents lost, the owners start meddling, coaching change, etc.

Seattle Seahawks are a prime example. They won the Super Bowl following the 2013 season with an explosive defense, a great running game, a young & energetic quarterback who could make plays, and a former college coach who knew how to motivate younger players. This team almost won back-to-back Super Bowls following the 2014 season until a potentially bad coaching decision of passing at the goal line rather than using your Pro Bowl running back to punch it in came into play. Heartbreaking loss and then following that, free agents started to leave, a few trades were made to change the make-up of the roster, players got older or were getting hurt, offensive line got worse, and the coach’s motivating speeches just aren’t working. Just not the same team. Unless the Seahawks ace the next few drafts, possibly make a coaching change (maybe), and improve offensive line… The window has either already losed or will be closing soon.

Other examples that you could give… The Houston Rockets pushed the Golden State Warriors to the limit last year and was up in the Western Conference Finals 3-2. Then Chris Paul got hurt to lose that opportunity and now in the offseason, free agent losses and then pick-ups, in my opinion, have deteriorated the roster. Just as the Cavs made that boneheaded trade to get rid of Kyrie Irving occurred which did nothing but position the Boston Celtics to rule the Eastern Conference for years. How are those Cavs doing these days? Lost another top star, did they?

Point being, there is only so long when the stars align in sports that you can win repeatedly… The Golden State Warriors aced their drafts and that is how they afforded to retain their big 3 stars and then afford to sign Kevin Durant. However, with time, that Luxury Tax will begin to compound this team’s financial problems and we’ll see whether or not the ownership is willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars, per year, to keep this dynasty alive. But the players, themselves, have to be willing to stay and NOT get injured.

I believe that many WRESTLERS are seeing their “windows of opportunities” closing because of their failure to stand up for themselves, evolve as wrestlers, or seize on golden opportunties.


CM Punk and AJ Lee (*former* WWE performers). The “All In” event was in Chicago and with a “Lex Luger joins WCW Nitro in 1995” moment, it could have really sent shockwaves. Instead, we were all talking about an undercard match where a guy did a crotch suplex on a wrestler willing to play along. Seriously. I know that the WWE burned you and I believe that you’ve placed your heart into MMA… I respect that latter part of doing what you want to do. But you were a GREAT pro wrestler. “Sticking it” to the WWE would be the best medicine not just to exact revenge on the WWE, but to have a creative resurgence of yourself. We don’t want you to take major bumps or bruises in the ring. Just get on that damn microphone and talk. That’s ALL WE WANT. Not appearing at “All In” when many were BEGGING YOU to attend is just a missed opportunity. In my opinion, you have one last chance to make a splash in the wrestling business and that is at the Madison Square Garden New Japan/Ring of Honor show. No show there, it’s likely over unless a big debut in Impact occurred (doubtful).

AJ Lee was a GOOD pro wrestler and not only that, but a good female personality. She was unique and fans, both guys and girls, loved her. Many females in the WWE now are carbon copies of each other but her look, personality, and in-ring talent could stand out. Maybe it might cause justification for a Cruiserweight Division in the Women’s Division, as I don’t think it could be believed that she could hurt Nia Jax… But I’d love to see her shake it up with most Women in the WWE. She was JUST 28 when she retired. Reportedly, a discovered spinal injury helped her made the decision… If that was somehow healed up (I’m no doctor), I’d love to see her make a return. She’s too cool to be denied entry into the wrestling business.

The Bella Twins… You’re next. Can you spend maybe up to a year at the WWE Developmental Center, please? Sorry, but the NXT call-ups are way faster and are more talented than you. I’m not diminishing your contributions to the WWE, believe me. IF YOU READ MY PAST COLUMNS, I stood up for the both of you. That’s a FACT. But you’re part-timers now and are using your Total Divas/Bellas success to steal the spotlight from many other women for big first-time Women’s wrestling moments. By being part-time, your in-ring wrestling training is way off. You can tell that Nikki still favors her neck and is a bit too cautious in the ring. Brie just had a kid last year and I APPLAUD HER… But being asked to work at a high level when you’re part-time and not training regularly, it shows in the ring. Brie Mode has become “Botch Mode”.

Let’s be honest, ratings wise… Those E! Network shows are declining in viewership, FACT. Granted, E! will take anything for content that draws above 400,000 viewers and Comcast will continue to pay the WWE the same rate, but facts are facts. With all of these NXT call-ups, both of you are no longer the go-to female wrestlers in the WWE. Through 2015, yes… WWE needed you. Now, we care about Charlotte, Becky, Asuka, Rousey, Nia, Alexa, Sasha, etc. In my opinion, the Bellas need to EVOLVE as in-ring performers or do what Nikki Bella did during 2016 when she was selling for Carmella. Carmella mocked for her WWE main roster call-up during 2016, remember? Then, Nikki sold for her like a champ inside the ring and gave her material to cut scathing “shoot” like promos on her. Carmella grew so much during 2016, thanks to Nikki… But then Nikki soundly beat her at the end of the feud and that’s the problem. The Bellas SHOULD NOT have been co-runners up at the 2018 Royal Rumble.

In theory, being part-time SHOULD create a disadvantage against most full-time wrestlers. That involves conditioning, experience lately, and a lack of knowledge of your full-time opponents. That is why Triple H looks ridiculous when he wrestles 2-3 times a year and appears like he could slaughter the entire WWE roster if he really wanted to (and has).

I’m telling ya… If the Bella Twins get the Ronda Rousey spot at the Evolution Pay Per View, there shall be revolts. And do you really want to put Nikki in there with that bad neck history? Not saying that Rousey is unsafe, but those arm drags and hip tosses are pretty sharp.

Dolph Ziggler… It’s just not there for you in the WWE. Your “bread and butter” used to be your in-ring work. No matter how much the WWE Creative team has denied you opportunities to be on top of the promotion, your matches were always great. Not so much now. You’re burned out. Dolph is AJ Styles during the end of his TNA/Impact career. He needs to join New Japan for a while and find that *spark* that made him enjoy the business so much. I believe that Cody Rhodes found his *spark* again and only did so by leaving the WWE.

It’s over, Rusev. WWE Creative has officially killed any 2018 momentum that you had with Aiden English and “Rusev Day”. You should have stood up for yourself backstage and (a) started arguing with WWE Creative over losing so much and (b) fought to keep your alliance with English. You cannot talk but English can. He was like a modern day manager who spoke perfectly for you. But the WWE kept making Rusev lose and made a half-assed last second push to give Rusev a WWE Title shot at Extreme Rules. I was there and Rusev was very over with that Pittsburgh crowd. And then they were deflated when Rusev lost, once again. And now English is gone. You CANNOT hold the TMZ leaked engagement over Rusev’s head forever, WWE. It’s not fair.

Shinsuke Nakamura… I just don’t see it. He was fantastic in his debut at NXT versus Sami Zayn. He had several good NXT matches following that (Joe, Roode)… But nothing in the WWE. Multiple matches with AJ Styles just didn’t feel right and I wonder that his 38 years of age just has too much wrestling mileage on it. He has 16 years of hard work under his belt and just probably doesn’t move like his New Japan days. Maybe it is the WWE environment? I don’t know… In my opinion, though, the WWE gave him everything to be successful in 2018. He won the damn Royal Rumble! But then Smackdown’s numbers just dropped following that win and then feuding with AJ Styles. It’s just not working and when his 3 year deal is up, I expect him to possibly return to Japan in some fashion… Or maybe try Ring of Honor/Impact?

On RAW only, Braun Strowman… Between the No Mercy loss to Lesnar, trying to make him kid friendly with the goofy tag match with a kid at Wrestlemania 34, bullying Kevin Owens, and how this ill-fated heel turn. I worry that the window for Strowman on the RAW roster has closed. Creative is screwing him hard and I believe that it’s just simply by being on the same roster as Roman Reigns. Roman is the desired #1 guy and everybody else suffers creatively. Moving him to Smackdown, however, could freshen him up and pushing him as its #1 guy could be what FOX would love to see.

Sasha Banks and Bayley… Window has been closed and glued shut. What I saw from NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2015 is NOT the former shells of themselves that I see during 2018. Sasha Banks should be pushed as a women’s roster #1 heel and just be pure evil as she was in NXT during 2015. Bayley was “female John Cena” during NXT 2015-2016 and outdrew ALL women in merchandise sales during that time (despite having only a few items for sale compared to other women, like the Bellas). When Sasha joined the main roster, she was pushed as a babyface and had lame Women’s Title wins (only on RAW). Also for Sasha, she foolishly tried high risk stuff on the main WWE roster and ANY road agent recommending that to her should be fired. Bayley just joined the WWE roster randomly one day and WWE expected her to be well known based on her NXT work. Not everyone watches NXT… Since her debut, they turned her into an “ah shucks” kind of character who eats many losses and won’t stand up for herself, a complete 180 from her NXT character who stood up to Sasha, Nia, and Asuka to put on amazing matches together.

Now, the Women’s roster is too crowded with NXT call-ups… Sasha and Bayley’s times are up.

The Revival… Gotta stay healthy, guys. Your injury problems is why Vince McMahon doesn’t trust Tag Team wrestling. When 1 partner gets hurt, the other wrestler is “useless” to him.

Bray Wyatt… Cannot stay healthy and that 2017 stuff as WWE Champion just did not look good with his Randy Orton feud. His teaming with Matt Hardy was even more goofy. Both the in-ring worker and character are just not working. Just come out and say that you’re the son of Mike Rotunda and are related to Barry Windham. Bo Dallas can also come out and say the same thing. Become Bray Rotunda and Bo Rotunda, move on. This Duck Dynasty/Deliverance gimmick where he says weird things on the mic just isn’t working for Bray and not being healthy enough to follow through with the gimmick hurts, too.

And finally…

Daniel Bryan. It’s over, champ. You have let WWE Creative run wild over you INSTEAD OF letting your WWE Contract expiration to force legitimate changes on how you are used. You were Big Cass’s bitch in that feud, you let Rusev take your WWE Title spot, and now Miz is completely making a fool of you in your matches. I understand that you want to be 100% supportive of your Wife, as she has a very successful career in the WWE with Total Divas/Bellas and WWE loves to push her over the rest of the women’s division… But damn, man, you could have significantly lifted the Smackdown roster as a top star. Now, you’re just a guy. First match back after reportedly signing a new WWE Deal, losing a mixed tag to Miz/Maryse at his first Pay Per View. You had an amazing comeback and legitimate bargaining power to THREATEN TO GO ELSEWHERE… And you pissed it away. Sure, those WWE paychecks are probably nice and WWE is paying you just enough to discourage you from leaving… But ask your buddy CM Punk about how “great” it was for him to cash-in when he had leverage during 2011 from the threat of leaving.

Bryan should have found a way to either be on that ALL IN event or news would “break” that Ring of Honor/New Japan were going to sign him. Daniel Bryan headlining that Madison Square Garden show on Wrestlemania weekend could have been HUGE. Furthermore, Bryan’s exit from the WWE and joining ROH/NJPW could have convinced many other disgruntled WWE wrestlers to do the same to revitalize their careers. When Lex Luger boldly jumped to WCW in a shocking way that punched the WWE in a gut, it instantly legitimized WCW and its new Nitro show. This convinced many other WWE wrestlers to follow suit and made WCW into a powerhouse by 1996.

And when competition gets better, the WWE gets better.

If you keep accepting the WWE money to “play it safe”, you’ll hurt the business long-term. I don’t exactly see the WWE sharing that $2 Billion from Comcast/FOX and $20 million+ per Saudi Arabia show with any of the wrestlers. All of those WWE wrestlers in that locker room need to think about how truly “loyal” the WWE is to them or if they are getting limit priced (paid just enough to keep the competitors away) on their salaries.

Taking the WWE money and being a “yes-man” does nothing for the pro wrestling business.

Just as being a yes-man WWE fan also doesn’t force changes. I’m done handing the WWE my hard earned money and not seeing any quality improvements.

My window is closing, soon, as a wrestling fan because of how the WWE handled many of the wrestlers mentioned above.



Remember, this is MY list… It says “Mr. Tito’s”. Your list may be different. That’s fine. Make your own Top 10 list below, discuss it professionally below…

#10 – Wrestlemania 18
This show lacks the epic match, but I keep coming back to this show for repeat viewings for whatever reason. Primarily due to Hulk Hogan vs. the Rock. That match happening not only blows my mind, but the fact that the Rock bumped like a champ to make it look reasonable is beyond me. That Toronto crowd is fully behind Hogan in this match, as their hearts were broken during Wrestlemania 6 and they never forgot. That crowd changed creative plans, as the NWO was immediately broken up (or at least Hogan was removed) and we had a Hogan nostalgia kick for much of 2002 as a result of this crowd’s reaction. Thanks Toronto (that was sarcasm, in case you missed it). I like Undertaker vs. Ric Flair and felt it was a great match when I first saw it and when I’ve repeatedly watched it now. You can just see the “Nature Boy” slowly coming back to life as an in-ring performer and Undertaker was a bastard heel in this match. Some of his best character work, in my opinion… I only wish that Steve Austin and Scott Hall could have been good. What a shame. The undercard has some solid matches, however, with RVD vs. Regal, DDP vs. Christian, Kane vs. Angle, and Edge vs. Booker T (though that last one was too short). Jericho vs. Triple H kind of underwhelmed as the main event, but I believe that was due to anything having to follow Hogan/Rock and also the storylines heading into this match. Remember Jericho aligning himself with Stephanie McMahon? Stephanie and Triple H fighting over custody over Lucy the Dog? Yeah, that…

#9 – Wrestlemania 20
This show has improved with me over time… They made this show about 4 hours back then and it wore me out when initially watching it. Now, thanks to several WWE Network viewing and being able to either pick & choose matches or not endure the entire show at once, it is more enjoyable. I don’t care about what anyone says, but I love Goldberg vs. Lesnar. Complete trainwreck of a bad match made enjoyable by the New York fans crapping all over it. Love it! WWE teasing us with Austin and Goldberg being in the same ring was so wrong… Evolution vs. Rock N Sock was also fun but also sad, as it was their last hurrah with the company. I liked Eddie vs. Angle even though both guys reportedly had some chemistry issues. It was fine. The main event is arguably the BEST Wrestlemania main event of all time with the Triple Threat match between Chris Benoit, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. So much quality stuff in that match and it’s a shame because of Benoit, this match cannot be praised as high as it should. I remember SCREAMING at the television “TAP BITCH TAP” when Triple H was locked into the Crippler Crossface. Benoit and Guerrero then celebrating afterward as champions together was a nice touch, although Jim Ross’s voice being completely shot putting them over is a rough listen (sorry Jim, I love you… have to be fair in saying that).

#8 – Wrestlemania 15
I like this show better than most… In my opinion, Wrestlemania 15 has the VERY BEST Steve Austin vs. Rock match. Top to bottom, their most perfect match. In fact, this match’s formula has been repeated in many WWE matches. It was the blueprint created for the WWE “Main Event Style” that the top guys still use to this day. False finishes, guys kicking out of finishers, etc. Just a great match. The rest of the card… Here’s what I want to sell y’all on… Did the rest of the show have any amazing matches? Eh, that’s a matter of opinion. Creatively, though, this show was great. The built-in storyline of reuniting Chyna and Triple H but as Corporate turncoats was great, as that spanned across 2 matches. Fooled everyone and it positioned Triple H into a Main Event heel perfectly to set the stage for the future. I know most hate it, but I loved seeing Butterbean knocking Bart Gunn out. Just a crazy spectacle to see on this show. Ditto with Big Show’s spot on Mick Foley. I’ll agree with you that the Undertaker vs. Big Bossman match was terrible, however… In my opinion, this show was the “peak” of Vince Russo’s contributions in the WWE and it was all downhill after that as he was shot on ideas (kept trying to rehash Austin vs. McMahon, started hurting the midcard titles) and became burned out by the WWE’s demands and schedule. Hasn’t been the same since this very show, in my opinion.

#7 – Wrestlemania 5
THE MEGA POWERS EXPLODE!!! All you need for this show is Macho Man vs. Hulk Hogan. LOVE IT! Need I say anymore? I liked the Rick Rude versus Ultimate Warrior match and that finish was perfect. The rest of the show, well… Just a misuse of what was a loaded roster at the time. Too many matches, bad-match ups, and everything is short. Lots of stuff getting thrown at the wall when the WWE could have just employed “less is more” and had more quality match-ups. For example, the Hart Foundation wrestled Valentine/Honky Tonk while Demolition wrestled the Powers of Pain. Both were just not good… If you’re looking for a Hulkamania Era “member berries” moment, this show should be considered just to watch and enjoy all of the gimmicks from the time. This was the PEAK of the Hulkamania Era, as it was all downhill after this because the WWE depushed its top villain, Macho Man, so fast. The guy had a lot to offer but the WWE being so gung ho on Hogan limited opportunities for Macho to be a top star, even as a heel.

#6 – Wrestlemania 19
If only Brock Lesnar didn’t listen to Michael Hayes on trying his Shooting Star Press… Then again, if Lesnar actually hits that move… This show was top to bottom good and in my opinion, one of the most underrated Wrestlemanias. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels is excellent and in my opinion, that match really convinced Shawn to return full-time. I love me some Hogan vs. Vince on this show, just absurd. How those two could put on an entertaining match is beyond me. One last Rock vs. Austin and Angle vs. Lesnar was good until the ending. Imagine this show if the WWE had a better match for the Undertaker or let Booker T defeat Triple H?

#5 – Wrestlemania 21
Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels… *drops mic* Do I need to say more? Oh, I need to give you more content. OK, this is the night that made Batista and John Cena into LEGITIMATE Main Event stars… On the same night! Both guys were ready and both had the right opponents to put them over to become champions. Thanks to this night, the WWE had real growth from 2005 through early 2007 before the Benoit murders with Cena headlining RAW and Batista headlining Smackdown. GREAT night for the Ohio Valley Wrestling “Class of 2002” (take a drink, per the official Mr. Tito Drinking Game!).

#4 – Wrestlemania 8
So… You’re giving me Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper and Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage on the same show?!? We’re good… I know that most people HATE the match, but the spectacle of Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice could have been good. Sid is just a rough worker even though he looks like a million bucks. But he’s one of my top guilty pleasure wrestlers (maybe that is my next Top 10 list? Sauce it!). That is probably from my love of the Skyscrapers in WCW, as whenever I’m feeling down, I just watch their squash match with the Ding Dongs tag team for my enjoyment. The Ultimate Warrior’s return was a cool moment and I still like it… But Hart/Piper and Flair/Savage were golden, ESPECIALLY for the fact that Piper put over Hart cleanly and ditto for Flair putting over Savage. Great night for business.

#3 – Wrestlemania 3
This show has a bigger impact on the WWE’s growth than its quality. Aside from Steamboat vs. Macho Man, can you really name a match on this show other than Andre vs. Hogan? Andre vs. Hogan was massive because of its cultural significance but the match itself, specifically due to Andre’s health limitations, was just OK. WWE’s midcard was still trying to figure itself out and by 1988, things got really good from top to bottom. This was the show that fully put the WWE on the map nationwide, though Wrestlemania 1 was very important on impact… But there’s not a single match on that show that I like.

#2 – Wrestlemania 17
Most have this show #1… OH MY GOD, I have it at #2. And better yet, my #1 is historically the #2 show on most people’s list. OH MY GOD! That is why this is MY list. For me, I don’t like the Austin vs. Rock match as much as everyone else. That ending with Austin turning heel deflates the match, for me. This match felt like the Wrestlemania 15 match all over again but with more false finishes and then that bad ending. If this match had a better ending, I’d probably rank it #1. The undercard is the strength of this show, as top to bottom it is loaded. TLC match was ABSURD, HHH vs. Undertaker was awesome, Angle vs. Benoit was technically perfect, Shane vs. Vince was insane, good moment for Chyna, and a very underrated opener with Jericho vs. Regal. But this show doesn’t have the splash impact that my #1 show had on the entire wrestling industry. My #1 pick had 2 of the best matches of all-time and made the WWE better long-term. I would argue that Wrestlemania 17 is the final true “peak” of the Attitude Era and things went really downhill from there.

#1 – Wrestlemania 10
Give me Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart and Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels – Ladder Match, both 5 star matches, and we’re good. What I like most about Wrestlemania 10 is that it’s a “culture change” show, as it is first time that the WWE fully got out of Hulk Hogan’s shadow. By not letting Lex Luger win (Hogan clone at the time) and investing in Bret Hart, it put the WWE in the right direction even if 1994-1997 were hard years. Wrestlemania 10 positioned Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels as their top stars and DAMN that was important for 1997. Michaels vs. Razor was absurdly good as the first Pay Per View Ladder Match and Owen/Bret blew the doors off the arena with the BEST opening match of all time. Period.


THANK YOU for reading, as always. I wouldn’t be writing these columns if it weren’t for you, the readers. I appreciate the time that you put into reading and discussing my columns. Tweet me anytime if you want to chat, as even after I retire from writing wrestling columns, I’ll still be lurking there. Just follow @titowrestling and you’re set.

And if you want an ass kicking on the Nintendo Switch online system, you can receive that too. Ice Hockey and Tecmo Bowl are a TON of fun to play online from the NES Classics, but if you want to play some Rocket League, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, Street Fighter 2, Bomberman, Runbow, etc., just let me know.

I’ll still be around on Twitter and I’ll loosely follow pro wrestling news, maybe pick and choose YouTube segments to watch to remain current. I’m just choosing not to dedicate my Sunday Nights to Pay Per Views, watching RAW/Smackdown, or spending 2-3 hours (sometimes more) per column dedicated to wrestling. I just don’t have that in me any longer…


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So just chill… Until the next episode!

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