MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View Predictions and Lower RAW Viewership

MR. TITO STRIKES BACK – WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View Predictions and Lower RAW Viewership


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Welcome back to the EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING, come back to you for the 2nd time this week here exclusively at, The “hardest working pro wrestling columnist online”, indeed. Everyone says that I like to gloat and rub it in your face when I’m correct on something… Really? I would do such a thing? I’m honestly shocked and offended by that… Well, actually I’m not. I don’t care! It’s MY column and I’ll gloat when I want to.

RAW viewership numbers are in and the 3 hour show averaged a whopping 2.47 million viewers. OUCH… That makes TEN episodes in a row that has averaged UNDER 3 million viewers. Yeah, that is starting to feel a bit “permanent” to me.

When I made my bold RAW Brand prediction during mid 2016, my statement was a comment on how the RAW Draft went. I said that if RAW is led by Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as the Main Eventers and Stephanie McMahon as the Authority Figure, RAW would become “permanently under 3 million viewers”. The comment was aimed directly at those three, as Stephanie is a bully and annoying as a personality, Roman Reigns is a guy who can’t carry a match, cut a promo, or show any personality to resemble a #1 babyface, and I really didn’t like Seth’s 2015 work as WWE Champion following Wrestlemania 31.

What I couldn’t control were variables like Braun Strowman emerging during 2017, Samoa Joe‘s feud with Brock Lesnar drawing, Shane McMahon‘s return, Bill Goldberg‘s amazing return and ability to draw, and how successful that Brock Lesnar could remain. But all of that has vanished and we can no longer blame Stephanie McMahon as she is barely on the show and in my opinion, helped Ronda Rousey flourish.

No surprise that nobody is buying Roman Reigns‘s ongoing World Title chase and nobody believes in wrestlers like Owens, Strowman, McIntyre, or Balor who are “damaged goods” from 50/50 booking or eating terrible losses. As much as I’m happy for Seth Rollins emerging, he’s Shawn Michaels. Great worker, cuts great promos, but he’s just missing that “larger than life” character trait that made Hulk Hogan, the Rock, Undertaker, John Cena, Macho Man, Roddy Piper, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar great… He seems too normal of a guy, if that can be a true criticism… Tuning into wrestling, you expect to see characters that you don’t see in real life. That’s what Rollins lacks, unfortunately.

We can blame WWE Creative all we want… But the talent has to shine through.

Everybody acts as though the Creative was GREAT during the WWE Attitude Era… As someone who wrote columns during that period of time since late October 1998, I was often baffled by the booking. Mae Young and Mark Henry fell in love and gave birth to a hand! Road Warrior Hawk wanted to jump off the Titantron. And we were constantly treated to mystery after mystery such as “who raised the briefcase” or “who was the higher power” which either had disappointing payoffs or no actual payoffs. Look at all of the Intercontinental Title changes during 1999 and laugh as hard as you can at that title inflation. When you look back at it, you wonder how it was so successful despite some goofy storylines written by Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara.

Oh, it is easy to understand. 1998-1999 was LOADED with Main Event drawing level talent in their primes: Mick Foley, the Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker, Kane, and then you had arguably the best heel character of all time with Vince McMahon following the Montreal Survivor Series 1997 incident. That and WWE wrestlers/personality back then were UNSCRIPTED. Yes, they were given directions on where to go but the promos cut were 100% performed by the wrestlers. They didn’t have to memorize lines like today’s wrestlers… Furthermore, as Chris Jericho has pointed out, the guys that I just mentioned were all veterans of the wrestling business. Each had to scrape and claw their way to their WWE spots. They didn’t get handed everything to them like Roman Reigns.

In summary, to have a successful wrestling promotion, you need the following:

(1) Great experienced talent that can both cut promos and perform in the ring.

(2) Creative Team that can effectively write storylines to create an environment to allow wrestlers to succeed.

(3) Unscripted lines to allow wrestlers some creative freedom on cutting promos.

Today’s WWE lacks #2 and #3 while I’d argue that #1 is strained to a degree. Athletically, the WWE might have its most stacked roster of all time. But promo cutting… Ugh. Nobody is allowed to shine as a personality on the mic due to the scripting of lines (#3).

The Attitude Era was strong on #1 for wrestlers who could perform in the ring and cut promos… #3 was evident, as Steve Austin, Rock, Foley, and Vince McMahon cut promos on the fly and could improvise when needed based on the crowd reactions. #2… Well, just look at some of the bad storylines that could occur. Where Vince Russo thrived was on the Rock heel turn at Survivor Series and then the build up towards Wrestlemania 15. After that Wrestlemania 15 show, we were rehashing Austin vs. McMahon again with the “higher power” garbage. The fact is that once Vince Russo got out of the environment where he had Vince McMahon, Steve Austin, the Rock, Mick Foley, Undertaker, etc. to work with, he struggled badly in WCW. WCW had a weaker roster of younger workers and then it had veterans who had creative control written in their contracts. Russo was out of his element and the talent couldn’t match where his creative brain wanted to go.

If WWE could just go UNSCRIPTED for their promos, it could go a long way. That is an easy fix and it could benefit someone like Roman Reigns who is clearly struggling to cut scripted promos. He is just not authentic.


Mr. Tito’s PHAT WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View Predictions

WWE Extreme Rules is actually in Pittsburgh, PA. Where I live, I’m kind of in the middle of Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. For a short drive, I can easily travel to all 3 to catch any type of sporting event or concert. It’s great to go see a Penguin or a Pirate game and then have the ability to see a Cavs NBA game (well, not now, so long Lebron). All 3 cities have good arenas to host wrestling.

But I don’t want to see WWE Extreme Rules live and in person… I don’t want to burn a Sunday that I can spend with my family but I don’t want to monetize something that I dislike right now. I don’t like the card on both RAW and Smackdown’s part of the show. It’s just another show in attempt to push Roman Reigns once again and Smackdown is clueless with its creative direction. They had a God’s gift sent to them with Daniel Bryan returning but the WWE thinks that matches with Big Cass and reuniting Team Hell No is more important. What a joke.

That’s how I work, folks… 2nd week of Daniel Bryan’s return on Smackdown in Pittsburgh, I’ll pay money and spend time to attend to support him. Have a lousy Pay Per View card in Pittsburgh, no thank you.

New Day vs. Sanity – Tables Match
I wonder if Vince McMahon likes the Sanity stable or not… That said, this is a tables match and could be the gimmick type match that grants Sanity a win over the New Day. Then, next television show, New Day gets their win back in a regular match. Happens all the time in the WWE…

WHO SHOULD WIN: New Day. Sanity is too new.



Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax for the RAW Women’s Title
I’m actually amused by the backstage rumors of Jax and Bliss not getting along lately… That is more interesting than the hype regarding this match from RAW. The “prize” is to have Ronda Rousey smash Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam for the Women’s Title. I figure Bliss will escape this match and go on to face Rousey.

WHO SHOULD WIN/WHO WILL WIN: Alexa Bliss. Many are complaining about Bliss lately, but what has Nia Jax brought to the WWE? I’m still wondering what happened when she disappeared for a few months following the potential loss to Sasha Banks. Hard to take her seriously as a strong performer when she also exposes her character on social media often.


Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt(c) vs. Bo Dallas/Curtis Axel for the RAW Tag Titles
Meh, really? Is this on a co-branded Pay Per View? I’m fine with Hardy and Wyatt as a tag team, as both either have experience or some Main Event experience… Axel and Dallas, who are both sons of amazing bloodlines, are treated as jokes.

WHO SHOULD WIN/WHO WILL WIN: Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt


Carmella (c) vs. Asuka for the Women’s Smackdown Title
James Ellsworth shall interfere… Why else will he exist? Asuka is one of the most talented pure in-ring female competitors that we’ve ever seen and she is full of personality & charisma that Vince McMahon would want in a performer. Nope, she’s in the “sports entertainment” world and goofy acts like Carmella + Ellsworth are pushed hard instead.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Asuka, obviously. Sadly, Carmella’s advances as a wrestler were gone when Ellsworth first joined.

WHO WILL WIN: Carmella


Dolph Ziggler(c) vs. Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Title – 30 Minute Ironman Match
Having Drew McIntyre at ringside makes it appear too obvious that Ziggler is going to retain his title. Seems to me like Rollins will overcome both and a mistake by McIntyre will probably cost Ziggler the match. These two very talented in-ring workers have the potential to make this match special although I feel that the interruptions between falls and the match only being 30 minutes could hurt the momentum. In my opinion, the match would be better served pushing that 30 minute time limit and NOT having multiple falls.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Dolph Ziggler, as I’d rather have Rollins start challenging in the Main Event scene.

WHO WILL WIN: Seth Rollins. The McIntyre stipulation suggests to me that Rollins will “overcome the odds”.


Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Title
Ouch… Nakamura goes from wrestling over the WWE Title to United States Title in just a matter of months. In other words, he is the “AJ Styles of 2017” for 2018. What a joke. Meanwhile, I’m not sure what the WWE wants to do with Jeff Hardy. By their own WWE Network’s show admission, the long-run use of Jeff Hardy is potentially a risk. However, pushing Nakamura is as well… He’s not just the same wrestler that we saw debut in NXT or from New Japan.

WHO SHOULD WIN/WHO WILL WIN: Shinsuke Nakamura, only because I don’t see Jeff doing much with the title. Why else would the 2018 Royal Rumble match winner and challenger for the WWE Title be going after the Intercontinental Title?


Bludgeon Brothers(c) vs. Kane/Daniel Bryan for the Smackdown Tag Titles
I think that we’ll finally get an admission that the Bludgeon Brothers have been an utter failure as a tag team, hence why Team Hell No were probably reunited. WWE needed a credible tag team, other than the usual suspect teams, to take the titles away. That, and I believe that Team Hell No’s reunion has occurred as a personal favor to Kane to help him politically. With Bryan, he’s back to being a babyface and Bryan will help him get over.



Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin
I get the sense that WWE Creative is satisfied with Baron’s new role and I’ll never forget that Vince isn’t a big fan of Finn Balor. Corbin is tall and Balor has the size & weight that fits 205 Live. THAT SAID, the WWE knows that it has to sell Lashley vs. Roman later on during the night… Do they want to piss off the fans for having their internet darling, Finn Balor, losing? WWE’s fear of the crowd reaction turning sour all night long could cause Balor to win this.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Baron Corbin. I agree with Vince on Finn Balor. Balor should be starring on 205 Live and helping that brand out. I really don’t get how he can defeat a large wrestler with his offense and size.

WHO WILL WIN: Finn Balor. Like I said, WWE wants to somewhat please the adult fans attending in the live audience.


Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens – Cage Match
Am I the only one who sees Braun’s actions of (a) trashing Kevin Owens’s car and (b) tipping him over in a port-a-potty as HEEL actions? For all of the “Be A Star” anti-bullying, the WWE doesn’t conveniently push that idea with certain wrestlers or storylines. In theory, Kevin Owens should get revenge for those actions and defeat Braun. After all, Kevin Owens is a proud family man and SHOULD NOT endure such embarrassment on national television on a weekly basis. And it’s not even funny what Braun is doing… Add that on top of bad character decisions such as rushing his match against Brock Lesnar, having Braun lift heavy vehicles, and tagging up with a kid at Wrestlemania. Braun Strowman was the hottest potential superstar through SummerSlam 2017 but now has become “damaged goods” thanks to WWE Creative. It is such a shame as WWE should have made Braun a top guy at Wrestlemania 34.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Kevin Owens. He will be considered an absolute joke if he allowed Braun to repeatedly punk him and then loses the match. Want to shock the world? Owens drills that Pop-up Powerbomb on big Braun out of no where and gets the big victory.

WHO WILL WIN: Braun Strowman. Braun has the briefcase and if Lesnar does return at SummerSlam 2018, that contract will get cashed in.


Bobby Lashley vs. Roman Reigns
It is amusing to me how the WWE keeps both of these guys away from that 3rd hour, especially that Main Event. Wonder why? I think if both appeared in the last segment and it draws poorly, everyone would blame them… As I look at these two and I’m going to assume that “winner gets Lesnar” at SummerSlam, I’d go with Lashley. We have been there and done that with Roman… In my opinion, we’ve seen his absolute best and we’re not going to get any better. At least with Lashley, he’s a newer face and he has legit MMA credibility that he can at least brag against Brock Lesnar. Roman needs some time off and retooling…

WHO SHOULD WIN: Bobby Lashley

WHO WILL WIN: Roman Reigns


AJ Styles (c) vs. Rusev for the WWE Title
MAKE THIS MATCH THE MAIN EVENT! You do not have a Universal Title match, therefore, the WWE Title should go on last. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been UNDER 2.2 million on Smackdown viewers as viewership has become significantly worse following Wrestlemania 34. I like AJ Styles but he’s missing that “larger than life” appeal that a top guy should have. Might not be a bad idea to roll the dice on Rusev even if the Creative Team were terrible to him earlier. Something… “Shake things up” on the Smackdown roster, please.





Continuing on our “Farewell Tour”, it’s time to look back to July 11th, 2000’s edition of Mr. Tito’s Phat Daily Column and we have a juicy edition of the PDC this time around. You’ll get to see my review of WWE Monday Night RAW and WCW Nitro. Back in the day, I had to watch BOTH shows but each show aired on different channels. I usually watched WCW Nitro live while I was recording RAW on a VCR. Yes, that’s right… I’m SO OLD that I was writing in an era where you used a VCR to tape any shows that you’ve missed. Enjoy those DVR recordings because it was hard back in my day!

Get off my lawn!


Nothing like a wonderful Tuesday column to spice up your day, eh? Well, it’s usually the column which I receive the most e-mail on. The grades are the biggest e-mail draw for myself, as whenever I totally rip or praise a show, the e-mail comes flying in! That’s why there are no grades for the other shows other than the top 3, ECW on TNN, RAW, and Nitro. Not that I don’t like e-mail, but getting the bulk amount everyday is very rough. Now can you dig that? On to the PDC.

If you are attending the Smackdown or Thunder tapings tonight, please send in a report to anyone here at LoP. Thanks.

But first……… (IMAGE of a Mr. Tito Sign at RAW) Thanks to whoever held up this sign at RAW last night. It’s very much appreciated, as it is each time I get a sign on a show. (Tito 2018: I am still humble for all of the “Mr. Tito/LoP” signs held up during 1999-2000 for RAW, Nitro, Smackdown, Thunder, and Pay Per Views. I still see signs on WWE Network on occasion. Certainly led me to indicate how huge was becoming during the peak years of the WWE. Also, thanks to Calvin, who captures these pics for me everytime.(Tito 2018: Calvin Martin used to take screenshots and had videos of RAW/Nitro back then. In addition to a big news board, that is what drew people to quickly and there I was, a daily columnist, to catch all of those eyeballs. Quite lucky!) Since I’m in a thankful mode, thanks to Gasoline for the Booker T banner yesterday, as I forgot to credit you.


Wow, the WCW World Title scene has reshaped itself. For the contender match, we had Scott Steiner, Bill Goldberg, Positively Kanyon, and Jeff Jarrett. Them, along with Booker T, and you have a solid cast of main eventers. However, after Steiner’s dramatic turn towards Goldberg’s side, they are now going to feud? What the f**k was the point of turning Steiner on Nash last night? That prompts a *FINGER OF SHAME*, as it was mishandled last night. I guess it’s just an excuse to keep Nash from winning that match, but still. Don’t do something on a pay per view, and then change your mind the next night.

I have another complaint, which should be looked at. Is Booker T supposed to resemble the Rock? He came out with a nice shirt on, and sun classes…just like the Rock. And then later in his match with Mike Awesome, he finished him with the “Book End”. In fact, Booker T has been finishing everyone lately with that move. His credibility could be shot a little bit if this continues, because many fans will say he’s acting like the Rock, when he is really 5 times more talented than him! (Tito 2008: Oh damn, that is savage! As 2000 wore on, I became tired of the Rock’s babyface act and wrestling style. I was quite critical of the # of punches that he’d throw in a match, for example, and how repetitive he was quickly becoming on the mic. That, and I was a huge Booker T supporter back then…)

Wow, clean win by Jeff Jarrett on Kidman. I’m sick and tired of the hype that Jeff Jarrett gets. Russo and everyone says how hard working the man is, and how he NEVER complains. How the hell could he complain when everything has been handed to him since his arrival into WCW? From day one, he’s been getting a push as “Russo’s Boy”, and then Sullivan continued this, and Russo did as well on his return. (Tito 2018: Consistently disliking Jeff Jarrett!)

The Great Muta showed up and spit the green mist in Tank Abbott‘s face, as he helped out the Jung Dragons, who were in trouble. Age affects everyone, as Muta looks a whole lot older than his last stint in WCW as a part of the NWO. Oh well, he’s back, and he’s one tough mofo. Hopefully, after playing with Tank a little, he starts a good feud with someone who can actually wrestle. Maybe rekindle a feud with Sting, anyone? (Tito 2018: I was a HUGE Great Muta fan due to his 1989 run. I was so proud that I got to see him live at a WCW Thunder Taping during 2000.)

Gee Lance Storm, way to act like Bret Hart in 1997 and to have the American people listen to your National Anthem. Please, TRY SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!!!!!! I’m starting to get convinced that wrestling as a whole is burnt out, and can’t figure out new ideas for themselves. With that being said, I could rant all day on this stuff.

Hey, was that Sting…or the Black Scorprion?!? I doubt that wonderful person turns out to be Sting……

No word of Hulk Hogan in this edition of Nitro, as everyone kept silent. No Russo either, as something is cooking backstage. I can’t confirm anything at this moment, so please stop asking me if it’s a work or a shoot. Be patient. (Tito 2018: Wow, that is my reaction to the Bash at the Beach 2000 “screwjob”? Looks like I was awaiting whether it was a shoot or a work. WCW was confusing back then.)

Nitro Phat Stats (Tito 2018: I used to keep stats on things back then… Just to prove a point on how bad some of the booking was on a given night. Oddly enough, WCW Nitro had a good night on clean wins!)
Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 7(some are disputable)
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Good Nitro, with just a few complaints from me. Good all around wrestling tonight, with clean wins everywhere. Lots of talking segments, but the matches were longer than usual. We’ll see if WCW can keep up the momentum here. I’ll give it a B+ and I predict a strong 3.0 in the first hour.

RAW is Snore (RAW REVIEW) (Tito 2018: Look at that title! “RAW is Snore”. If memory serves, I disliked Wrestlemania 16 and was souring on the Rock’s overexposure as a babyface back then. That and Stephanie/HHH were getting very repetitive. The whole Authority Figure stuff was drawn out at that point.)

Tonight was the most boring Monday Night RAW that I’ve EVER seen! For every segment, I just shook my head because it was very repetitive, and just nothing new was happening. It’s like they think they are so far ahead of the ratings war, and that they aren’t like WCW in 1998. With a possible improvement by WCW now, the WWF is in a run for its money. (Tito 2018: LMAO! What an idiot that Tito from 2000 was! Boy was I wrong! Like I said, I was a big WCW fan at heart back then and was too optimistic about the “reboot” that year).

I forgot to rip last week’s Smackdown opening interview. No, I didn’t hold back because it was Chris Benoit, nor will I this week. That opening interview, like all of the others, was so boring. Why does the WWF just let these guys talk for minutes at a time? They are cutting killer promos…they are just talking about how great they are, and how bad their Pay Per View opponent is. Same sh*t, different week.

Can the Hardy Boys ever win again? I’m sick and tired of seeing the most talented team put over other teams. They haven’t won in ages, and it doesn’t seem like they will anytime soon. I understand that the WWF has a million tag teams, but come on!!!

Why is it that Chris Jericho wrestles the same handful of opponents? He only wrestles Triple H, Road Dogg, Xpac, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko. Everyone else just can’t get a piece of Jericho, as the WWF will shove these rematches down our throats!

I don’t mean to rip my boy, but the second that Trish Stratus was showing BRAW and PANTIES, you knew who was running into the ring….Steven Richards. Predictability isn’t something a show should have, but it was easily here all night. Especially with Triple H vs. Xpac. You knew Jericho would walk into that. If you didn’t, then wow!

You know, I think a sledge hammer would do much more to Chris Jericho than just making him bleed. That kind of weapon crushes bones, and with blows to the head, should cause brain damage. Yeah, nice way to let your young audience learn how to hurt each other, as they will see Jericho wrestle without pain on Smackdown, or next week’s RAW. Duh.

There goes a Pay Per View match for RAW, as they threw Chris Benoit vs. the Rock at us already! It’s very obvious now that the Rock will win this match since Benoit beat him down for this match. WWF is going to get a low buyrate this month! (Tito 2018: See, I’m consistent in ripping the WWE giving away “Pay Per View” like matches for free on television!)

RAW Phat Stats
Matches: 1
Clean Wins: 1
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 3

Last Word: Terrible, terrible RAW. So boring, and the Phat Stats today explain a whole lot. 6 matches, with only one clean win? Oh please. The matches themselves were soo boring, and many of them were rematches of the crap we’ve seen before. I’m giving RAW a D for this week’s show. By far, the worst I’ve seen from the WWF in a while. Go ahead and send me your reasons for calling me a “F**king WCW mark”, cause I was called a “F**king WWF mark” in other weeks. This was simply a bad show in MY OPINION, and I’ll tell it like I see it. I predict a 5.2 in the first hour.

Overall, a one sided night of wrestling.

Alright, yesterday, in my tribute to Booker T, I mentioned Coolbeans, a good friend of mine and the BIGGEST BOOKER T FAN OF ALL TIME. I asked him to write up something, telling everyone about his thoughts on the man known as Booker T. He put a lot of heart into it, and here it is.

Booker T – By Coolbeans (you can actually follow him on Twitter: @coolbeans316

What do I say? Where do I start? I have been Booker Huffman’s with out a doubt No.1 fan since he entered WCW with his Brother Stevie. I don’t know why. They were always a heel team in the being and I never cheered for the heel, but something about them just made me cheer for them. Well as you guessed it, Booker T became my favorite of the two with his quick moves and high kicks. It impressed me very much. Booker T went on with his brother to become 10 time WCW World Tag team Champs over the years and during that time I always wondered if Booker T would ever go to singles wrestling. Now don’t get me wrong Harlem Heat was the Great tag team, one of the best ever, but I always thought Booker T had more in him. I could see it in his eyes that he wanted more.

I wanted everyone to know he wanted more and to know he was a great wrestler, so I started the Unofficial Booker T home page. The only Booker T site on the Internet. I wanted to show the world how I felt about him and that they should too. I have just pasted the 10,000 hit mark in over a year of running it. I have been trying to get it official for over a year now, but with no luck. I just about tried everything. I own and everything ready and waiting for the day Booker T and WCW allows me to do it. But until that day I will keep trying just like Booker T kept on trying to be the best wrestler in WCW. Oh and Booker T if your out there reading this or if you know Booker T, let him know about my site, if you could please.

Anyway enough about me. Booker T didn’t get that chance as a singles wrestler until his brother Stevie got hurt and was out for a while. It was Booker T’s time to show the World what he was made of and he didn’t hold anything back. He became 6 time (8 if you count house shows) TV Champ and held that title like it was the WCW World Title. He gave meaning to the lowest title in WCW. He had his best matches during that time too. The 7 series Verses Chris Benoit, which to this day people still talk about as his best matches in his career. Now this is where Booker T stopped though. Not by choice, but by bad luck. He torn his knee and was out of action for a while. When he came back, he had some matches for the WCW US Title about 5 I think, but was booked to have about 10. Every time he was booked to have a match for a PPV something would go wrong, ether he would get hurt or his opponent would and he never got the title. So he just continued to wrestle with out a complaint, seeing guys get title shots before him that been in the company shorter then him, not getting a huge push to main event status. He just kept a cool head about it and did his business, which was to give the fans a good show and he never disappointed them ether.

Then years later Russo comes in and here is where I was thinking to myself “All right this is it, Booker T will shine and show his stuff”. At first I was wrong. Russo in the beginning was all about gimmicks, and if you have followed Booker T’s career, he has never had one, and was used all right all in my option. Then Russo left. Booker T really didn’t get anywhere with Sullivan back in charge. Then the Russo/Bischoff Era. Now this was Booker T’s time to shine. Ehhhhhh didn’t really happen at first. Yes he did get a US title shot, but then Mike Awesome hurt him and his bad luck continued. Then GI Bro came along. I knew Booker T wanted to get over and Russo really likes gimmicks and this was one of his old ones before WCW. It didn’t work at all. Yes it fit the Misfits in Action gimmick but it wasn’t Booker T. Booker T is Booker T and I was so happy that he returned to his own self.

Now to the present, My first thoughts when I heard Booker T might be facing Jarrett at the PPV cause of the whole Hogan thing. My heart dropped. Yes I know he had a Title shot on Thunder, but I knew he wasn’t going to win the title that night cause it would screw up the PPV matches. Anyway I got the PPV hoping Booker T would have a good match against Kanyon. Which he did but then Jarrett came out and screwed Booker T out of the match. I thought to myself that this could be possible. He might get his shot at the title tonight. Then the whole Russo/Hogan ordeal happened. Then Russo came out. He shot on everything and I was on the edge of my chair the whole time. When Russo started talking about the New World Title Match and said Booker T Vs Jarrett. Tear fell from my eyes. I could hardly contain myself. My emotions were overwhelming. I knew this was Booker T’s day to shine. This was the day I have been waiting for. Then the match started. The match wasn’t one of the greatest matches of his career, but taking in what happened you can see why. When I saw Jarrett go for the guitar and climb the ropes I knew Booker T would catch him and hit the “Book end”. Then I see the other ref run down and count the 3. More Tears flowed from my eyes. I started to get massages from people congratulating me like I won the Title. I worked so hard to spread the Word of Booker T thought the Internet. Did it work? Was I the sole reason for people seeing how good Booker T is? Nope. I wasn’t at all. Booker T is the reason that Booker T won the WCW World Title. He worked his ass off for 8 year in WCW to get where he is today. I’m just a lucky fan to see his favorite wrestling finally get what he deserves. Thank you WCW. Thank you Booker T. I love ya man. Keep up the good work and show the world how a real World Champion holds the Title. Now can you dig it!!!!

(Tito 2018: Back to Tito to finish the column.) @Now can you dig that? I’ll be back tomorrow with ratings analysis. Oh, by the way, I finished up the Rock‘s biography, The Rock Says, and I will have a review of that sometime soon. I have something “special” that I’m planning to coincide with that review. However, if I’m not able to do that, I’ll just have the review straight up. Just chill….till the next episode!


LOL – That column was 18 YEARS AGO and look how demanding of the WWE was of their product even at their freakin’ peak year. That, and you can see what a WCW fan I was at heart, as I appear to be giving them the benefit of the doubt on some things… But things in WCW were about to fall apart quickly.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s blast from the past!


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“13 Reasons Why” the WWE Has Declined Since the Year 2000

10/2/2016 – WWE Monday Night RAW Ratings Analysis from 1999-2016 – Who Drew as World Champion?


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