Mr. Tito's FINAL Pro Wrestling Column - 20th Anniversary Celebration at LoP + Open Letter to the WWE

Mr. Tito’s FINAL Pro Wrestling Column – 20th Anniversary Celebration at LoP + Open Letter to the WWE

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Welcome back to the EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING that has been posting here at for 20 years! On October 26th, 1998, a Freshman in college at the age of 18 began writing daily columns for Lords of Pain. 20 years later and over 2,500 columns published here at LoP, I’m ready to hang it up. It’s time… The energy is there to keep going as Mr. Tito, as I’m highly motivated to write and I treat piecing my columns together like art, but the WWE has beat me down as a wrestling fan and the alternatives out there don’t do much for me.

Now, if you want to keep enjoying the WWE or if you watch other promotions such as New Japan, Ring of Honor, Impact, Lucha Underground, or even just NXT… Go ahead! Feel free to enjoy it. Don’t let “old man Tito” take away your personal joy to enjoy wrestling. I’m tired of the WWE brand of wrestling and I don’t see any significant infrastructure changes to improve things for the future. Just a simple matter of me not feeling like watching for hours on Mondays and Tuesdays while not wanting to keep enduring 4 hours of a Pay Per View on Sundays. WWE sucked the joy out of pro wrestling for me, something that I’ve enjoyed since late 1988.

What will change after this very column? Well, no more columns… And no, I’m NOT going to another website. I’m just done… I’ll loosely follow the WWE product, as it will pop-up on my YouTube app and I’ll probably hang out at my friend’s for bigger WWE events (I love me some Royal Rumble). I’ll consume much less WWE and I won’t spend 2-3 hours per column, sometimes multiple times per week, to cover the WWE. Lots of time to save and devote to other things that I care about. I’m already injecting myself into the local political and community scene to decent results… Based on how WWE’s quality has deteriorated and won’t change, I feel that my energy can be used for other things.

But I’m not going away. You can find me on Twitter via @titowrestling and tweet me anytime. I’ll still post from time to time and I’ll post about wrestling.

I’ll have a more extensive THANK YOU below… But I really want to thank everyone for reading and, owned by Calvin Martin, for the opportunity. I tried my best and gave you my best…

Enough about me for a second… You clicked this link to read a WRESTLING COLUMN and even on my last day, I’m not going to half-ass it. I’m going to give you one last WRESTLING COLUMN and then I’ll say my thank yous and goodbyes afterward.


October 26th, 2018

Mr. Tito
12345 Airshield Drive
Parts Unknown

Dear WWE,

I am writing to tell you that you have officially lost me as a paying fan to your product. Moving forward, you will no longer obtain my hard earned dollars or my time. That is sad because I have been a loyal and dedicated wrestling fan since late 1988 after my uncle showed me Clash of the Champions 1 which was headlined by a 45 minute draw between Ric Flair and Sting. I was blown away by that match and after that, I wanted to consume as much pro wrestling as possible. I rented WWE SummerSlam 1988 after only to see the Ultimate Warrior win the Intercontinental Title out of no where, the Mega Powers take on the Mega Bucks, and Miss Elizabeth tearing off her dress to confirm that I was 100% straight. Holy cow… I was aware of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre before through hearsay, but I witnessed Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage break up to headline Wrestlemania 5… And I was extremely hooked after that.

I watched through the good times and bad… I endured those mid 1990s years with a sense of loyalty… I did stop watching from mid-2007 through late 2009 out of disgust for your drug testing policy (or lack thereof) but I came back once you appeared to take wrestler safety seriously again.

But now, I’m walking away.

Your existing product has deteriorated to the point where it no longer makes sense to me. The PG era has made storytelling extremely lame and childish. Your fetishes with certain wrestlers (Roman Reigns, Jinder Mahal, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus) and pushing them to be your champions have perplexed me, especially in light of whom you discarded as main event stars (CM Punk, Braun Strowman, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and even John Cena since SummerSlam 2014). Lately, you have placed all of your eggs into the Reigns, Lesnar, and Rousey baskets while forcing the rest of the roster to endure 50/50 booking (winning some, losing some, no streaks either way). Now, that plan is unraveling due to a very unfortunate circumstance of Reigns becoming sick (praying for him!), Lesnar not caring and wanting to return to the UFC, and pushing Rousey too hard.

At first, I really enjoyed the 2016 Brand Split and thought that the split brand Pay Per Views were not bad… But then I saw how badly you raided your NXT rosters and then the 2017 “superstar shake-up” broke the momentum that either brand had. Quality of WWE’s shows have done nothing but deteriorate ever since. The “last straw” was how Daniel Bryan‘s amazing comeback was completely disregarded by Big Cass humiliating him week after week before he was released, losing to Rusev, and then letting the Miz get the better of him. Bryan should have been pushed hard as a babyface sensation from day one…

For 2018, I paid $9.99 monthly for the WWE Network and I boldly attended TWO live WWE events. One of the events was Smackdown LIVE with floor tickets and I even bought a Daniel Bryan t-shirt to support him while the other was Extreme Rules, both events being in Pittsburgh. Look at all of that money that I spent on your product, WWE… On top of that, during late 2017, bought your PIECE OF CRAP WWE 2k18 edition for the Nintendo Switch DESPITE the awful reviews that it was receiving.

No more…

WWE and Vince McMahon… You have caused this 30 year wrestling fan to give up on your product and decide to stop dedicating much of my free time towards it as well. Thanks to you, I have no motivation to watch anything WWE past, present, or future… But I have also lost motivation to watch any other promotions as well. Mostly, it’s due to when the WWE is great, there is no other forms of entertainment better. Go watch that Royal Rumble 2018 when the male wrestlers put on a show and when all of the legend female wrestlers came back to complete with all of the newer generation women’s wrestlers. That was awesome… Yet, that’s all we received during 2018 as it has been bad Pay Per View after bad Pay Per View.

Your promotion has become a slave to money while completely disregarding its loyal fanbase. The 3rd Quarter Financials saw attendance declining but you don’t care. As long as your buddy Cable/Satellite corporations are willing to cut you a big check, it doesn’t matter. And you’ll take money from anywhere, as the world is wondering what you’re doing in a few weeks in light of recent events. And where is that money, WWE? Why isn’t it being invested in the talent or improving the presentation fo the WWE?

The culture of the WWE is terrible… WWE, themselves, tells the public that everything is scripted and that the bumps are as a result of training. Just watch multiple shows on the WWE Network or E! Channel to find that out. Vince McMahon is surrounded by family, friends, corporate types, and complete yes-men whereas he had surrounded himself with actual wrestling students of the game who could advise him and come ideas on how to keep things fresh. Worse yet, a major FINGER OF SHAME needs to go to TNA/Impact and Ring of Honor for not being able to challenge the declining WWE at all. No competition has made Vince McMahon comfortable and with no drive to try something new. Instead, Vince McMahon pushes who he wants, when he wants.

I don’t care that you consider it “Sports Entertainment”. Until you remove that wrestling ring, the rules for a match, referees, and title belts, there is more “WRESTLING” than there is “ENTERTAINMENT” in “World Wrestling Entertainment”. The part that Vince McMahon considered “Entertainment”, the non-wrestling stuff, has deteriorated significantly. Everybody has to read from a script instead of speaking from the heart and merging their own personal traits into the character. There is nothing entertaining about bad promos cut or weak attempts at replicating Attitude Era backstage segments (especially in the PG Era).

When was the last big STAR that you actually created? John Cena? Cena ruled the land from 2005 through 2014 and you haven’t replaced him since as seen by the declining attendance, viewership, and merchandise numbers. Brock Lesnar was a nice WWE Network exclusive but you went out of your way to destroy his character just to create a favorable reaction to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. Before that, though, Lesnar destroyed and humiliated the entire roster with his dominance. And what do you have to show for it?

And don’t get me started on your politically correct BS… You have anti-bullying campaigns with Stephanie McMahon as the spokesperson and yet she appears on WWE television as a complete bully heel character to other wrestlers. Wrestlers are not allowed to use playground taunts towards each other or on social media, but when the Rock appears, he says whatever on the mic even if its offensive and against the PG Era that everybody else has to abide by. Banning the “Curb Stomb” from Seth Rollins, come on! Your morals seem to depend more on whether it makes you a pile of money or not.

How many damn hours do you expect me to watch of your product? 3 hours of RAW, 2 hours of Smackdown, and 1 hour of NXT per week while we’re getting up to 2 Pay Per Views per month that are 4 hours in length. Who has time to watch that, let alone writing columns on such much content?

I don’t have time… I don’t want you to take up my time or money any longer. Because of your LACK of quality for the past few years, I’m done not just as a WWE fan but a wrestling fan as well. You have made me dislike pro wrestling, WWE.

There is always a chance to win me back… If you change your Creative Team and Front Office, that’s a start. If you can somehow create a Rock/Steve Austin type draw, that’s another way. Until then, you won’t have me to kick around as a wrestling fan any longer.

But I doubt that things will improve. The XFL is coming back and those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it (George Santayana 1905-1906. You can try to talent raid Kenny Omega or Cody Rhodes but your culture is still in place to hand them scripts and tell them to wrestle a certain way.

Financial boycott is on, WWE, and you only did this to yourselves.

I don’t need you, WWE. Plenty of other things to follow as a hobby and shows to watch on the many streaming services ou tthere.

In the immortal words of Sean Waltman (X-Pac) from 1998: “Put that in your pipe and smoke it”.

-Mr. Tito



First and foremost, and I’m speaking also on behalf of for all of your enjoyment of our News, Results, and Columns… THANK YOU to the audience for always coming back to the website for over 20 years. THANK YOU for reading my column for 20 years now. As I end here today, I’m torn because I actually have many loyal readers who have been with me since Day 1. The last thing that I want to do is to let my longtime readers down… I love you guys (and gals) and always have. I can’t write these columns if you don’t read them, obviously, but your feedback helps motivate me that someone cares to read what I want to publish. You are an AWESOME audience and I appreciate you so much. You are more than welcome to chat with me on Twitter (@titowrestling), any time.

I definitely need to thank Calvin Martin, the owner and operator of for granting me a megaphone to speak to that audience. He took a chance on an 18 year old kid with ZERO writing experience during October 1998 and here I am 20 years later to thank him for the opportunity. I probably would not have been as loyal to had he not been in place, as he’s always been super cool to me and granted 100% creative freedom over my columns. Not once did he ever question or remove anything that I posted, nor did he want to control anything that I’ve posted (besides not using WWE images and no cursing). I feel bad at one point in this year when I was seriously considering joining another website but a nice heart-to-heart discussion with the good man put things into perspective. Calvin is a great guy and in case you haven’t noticed lately, he’s committing extra time lately to boosting for you, the longtime readers.

Thank you, Calvin… Thank you SO MUCH for this blessed opportunity to speak to the Internet Wrestling Community. I am proud to say that I am probably the longest tenured wrestling columnist to remain with 1 website. Who else has been with the same site for 20 years? It’s not just a celebration of myself, but a celebration of the great website that Calvin set up for all of us to enjoy for decades and more to come. THANK YOU, Calvin… I appreciate our working relationship here and friendship developed over 20 years. I love you, man.

I want to send personal thank you messages towards The Doc Chad Matthews and Chrisss, fellow LoP Columnists. Since my 2010 comeback, Chrisss always had my back even when there were some strange internal forces within LoP and its forums coming after me. I really enjoyed his columns, too, as I made sure to read all of them. Loved the Doc… Great guy, great writer, and he’s as loyal as me to the LoP website and pro wrestling. For WWE to also burn him out is a shame, as that guy loves pro wrestling and WWE has even hurt the enjoyment for him. I only wish that myself and Doc could have done more Podcasts together as I had so much fun attending his show earlier this year. We could have had something there.

Another shoutout to Steven F’N Bell. He is another very loyal guy to and works hard in his free time for his Podcasts and helping to manage the forums. Sometimes, we have butted heads at times, but I have nothing but respect for the work and dedication that he has. Both of us are alpha males that are passionate in what we do but have different tastes or takes on things. Nothing but mad respect for the guy, as after I posted my insta-Pay Per View review columns, he was spending hours live on his Podcast covering the same Pay Per View. We were working hard for you, the loyal fanbase. I only wish that I could have appeared on his Podcast, as he did invite me in the past but it just never materialized.

I do want to mention the Columns Forum… It was something that I started during 1999, as had major turnover with columnists besides myself. So, I inquired Calvin about creating a farm system for writers to work their way up to the main page. I was a big baseball fan back then and created the “Phat Pharm” LoP subsidiary that became the Columns Forum later. For some reason, and maybe because of a Columns Forum contest that went wrong (sorry Chris), there has always been a weird angst towards me from that forum even though I created it and it has given opportunities to many writers to also hold up the LoP Megaphone to speak to a wide Internet Wrestling Commmunity. Some believe that I should be there and read every column… I don’t have time! I have work, my family, my own columns to manage, and an awful attention span to read long texts. Whatever you feel about me, remember this… I created the Columns Forum for YOU, as I wanted many people like ME to get an awesome opportunity to join as I did during October 1998.

Thank you to Nick Evanish or “Chill-N” from Top-Rope. Nick was a news poster at but one of the co-owners of back in the day. Through AOL Instant Messenger (LOL, I’m old, I know!), we became close and as a favor to him, I actually posted my “Phat Daily Columns” at Top-Rope in addition to I still have many readers who come up to me and state that they started reading me when I was at Top-Rope. Thank you, Nick, for creating a wide audience.

Thank you to Ryan Branderman and Christopher Michaels… Both of you were very helpful, at times, with me in the past at Both of you have disappeared… Where are you now?

Shout-outs to Davey Boy and Hustle. Both were great columnists in their own right did their part to keep growing strong after I left during 2006.

Now, I do want to say something to those who sabotaged my Blog is Tito situation from during late 2011. As you’ll recall, I began early 2010 writing non-wrestling blogs as an extension of that was based from One day, I wrote a review of RAW and everybody reacted to it. I did it again later and many of my loyal readers were begging me to return. The wrestling blogs actually became daily which was the first time that I wrote daily since 2002. But then, a bunch of haters internally at spammed the hell out of the Blogs Forum and ruined a great thing. So here we are, 7 years later, and my old arse is still here and YOU’RE NOT. How do like them apples? Couldn’t take me down… THAT SAID, I do want to send a special “THANK YOU” to them for breaking me from doing Daily Columns. I suffered horrible insomnia that year and destroying the “Blog is Tito” daily columns pushed me back to weekly again.

Of course, I cannot go without saying a “HELLO” to the Comments section following that I have below each and every column. Hey guys! For the majority of messages, they are positive comments or just regular feedback. But several repeat individuals feel the need to troll me YET they are coming back each and every week to read some more. Usually, when I dislike something, I consume less of it… Ever see me reviewing an Impact wrestling show? I usually don’t consume something that I dislike… Oh well, each time you clicked that link to comment on my columns, it loaded banner ads and it was all good. No hard feelings, as your sometimes trollings comments didn’t drive me away. It only inspired me to mess with you. Why else would I give so much of a damn about RAW’s ratings being “under 3 million viewers”? It was my thumb in your eyes… By the way, I was right about those ratings… Ha Ha Ha!!

Special shout-out to Scott Keith… He did have an impression on me, as I read his “Netcop” Retro Reviews and it helped shape how I reviewed shows. Scott has always been cool with me and I check his “Blog of Doom” at least once a day.

Another shout-out goes to Dave Meltzer. He takes a lot of heat for what he does and even from me, particularly on his New Japan love. But he works hard to be an actual news reporter for the pro wrestling industry and honestly, nobody is even close to the quality of reporting that Dave still churns out.

I just want to make a mention of Diamond Dallas Page. I still appreciate the hell out of the autographed copy of Positively Page that RichinKC helped arrange, but I just love the energy and positivity that he still brings years after being in the wrestling business. The way he takes care of other wrestlers, past and present, is a Godsend to the industry. Heaven has a halo for you, kind sir.

Shouts to Aaron and Virtue for the many laughs and heated debates on Twitter for the past year. There were some thoughts about working with you but ultimately, but I’m loyal to and my heart not into the wrestling product to carry on as Mr. Tito. I’m proud of the hard work that both of you do.

I love your shows, Solomonster, and each time I hear your voice, I know that you’re doing well and that makes me happy. While I’m at it, props to Don Tony & Kevin Castle for also providing me ongoing entertainment on podcasting.

Thank you to Peter King, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Collin Cowherd, Bill Maher, Bill O’Reilly, Skip Bayless, Karl Denninger, and probably a few others who were influences on how I presented my column.

Coolbeans, I love you man!

Special Shout-out to CM Punk. I hope that he somehow reads this message… I had your back during 2011-2013 when the WWE was doing you wrong and I have continued to support you since your 2014 exit. After you lost to Triple H at Night of Champions, I wrote a column entitled “Triple H just buried CM Punk” that received lots of heat from many WWE marks who actually thought that CM Punk would get an instant rematch. I wrote for YEARS on how the WWE screwed with you and have damn near begged you to return to pro wrestling to prove the WWE wrong. Please reconsider coming back to pro wrestling, obviously not with the WWE. I may have kept writing these columns if you returned to pro wrestling in some form. Seriously. You were the next coming of “Stone Cold” and the WWE dropped the ball on it.

And of course, special THANK YOU to my family… The “Mrs. Tito” that I mentioned during the late 1990s is actually the same one I eventually married during the late 2000s. I usually try to write my columns after 10:30pm so that it wouldn’t get in the way of any family time…


Well, there you go… All of the thank you messages that I could think of.

I’m not going away… I’ll still be on my Twitter handle @titowrestling and I’m willing to chat about whatever you’d like, including wrestling. I’ll loosely keep up with it and probably catch Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, and SummerSlam somewhere… But consuming all of it and then staying up late to write a column on it, nah… I put in 20 years and have compiled over 2,500 columns. I tried my best but the WWE refuses to listen… So why bother keep handing them my money and my time?

I tried my very best to entertain you, the audience… For more than half of my life, I wrote wrestling columns for you because I was grateful to have you as readers. And I wrote it 100% free of charge without any paychecks sent my way from All volunteer, baby! Being Mr. Tito was my “hobby” and if I took money for it, it would have made it a job instead of “fun”. Half the fun was posting a column and then seeing how people would react to it.

But I need the TIME for myself… It’s just getting tough to cover what can be up to 7 hours of wrestling per week if a Pay Per View happens (1.5 per show on Hulu, 4 hours for the Pay Per View). Because I usually start these columns around 10:30pm, that can cause me to stay up late. It has caused some major insomnia that has probably affected my health. As I’m about to head into my 40s, I have to get that under control.

The main thing is, however, is that I dislike pro wrestling right now.

I just don’t trust that the WWE can push the right wrestlers at the right times and the alternative promotions do nothing for me.

Certainly, I reserve the right to come back but it would take something BIG to happen in the pro wrestling business to inspire me to want to invest hours into being Mr. Tito or watching wrestling in depth again. Something like the rise of another Steve Austin or the Rock but also the return of CM Punk to seek revenge in the pro wrestling industry. If I did come back, it might be in a different form or using different media.

But I believe that I’m done after 20 years. I’m going to enjoy the free time to hopefully sleep better or invest my time into my local community and/or politics.

Remember, I can be found on Twitter via @titowrestling.

Oh, and if you are craving MORE Mr. Tito columns but have only started reading my stuff since 2010, check out my 1998-2005 Column Archives. If you though that I was insane since 2010, you haven’t seen my younger self analyze wrestling. Man, I was crazy and immature back then (worse than now).

THANK YOU, once gain. I love all of my readers and thank you to Calvin Martin for the opportunity… My numbers are still strong and I could have kept this ship going, but I really don’t want keep on bashing a promotion that I grew up loving, the WWE, as material to keep it going. I tried to “fix” the WWE with my writing and they just didn’t want to listen.

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away” -Neil Young

Email =

Twitter = @titowrestling


And remember… To purchase the Doc’s book Greatest Matches and Rivalries of the Wrestlemania Era via in the United States, GO HERE. To purchase this book via in the United Kingdom, GO HERE. If those don’t work, please inquire Doc via Twitter through his handle @TheDocLoP.


So just chill… Until the next episode!… Wait, what do I tell you if there isn’t another episode? Oh man…

Comments and feedback are welcome. Follow and Tweet me @titowrestling or login in below to post comments.

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