Natalya On Training With Men, Advice She Got From Beth Phoenix & More

Natalya was recently interviewed by “Muscle & Fitness”. During the interview, she talked about her early days as well as advice that Beth Phoenix gave to her. Here are the highlights:

On Training With Men:

It made me stronger, because I was so much smaller. I learned this really physical, gritty style—and that you get what you give. I still think of that time. I still remember that hunger.

On Advice Beth Phoenix Gave Her:

When I debuted, WWE was doing the Diva Searches and hiring models, and I’m like your traditional lady wrestler. I’m not skinny and I can’t dance. I remember Beth [Phoenix] saying: ‘Nattie, you’ve just gotta fake it ’til you make it. One day they’re gonna be ready for us.’

On The Evolution Of Women’s Wrestling:

It’s just surreal, because I feel like my dad has played a big part in all these wonderful things happening, but I also feel like WWE understands how much I’ve contributed.

That’s why this all feels so good now, being able to wrestle and perform with all these strong female competitors. And it goes back to, ‘Why do I love this?’ Because it makes me excited to get up in the morning and live my dream.
Spoken like a beyond-worthy wrestling dynasty heiress. 2Pawz must be so proud.

You can read the full interview HERE

Credit: Muscle & Fitness

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