New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 29 Day 3 Report (A Block) | Aired 7/14/19

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Day 3 – Block A

Aired 7/14/19
Ota City General Gymnasium, Tokyo

Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero with Chris Charlton on commentary which is PERFECTION.


Hoss fight. They start with a tackle right away that moves no one. Fale slaps Archer who spears Fale through the ropes to the floor. Archer sends Fale into the announce table and backs Jado away. Rocky concurs on the “hoss fight” thought. Jado hits a cane shot but Archer doesnt even register it as he moves in on Jado, allowing Fale to strike from behind. Fale beats Archer down on the floor, sending him into audience seating. Ref Marty Asami tries to get everyone back in the ring, but Fale is defiant and keeps on Archer before finally leaving him there and heading back to the ring. The ref counts, Archer back at 13 but Fale stands on him. Archer throws a wild right and staggers Fale, who comes back and chokes Archer across the middle rope. Jado messes with Archer as Fale keeps the pressure on, driving in elbows in the corner. Big elbow drop misses as Archer moves, staggers Fale with a boot, hits a series of tackles and a lariat but Fale wont go down. GREAT agility by Archer climbing the corner and hitting a reverse crossbody, cover but only 2. Archer goes Old School, Fale grabs the ref and Jado gets a cane shot and that crotches Archer on the corner. BIG superplex from the middle rope, cover by Fale but Archer is out at 2. Fale now teases Old School, Archer cuts it off and Fale is in position for Blackout, Archer has him up but Fale drops behind and hits Grenade! Cover but only 2! Big boot by Archer, chokeslam is cut off by Jado but Archer takes him out and floors Fale with a POUNCE! Archer fires up, the crowd is awake and Archer hits a GREAT chokeslam on Fale! Cover, but only 2. Archer now locks in the EBD Claw, sits on Fale and makes it a cover and thats the 3 count!

Lance Archer (4) defeats Bad Luck Fale (2) by pinfall via EBD Claw
JAY’S RATING: 3 out of 5

This was a solid opener with Archer really carrying the momentum of the match and bringing good chemistry out of Fale, who otherwise slowed things down in general. I’m still not sure the Claw is over for me as a finish quite yet, but Archer is looking FANTASTIC in his rebranding, and is walking with a confidence he has been needing for a while. I dont feel like this will end up being his year when all is said and done, but I do feel like we are seeing the beginning of something exciting for Lance Archer, and the crowd is smelling it too as Archer pulls into a block leader points-wise to start off the night. 


The bell rings and the crowd is alive for Will. Lockup and counterwrestling as the pace is nimble. Great sequence into a cravate by Will. AMAZING sequence to follow with SANADA and both face off. WELL GODDAMN. Split response from the crowd. SANADA says the crowd is about even, and extends a handshake. Will hesitates, but takes it and SANADA strikes, Will was ready and catches the foot, tries the Paradise Lock but doesnt get it right. The run the ropes, tackle drops Will but he springs up, they run again but SANADA looks for the Paradise Lock and gets it, but Will slips out and handsprings out of it! Dropkick by Will drumps SANADA and he teases the dive as SANADA moves. Chants for Will. The ref begins to count SANADA, who slides in and is met with a basement dropkick from Will. Strikes by Will, SANADA dropkicks the knee and gets the Paradise Lock in the ropes, plays to the crowd and hits the dropkick. SANADA grounds Will but Will fights up and hits a PERFECT handspring enziguri. Jesus was that beautiful or what?

Nice kick and top rope 619 by Will, SANADA evades Pip Pip but Will gets a victory roll into a double stomp, follows with a standing shooting star press and covers for 2. SANADA rolls out and Will follows with a Space Flying Tiger Drop wiping SANADA out. Back inside, Pip Pip Cheerio connects, cover by Will but only 2. Leapfrogs by SANADA who lands a dropkick, Will bails and SANADA floors him with a pescado. Back inside, SANADA hits a back suplex and gets 2. Shots traded, hook kick by Will, SANADA looks for TKO but Will counters, SANADA counters that, Will looks for a rollup but SANADA rolls Will up for a TKO, Will drops behind and hits a hook kick, SANADA counters Will’s handspring, hoists him and hits the TKO and both are down! Nice sequence. Shots traded from knees, they rise and trade, head kick by Will, spinning back kick by SANADA, backflip enziguri by Will, spring by SANADA misses and Will gets the float over Liger Bomb, cover but only 2. Another nice sequence.

Will climbs, HUGE shooting star press connects but the cover only gets 2. Stormbreaker is blocked, Will hits Kawada kicks and looks again, but SANADA counters it into Skull End! Will drops to his knees, airplane spin by SANADA who drops Will but Will evades the moonsault, SANADA lands on his feet and runs into a standing Spanish Fly for 2! Robinson Special connects, OsCutter is blocked and SANADA gets Skull End, Will escapes and hits a Buzzsaw kick, SANADA evades another OsCutter and looks for one of his own, Will counters and hits a hook kick and the OsCutter! He holds on, hoists SANADA, and nails Stormbreaker! Cover by Will and thats the 3!

Will Ospreay (2) defeats SANADA (2) by pinfall via Stormbreaker
JAY’S RATING: 4.25 out of 5

This was an absolutely OUTSTANDING match with Will picking up a big win and his first two points in the tournament. SANADA and Will can bring great stuff out of each other. I think that it could have withstood another couple of beats to take it even further, but this also leaves something for them in the future, and given their chemistry and blend of styles, there should be more in the future. Will looked strong in victory here as well, and the closing sequence was well done. Really great stuff here.


They go chest to chest with ZSJ being a cocky little shit as usual. We get the bell and they circle each other. They take it to the mat immeediately, they work an amateur grappling style and face off. Mat work again with ZSJ getting the arm and grounding Okada. Okada works out of it and they stand off again. ZSJ gets a stranglehold with Okada’s arms, Okada with a nice smooth reversal, bridge reversal by ZSJ and the ropes make the break as ZSJ pie faces Okada. Boot by ZSJ catches Okada but an Okada boot drops ZSJ. Hiptoss is reversed by ZSJ into a hold, Okada tosses him to escape, ZSJ evades the dropkick and gets the Crossed Arms Prawn pin and almost steals a win! Great rollup by ZSJ gets another 2 and he ties up Okada’s legs with a version of Orienteering With Napalm Death! ZSJ transitions to add a Calf Crusher but Okada makes the ropes. That was a thing of beauty. ZSJ works the ankle now and stalks Okada, toying with him along the way. Euro by ZSJ, Okada returns them, runs the ropes and takes ZSJ down with the elbow and kips up.

Corner running elbow and DDT connect by Okada, cover but only 2. Slam by Okada who climbs, ZSJ evades the elbow drop and reverses the flapjack into a hanging guillotine. Okadaa reverses that into the Air Raid Neckbreaker. Another slam by Okada, he looks to climb again and hits the elbow drop beautifully, but he’s moving a bit slowly as he hits the Rainmaker pose. ZSJ blocks Rainmaker but eats an Okada dropkick, Okada with a tombstone, Rainmaker is countered again into an octopus stretch, and wrenches back! Grounded octopus now, ZSJ pulls and Okada fights the pain, but ZSJ applies insane pressure until Okada gets to the ropes. GREAT work both in offense and in sell there. ZSJ now kicks the arm, then stomps it. Chest kick by ZSJ, Euros follow, they go head to head, Okada fires back, BIG slap in the mouth by ZSJ drops Okada, Okada catches a PK so ZSJ slaps away. Okada gets a dropkick to the back, and a dropkick off the ropes for good measure. Rainmaker is blocked again into the European Clutch but Okada kicks out at 2! ZSJ with a leg trap crucifix for another 2, Okada looks for a tombstone but ZSJ escapes and gets the arm again. Okada with a backslide but ZSJ rolls out and gets a flying octopus hold! Okada escapes, discus Rainmaker connects, Rainmaker follows and thats 3!

Kazuchika Okada (4) defeats Zack Sabre Jr (0) by pinfall via Rainmaker
JAY’S RATING: 4 out of 5

This was a fairly efficiant match but no less excellent, driven by an aggressive approach from both. ZSJ was ferocious with his holds, but Okada was able to get the upper hand and ZSJ is stuck at 0 two matches in, while Okada moves to 4. Their chemsitry is outstanding, and ZSJ’s style is just electric to me time and time again, and that came through again here. ZSJ dropping to 0-2 is interesting to me, as ZSJ has typically fared well in tournaments here, and so I wonder if they are building a story where ZSJ’s cockiness is starting to cost him and turn into overconfidence, allowing his opponents to get ahead of him. We shall see. Really well done all around.

EVIL (0)

One of them (or both in a tie) will get on the board with this match. The bell rings and they go at it hard and fast trading strikes! GREAT fire behind the shots from both, EVIL absorbs a mid kick, then another but the 3rd drops him. EVIL pops up and hits a tackle to drop Ibushi, then works the ankle. Ibushi gets the ropes for a break, EVIL keeps on the ankle but Ibushi strikes back. EVIL catches a kick and uses the ref to nail a gut kick and keep the advantage. Randy Orton-style mat slap by EVIL fires up the crowd and he hits the bronco buster, cover but only 2 with EVIL transitioning immeediately to a great grounded ankle lock, but Ibushi makes the ropes again. Chants for EVIL, which is interesting. Chops by EVIL, corner clothesline connects but Ibushi gets a dropkick, though it lacked a bit of something on the jump as Ibushi sells the ankle. Flurry by Ibushi and a standing moonsault connect, cover but only 2. EVIL fires back and drops Ibushi, hits a leaping senton and covers for 2. Darkness Falls is reversed and Ibushi hits a nice powerslam and spring moonsault on one leg, covers but only gets a 2 count. Ibushi now climbs, EVIL up and crotches him in the corner, climbs up to the top with Ibushi and lands a nice superplex.

Lariat by EVIL flips over Ibushi, cover but Ibushi is out at 2. Everything is Evil is blocked, Ibushi tries a dragon suplex, EVIL breake it but Ibushi gets a greeat release German, EVIL up (FIGHTING SPIRIT!) and hits a release German on his own, Ibushi is up and smiles (FIGHTING SPIRIT!!!). They run the ropes and both hit lariats and both collapse. Nice sequence. Shots traded from knees, they lay them in hard and rise, they trade faster and harder, Ibushi gets the advantage for a moment but EVIL goes for the ankle again and takes Ibushi down. EVIL looks for the Scorpion but Ibushi is in the ropes. Strikes by Ibushi put EVIL down as he lays in kicks to the chest of EVIL. EVIL shoves the ref into Ibushi and Red Shoes rolls outside as EVIL hits headbutts and a chop but Ibushi lands a HARD short lariat, covers and Red Shoes is back in but its only 2. Ibushi lines up Kamigoye, but EVIL rolls through it into a Scorpion Deathlock! EVIL torques the ankle and sits down with his low center, but Ibushi makes the ropes again. Front slam by EVIL who climbs, goes for a top rope senton but Ibushi rolls away to avoid it and EVIL crashes hard! BOMA YE to the back of the head, Ibushi does the Nakamura taunt and hits BOMA YE! Cover, but only 2! Kamigoye is blocked, EVIL looks for Everything is Evil but Ibushi blocks it, they trade short lariats, headbutt by EVIL who hits a rolling elboe and lariat to drop Ibushi! Darkness Falls connects, cover but only 2! EVIL calls for the end, and hits EVERYTHING IS EVIL! Cover, and thats the 3 as EVIL picks up a GIGANTIC win!

EVIL (2) defeats Kota Ibushi (0) by pinfall via Everything is Evil
JAY’S RATING: 4 out of 5

Another outstanding match by two of the most exciting names in the tournament, and with EVIL pulling out a HUGE win. They both brought a great strong style approach and sold the shit out of each other as well. I dont know if it is an upset necessarily, as EVIL has been building momentum for some time, but Ibushi going 0-2 is GIGANTIC as he is someone people have been calling a block favorite (myself included). But EVIL’s work here was fucking great, and he earned this win on every level. Ibushi’s booking from here on out is definitely something to watch closely.


This is SUCH an interesting match to me, and if I’m honest one I didnt think I would ever see. That alone is exciting. KENTA holds a first round win over the G1 finalist Ibushi, and now goes head to head with the winner. They feel each other out at the start, with chants for Tana. Lockup and break. They lock up again and move to the ropes, and KENTA just slaps Tana with ZERO FUCKS. Lock up again into the ropes, and Tana slaps KENTA who just ABSORBS it and they trade shots. Slam by Tana and elbow drop connects, he does the guitar pose but KENTA kicks him in the head to wake him up. They trade again, Tana takes KENTA outside and whips KENTA into the railing in a show of aggression himself. KENTA gets the next whip into the rail and boots Tana over into the announce area. Chest kicks by KENTA, who hits a DDT on Tana on the floor in the aisleway. Red Shoes tells them to get back in the ring and KENTA sends Tana back into the corner post, then onto an announce table, then rolls Tana back in the ring and covers and surprisingly Red Shoes counts for 2. Neckbreaker by KENTA, cover and another 2. Kneedrops by KENTA followed by the mocking back kick to the face connects in classic KENTA fashion.

Mid kicks by KENTA followed by a kitchen sink, cover but still only 2. Headscissors by KENTA grounds Tana, but Tana rolls to the ropes for the break. Thudding kick to the back by KENTA but Tana is right up and throws shots, but eats another knee to the gut. Another thudding kick to the back and a cover by KENTA for another 2. KENTA grounds Tana, Tana fights up, mid-kick by KENTA but Tana catches the corner boot and hits a dragon screw. Shots by Tana, flying forearm drops KENTA and the slam and middle rope somersault senton connect, cover but only 2. Chants for Tana. Boot by KENTA connects, Tana fires back, kicks by KENTA, slap by Tana but KENTA hits a powerslam and both are down. Spring dropkick by KENTA connects and he follows with a corner boot, Tana sits and KENTA hits the hesitation dropkick! KENTA climbs and hits a nice diving double stomp, cover but still only gets 2. Chants for Tana. GTS is attempted, Tana fights out of it and catches KENTA’s leg, getting another dragon screw, and an inverted grounded dragon screw.

The Cloverleaf follows and Tana sits down, but KENTA fights toward the ropes. Tana pulls KENTA back but KENTA counters into a rollup for 2. Draping DDT by KENTA connects and both are down as the crowd chants for Tana. KENTA looks for busaiku but Tana lands Sling Blade instead. Shots traded, both just EAT them, SLAP by Tana, and another, KENTA returns fire, and hits a discus lariat to drop Tana! GTS is blocked again and Tana hits Twist and Shout, and again, holds on again and hits it a third time. A second Sling Blade connects, cover but only 2. Crossbody High Fly Flow connects, Tana climbs again but KENTA gets the knees up and blocks High Fly Flow! Tana gets a boot but Sling Blade is countered into a sleeper by KENTA, Tana starts to fade and KENTA looks for a PK but Tana catches it, picks KENTA up but KENTA hits a knee to the head and a PK. GTS conneects under the chin, cover and KENTA picks up another GIGANTAIC WIN!

KENTA (4) defeats Hiroshi Tanahashi (0) by pinfall via Go To Sleep
JAY’S RATING: 4 out of 5

And another outstanding match to cap off Day 3’s tournament action. Both KENTA and Tana looked great here, though I still feel like KENTA is showing a bit of ring rust in that there is just a bit of air where there doesnt need to be. And that mixed with some of Tana’s own post-injury issues let a couple moments drag. But KENTA’s attitude and ferocity are back, and Tana played opposite that extremely well. This is also huge because KENTA now opens the tournament defeating both of last year’s finalists who are now both 0-2, as KENTA climbs to 2-0 with 4 points out of the gate. SUPER interesting…

After the match, KENTA rolls out and extends the hand to Tana, and Tana refuses it. They are building a story KENTA trying to earn back the respect of the Japanese crowd and roster. Thats a really good idea. KENTA shakes it off and rolls back inside, taking a mic. KENTA says he wants to say one more time to NJPW fans: my name is KENTA. This might be the first time many of you have seen me wrestle, and maybe some people are already going home at this point. But maybe there are some fans who have been with me for a long time. Nice little pop, and KENTA points out people clapping and people going home as “you remember me” and “you dont”. A match with Tana in front of New Japan fans – theres a lot of history between us and we’ve been able to put this match together after a long time apart. But its not like I came here to play around. Its not like just to see some friends I havent seen for a while. I came here to win the G1. Some chants for KENTA. Whether you know me or not, I dont care. G1 29… someone shouts and KENTA acknowledges the pipes of that fan… and says he will win his first G1 on his first try, so remember my face and remember my name, tonight, I was KENTA. Nice promo, and he feels SO MUCH more confident here than he EVER was in NXT or WWE. Its good to see him back.


This was top to bottom an EXCELLENT day of G1 action, with Archer bringing some good stuff out of Fale and the rest of the matches delivering across the board. SO MUCH to watch coming out of Day 3 action as well, as both Tana and Ibushi fail to get on the board in round 2, and with Okada and KENTA moving to 4 points each. ZSJ slipping to 0-2 is also interesting as he is always a possible dark horse. But EVIL and Ospreay pick up big wins, and the remainder of this tournament gets that much more intriguing in terms of possibilities. This is one to catch every G1 match. Well done. The breakdown is now:

Block A

Block B

Lance Archer (2-0)


Jon Moxley (1-0)


Kazuchika Okada (2-0)


Tomohiro Ishii (1-0)


KENTA (2-0)


Juice Robinson (1-0)


EVIL (1-1)


Hirooki Goto (1-0)


Bad Luck Fale (1-1)


Toru Yano (1-0)


Will Ospreay (1-1)


Taichi (0-1)


SANADA (1-1)


Shingo Takagi (0-1)


Zack Sabre Jr (0-2)


Jeff Cobb (0-1)


Hiroshi Tanahashi (0-2)


Tetsuya Naito (0-1)


Kota Ibushi (0-2)


Jay White (0-1)



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