New Report On Tessa Blanchard Causing Issues In WOW

New Report On Tessa Blanchard Causing Issues In WOW

According to Fightful, stories of IMPACT superstar Tessa Blanchard causing issues in WOW (Women of Wrestling) are starting to surface. One report claims Blanchard berated a WOW trainer in front of a group for not being good enough at their job, to a point where the trainer broke down in tears. When someone reached out regarding the incident, Blanchard showed zero interest in talking about it, nor did she seemingly care about WOW in general.

Another report talks of a confrontation between a top name in WOW and Blanchard that ended in a verbal battle in front of staff and other talent. In a totally separate instance, Blanchard got into it with Malia Hosaka, with Hosaka being the only one getting reprimanded, a move that a portion of the roster saw as unfair.

This on top of the accusations made against Blanchard for racial remarks against La Rosa Negra (Black Rose) in 2017. Despite La Rosa acknowledging that it happened and AEW’s Big Swole backing the story up, Blanchard issued a recent statement denying the allegations.

Stay tuned.


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