New Report Says Sgt. Slaughter Never Served In The Marines

Five days ago, we reported a story about WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter (real name Robert Remus) being accused of stolen valor. Slaughter told Sam Roberts during an episode of his Not Sam podcast that he served in the Marines between 1966 and 1973, which included two tours in Vietnam, a path that helped play into his Drill-Sergeant pro-wrestling persona. Problem was that Slaughter began wrestling for the AWA in 1972, a detail that many have since pointed out. The Baltimore Sun issued a story back in 1985 revealing that the Marines wrote a letter to the former world champion asking him to stop pretending to be a Marine.

Today, SoCal UNCENSORED revealed that they’ve reached out to the Department of the Navy questioning Slaughter’s credentials. They have since received a letter back stating that no one under the name “Robert Remus” has ever served in the U.S Marines. They tweeted out the letter, which you can read below.


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