New "Road To AEW on TNT" Recap: Sammy Guevara On Competing In First TV Match, Interview Between Tony Schiavone and Cody Rhodes

New “Road To AEW on TNT” Recap: Sammy Guevara On Competing In First TV Match, Interview Between Tony Schiavone and Cody Rhodes

-Video opens with a tribute to 9/11

-A vignette on 26-year old Sammy Guevara. He says that growing up, wrestling in his hometown just wasn’t enough. This led to him starting his Vlog, which gave him worldwide recognition. Footage of his run on the indie circuit is played, with current day training sequences spliced in. He recalls finally getting the call from AEW, and promises that one day he will be a world champion. “What I ultimately want to be remembered for…is being a kid who tried to be the best.” He then calls out Cody Rhodes for overlooking him in their upcoming TNT match, saying he’s more focused on the brand and Chris Jericho then Sammy Guevara. He calls their upcoming bout the biggest of his career.

-Tony Schiavone gives us an update from the AEW control center. He says at ALL OUT the wrestling world got a taste of the women’s division, especially the heated rivalry between Bea Priestly and Dr. Britt Baker. He guesses that both women will be watching closely as Nyla Rose and Riho compete to become the first ever AEW women’s champion.

-Cut to an interview between Schiavone and Cody Rhodes. He asks the American Nightmare how he’s dealing with the pressure of debuting on TNT. Rhodes admits that it is a lot of pressure, and details the journey of everything that happened for AEW to be started, including leaving WWE, and Tony Khan reaching out. “The more I talk about it, the more I feel the pressure, but I’m damn excited.” Rhodes goes on to say that the thing that separates them from other wrestling companies is that they listen to their fans, explaining how sometimes the fans can lead them in the directions they want to go. They shift towards talking about Sammy Guevara. Rhodes says he has Chris Jericho and the AEW championship on his mind, but he also doesn’t want to be embarrassed by Guevara in the promotion’s first ever TNT matchup. “I’m not going to go on to Full Gear if I lose to Sammy Guevara. If I take a loss to Sammy Guevara that changes the title match. If Chris Jericho takes a loss in Philadelphia, that changes the title match. Wins and losses will matter,” says Rhodes. Back to Jericho. Rhodes expresses that just because he’s a company man, a world title shot means just as much to him now as it ever has. He asks Schiavone if he will be calling matches with Jim Ross. “I don’t know,” responds Schiavone. “You’re the boss.”

Check out the full episode below.



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