Nia Jax vs Dean Ambrose Match Not Happening, Possible Reason for Cancellation

Over the weekend a local Jonesboro, Arkansas commercial started circulating online advertising Nia Jax vs Dean Ambrose in a special intergender attraction for the February 22nd Jonesboro house show.

John Pollock from says one person from WWE reached out to him and said the commercial was outdated and the match would not be happening. Further confirmation with WWE told Pollock the ad is incorrect.

Bryan Alvarez today on Wrestling Observer Live radio said he has heard rumors that there was a sponsor that spoke up and said that they did not want to support a product that promoted intergender wrestling. Alvarez stressed that it was only a rumor he had heard and at this time can not confirm it. WWE thought about it. They created advertising for it. And now it is cancelled.

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