Nick Aldis Talks His TNA Title Run: “These Negative Forces Were Trying To Sabotage Me”

NWA world champion Nick Aldis was a recent guest on the Cultaholic podcast where the “National Treasure” discussed his run at the top of TNA. Aldis, who worked as Magnus during that time, claims his heavyweight title reign was sabotaged by “negative forces” within the company, and admits that it was a disheartening experience compared to what he does now for NWA.

The second that I got the title at TNA I immediately felt like these negative forces were trying to sabotage me…trying to engineer situations where it wouldn’t work. If you want to go back through history and look up who it is…it’s not hard to figure out who it was. Basically the guy whose spot I took as the top heel. I just remember thinking ‘You’re willing to sabotage and mess up the entire show just to have it for yourself?’ It’s like the little kid who loses the game and then flips the board over with all the pieces right? I just remember being so disheartened. To contrast that with what I’m doing now…like here…it’s me. For better or for worse.

While he doesn’t officially state his name…Aldis is supposedly referencing Bully Ray Dudley, as that was the top heel spot during that stint. Check out his comments below.


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