Nick Aldis Turns Down AEW Offer

Current NWA World Champion Nick Aldis recently sat down with Daily DDT and explained how he turned down an offer from AEW:

I’ll tell you the truth: I was made an offer by AEW. I counter-offered with, ‘I’d like to be able to do both.’ I’d like to work with them because obviously I have great admiration for Cody and the Bucks for what they’ve been able to do. But I wasn’t prepared to walk away from the two years of work I’ve done with the NWA. And that was that. I left it open with, ‘If you can find a way to keep doing this and do your show, I’ll do your show.’  – Nick Aldis on his AEW Offer

Nick turned down the offer because he didn’t want to abandon what he spent two years building up in NWA. He feels the exclusivity contracts are archaic:

They essentially wanted to offer me a contract and have me walk away from what I’m doing here and I said that doesn’t make any sense to me. Really, there’s no reason to. It’s just a hangover from the way things have always been done. Obviously, we hear this ‘Change the World’ phrase a lot, but that was my pitch to them. ‘If you really want to change the world, why can’t we do that?’ – Nick Aldis On Exclusivity Contracts

Nick Aldis joined NWA in September of 2017. He won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in December by beating champion Tim Storm. Nick held the title until September 2018 where he lost it to Cody Rhodes at the All In PPV before regaining it again the very next month in NWA.




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