Nikki Bella On Struggling To Move On From John Cena

Although she is rumored to be dating again, Nikki Bella once again spoke on the difficulty of moving on from her past relationship with John Cena. She had the following to say via clips from Sunday’s “Total Bellas” season finale:

This is the first time I’ve been back in Napa since my big breakup and I just immediately get all those memories. But a part of me is like, ‘Okay Nicole, now you have to make new memories.’ I definitely made Napa a lot about the ex, but I think because I have such a love for wine that it makes it feel okay.

I think that’s why I was crying so much yesterday. I feel like it was the first time I just fully was starting my true grieving and healing process. No matter what, the next time I see him with someone it’s going to kill me.

I still have a long way to go. But honestly, I’m ready for a new me. I need it,” Nikki said. “You know what I feel like I need to do? I need to start living as if I don’t care whether it’s my ex or anyone else watching me and afraid to hurt their feelings. I just want to move forward.



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