NJPW Sees Significant Revenue Increase In 2018

NJPW Sees Significant Revenue Increase In 2018

According to the Wrestling Observer, 2018 was a very financially successful year for NJPW, whose total revenue increased by nearly eight million dollars from 2017. Reports indicate that the bump came from a surge in live event ticket sales, and nearly four times their usual merchandise numbers, thanks in part to New Japan’s deal with Hot Topic.

While totals aren’t official, 2018 revenues are expected to fall at about $43.6 million, up from $35 million last year, a 25 percent increase. A big key was the increase in live event ticket sales, but merchandise in 2018 was four times that of 2013, stemming from the LIJ sales and the U.S. market Hot Topic T-shirt sales. Almost 40 percent of ticket buyers to Japanese live shows are female. Going into the Dome show they are ahead of 100,000 in New Japan World sales, as compared to 60,000 at the same point last year in mid-December.

New Japan World is NJPW’s version of the network, which also offers a discography of the greatest hits of the promotion.


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