NJPW’s Chris Carlton Will Return To Normal Commentator Duties Following Support From Fans

According to the Wrestling Observer, New Japan Pro Wrestling commentator Chris Carlton, who also serves as a liaison/translator for the English commentary table during promos, was asked by NJPW to no longer provide input during matchups, and focus primarily on translations. Reports state that this was a decision was not made by NJPW, but enforced by TV-Ashai (partners of New Japan World), who didn’t believe that Carlton had the sound or look to be taken seriously as a play-by-play man. However, once the situation was reported on, NJPW and TV-Ashai were flooded with fan complaints from English speaking fans to return Carlton to his former role. The temporary backlash apparently worked, as Carlton will resume his normal routine beginning today.

Prior to the decision being made, Carlton thanked fans on Twitter for their support.


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