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The draft will take place on two nights: Smackdown and Raw. There won’t be any drafts picked during NXT and it was never in the plans. The NXT roster will still be effected by the picks as people can go to and taken from the brand.

The draft will include one representative for USA and one for Fox. There won’t be any “authority” figures choosing for the brands like they have done in the past because they are still trying to distance themselves for authority characters at this time.

The process will resemble a football draft. The draft will of course be fake as the rosters are already finalized at this time. They are keeping the roster changes so close to the chest that most of the wrestlers won’t even know they’re being switched until it’s announced live on the shows. This has been a standard practice for the WWE to avoid potential leaks.

While nothing is known about who is drafted, it’s no secret that Paul Heyman has been lobbying for Bray Wyatt and Aleister Black on Raw while Eric Bischoff wants Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair on Smackdown.

Speaking of Bischoff, rumors surrounding his time in the WWE have been negative. No one seems to have any good things to say about his progress. When asked where Bischoff has been during Smackdown, the answers have mostly been “in catering.”

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