nXt Results: September 5, 2018 (Gargano vs. Dream)

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WWE nXt Results

September 5, 2018

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Kassius Ohno vs. Kona Reeves

It's a standoff between the knockout artist, Kassius Ohno and "The Finest" Kona Reeves.
McGuinness asks if Watson thinks the nXt universe has forgotten about Ohno. Watson says he’s too talented for that as he delivers a blistering right hand to Reeves, after a stalemate of a grapple to open the match.
Reeves receives a knee drop to his head and retreats to the corner where he launches himself from the top. Double axe handle and a 2 count. Reeves lifts up Ohno for the Hawaiian Drop, but Ohno counters it into a knockout punch. 1-2-3!

Winner: Kassius Ohno via pinfall in 3 minutes

Post-match, Ohno grabs a mic and he talks about the buzz there was when he came back to nXt. Ohno became an afterthought and it bothered him for a long time. Now he realizes there will always be someone new and fresh. Whomever the next guy is with buzz, Ohno will be the first one to welcome him and knock him to the back of the line.

No cool points for the match, but good to see Ohno get a little promo time. He’s on a 3-match win streak and has positioned himself to face one of the new roster members. Could that be a guy like Keith Lee or Matt Riddle?

Second Segment: Forgotten Sons vs. Street Profits

The Fortunate Sons debut on nXt TV for an in-ring performance.

Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler and Jaxson Ryker make up this new tag team who made their TV debut last week in nXt General Manager William Regal’s office. Tonight, Blake and Cutler will wrestle.

Blake and Ford start this one. Beauty arm drag by Ford on Blake. Both tag partners tag in but it’s Ford and Dawkins who connect with double dropkicks. This sends Blake and Cutler to the outside where Ford greets them both with a terrific tope. Cutler’s rolled back in for a 2 count.

Dawkins works the left arm of Cutler. He tags in Ford and he also targets the arm, wrenching it behind Cutler’s head. Ford holds him in that armlock for a while until he hits his way free. Blake tags in, runs the ropes and clotheslines the crap out of Ford. Springboard knee drop! 1-2…no. Ford kicks out.

Double team neckbreaker and another cover, but Blake is unsuccessful. The pace slows down a little with a chinlock by Blake, transitioned into a neckbreaker.

Quick tags by the Forgotten Sons isolate Ford in their corner or along the ropes. A few 2 counts in a row until Cutler puts Ford in a chinlock. Fans applaud, supporting Ford to stand up. Backslide pin by Ford for 2. He reaches for Dawkins’ hand but can’t get there. He rolls away from an elbow drop, crawls through Cutler’s legs and tags in Dawkins.

Dawkins is fresh and he explodes on to Cutler and Blake. Dropkicks, slams and even a running bulldog on Cutler. Dawkins is tripped up by him from the outside though and taken out. Ford nails Cutler with a running kick from the apron. Into the ring, he flips over the ropes and gets Blake with a DDT.

Suddenly, two masked men, wearing all black, run down to ringside and steal Ford’s cup. One of the men stops on the ramp where Ford rips off his mask and it’s Shane Thorne! Thorne stares in disbelief as Ford is attacked with a clothesline by Ryker.

Ryker rolls Ford into the ring where Cutler and Blake double team him. Top rope stomp/reverse DDT combo by Cutler and Blake. They pin Ford for the win.

Winners: The Forgotten Sons via pinfall in 6 minutes

One cool point for both teams. I appreciated the debut for Blake & Cutler, taking advantage of interference by The Mighty to get the win. Curious to see if they employ the Freebird rule and if Ryker wrestles next match. Street Profits had fantastic energy and crowd support, and it would be great to see them in a rematch with The Mighty.

We turn to GM Regal’s office where he is interviewing Heavy Machinery about the Aleister Black attack. Dozovic talks about being under the lights and getting warm. He asks for water to cool down and then admits to breaking the toilet. It’s because of the coffee. It gets him shaking and shaking…Knight asks him to calm down.

Regal asks if they saw anything that wasn’t on the video. Knight says they saw Ciampa near the bushes around Black. Regal thanks them for being so helpful.

The results of last week’s tag match between Ricochet & Pete Dunne vs. Undisputed Era are shown. After the match, cameras caught the North American Champ and the United Kingdom Champ arguing about what happened. They talk about fighting for each other’s titles.

In two weeks, that “Champion vs. Champion” match will happen!

A War Raiders promo is shown where they say the era of undisputed will end.

Third Segment: Kairi Sane (c) vs. Trish Adora (Non-Title)

This is Sane’s return to Full Sail, following her victory at Takeover: Brooklyn IV. Sane arrives on stage and gestures to a treasure chest. She opens it and, inside, is the championship belt, on top of gold coins.

Adora trained with the Dudley Boyz and is an 8 year veteran.

Beauty running neckbreakers by Sane. 2 count. She tries to submit Adora, but Adora gets the rope break. Back press for 2. Adora counters an Irish Whip and clubs Sane. Sane counters a lift attempt with a spinning back fist.
Sane stomps as the crowd claps. Sliding D! Sane ascends the turnbuckle. She salutes and hits the InSane elbow! 1-2-3!

Winner: Kairi Sane via pinfall in 3 minutes

Post-match, Shayna Baszler’s music hits and the Queen of Spades strolls out on stage. She topples over the treasure chest and gold coins spill out to the ramp. Baszler tells Sane to enjoy the pirate fantasy while she can because she will soon enact her rematch clause.

Baszler attacks Sane in the ring. Devastating clothesline wipes out Sane. Sane returns to her feet and she is pissed! She nails Baszler with lefts and rights, and a spinning back fist. She tackles Baszler, sending her to the outside and retreating up the ramp.

One cool point for the champ. She wins the match and the post-match altercation with Baszler. That’s best for business. There will be no intimidating her.

Somewhere, backstage, nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa sets up another one of his self-shot videos. He says he hasn’t been around because there’s no #1 contender. Black is gone. Gargano is gone. He films this on his time because he’s sick and tired of hearing fan opinions. He doesn’t want to be the voice of the voiceless. He says to follow his lead.

In GM Regal’s office, Lars Sullivan admits that he should have told GM Regal when he was coming back. He is medically cleared. Regal says he has motive and means, so why was he there? Sullivan says he was trying to locate Aleister Black. He heard Black scream in the distance and when Sullivan got close, Black was already down. All he saw was the Undisputed Era driving off and GM Regal running in.

Sullivan wants EC3, but EC3 is not medically cleared. Regal says you will face the man you brutalized last week, Raul Mendoza. That match will take place next week.

Final Segment: Velveteen Dream vs. Johnny Gargano

Dream postures in the ring, on Sept. 5, against Johnny Wrestling

As usual, Dream taunts his opponent through what he wears, sporting his own version of a Johnny Wrestling shirt.
Highlights of this match include:

The intensity level of both guys is appropriate for the main event of the show. In fact, that’s what sets these two wrestlers apart from so many on the roster because of how their very presence seems to elevate the crowd interest and response.

Gargano starts out with the advantage, even bringing Dream to the outside and knocking him around. On the return to the ring, Dream throws Gargano into the air, hanging him to dry on the top rope.

Dream whips Gargano so hard that Gargano flips upside down and hits the turnbuckle back-first, head down. Beauty neckbreaker to follow that.

Warring chants from the fans. Dream with a 2 count pinfall attempt, and he follows up with a sleeper hold on Gargano. That hold wears Gargano down until the fans clap enough to help him break free.

Gargano flies from the top rope with a hurricanrana/ step-up enziguri combo on Dream. It’s all Gargano. Slingshot spear from the apron! 1-2- kickout by Dream.
Superkick from Gargano while both men are on the apron! Somersault splash by Gargano, collapsing Dream to the ground.

Dream avoids a kick from Gargano and hits him with the Fameasser! 1-2- no! Gargano kicks out.

Dream impresses with a roll through pick up of Gargano to his shoulders. The two trade pinfall attempts. Discus clothesline by Gargano. 1-2- kickout! Dream flops over his arm on to Gargano for a close 2 count, too.
Fans chant “This is awesome!” Gargano uses the ropes to lift himself to his feet on the apron. Dream meets him there. They trade punches and kicks.

Dream slams Gargano’s knee into the steps, tripping Gargano up so that Dream could roll him into the ring. Still, he can’t get the win and fans applaud for Johnny, and the match, chanting “nXt”.

Dream flies from the top rope to the outside, but he hurts himself on the landing by the ramp. Gargano rolled away. He runs the ropes and dives through them to crash into Dream. Gargano locks in the Garga-NO escape on the outside. The referee gets to 6 before Gargano rolls in; Dream beats the 10 count, too but he’s in visible pain.

Superkick by Gargano! He threatens to DDT Dream from the apron to the floor and looks thoroughly as though he is a conflicted man. He rolls Dream back in and lines up opposite him. Dream yells that Gargano is a failure and motions for Gargano to come at him.

Gargano lowers his kneepad, rushes….Dream catches him on his shoulders and Dream Valley Driver!!! 1-2-3! Dream beats the former #1 contender!!!

Winner: Velveteen Dream via pinfall in 15 minutes

Warring “Johnny Failure”/”Johnny Wrestling” chants are shouted by the crowd, following the match, as Gargano slowly walks towards the nXt announce table and approaches the curtains to the right. Plenty of chanting as he shakes his head and walks out.

Two cool points for Dream! Two major victories in a row and I think he has enough fan support that he’d get an opportunity to become #1 contender, if GM Regal acts on Ciampa’s claims.

Two cool points for Gargano. Dude continues to be such a magnetic personality and his descent into madness and failure will give birth to a new and improved Johnny Wrestling. He could have won that match earlier but he was not decisive enough, flirting with the idea of injuring Dream on the arena floor with a draping DDT. Fans are also torn on Gargano, and it was quite audible tonight with the various chants, even a “na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, goodbye” chant near show’s end. Compelling TV.

Share your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s show. What’s next for Gargano? Will the War Raiders take on the Undisputed Era soon? Who will win Champion vs. Champion in two weeks? September in nXt looks exciting.

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