One Nation Radio On LOP – #Raw #SDLive TV Reviews 11/5 & 11/6 & The Doc Chad Matthews Joins One Nation Radio

Becky Lynch

The Nation, Rich Latta & James Boyd are back with One Nation Radio looking at Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live for this week 11/5 & 11/6. Rich destroys Elias and Ziggler, James is thrilled with Smackdown. Breaking down The Champ Becky Lynch, and we’re dissecting the minefield that is the Raw Roster at this point. The Drew McIntyre run continues, along with the crowd favorite, Lebron James U Bum Of The Week, with a shocking winner of that award, as well as our Wrestler Of The Week. Thanks for listening. Reach out to us @RichLatta32 @JamesBoyd87 @OneNationRadio

The Nation is joined by The Doc Chad Matthews @TheDocLOP for a discussion on Chad’s break away from WWE, #CrownJewel, How #WWE Destroyed Braun Strowman at every turn, Who the hell can be the face of WWE, and a hard look at what is #RomanReigns legacy.

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