PAC No Longer Working “Double Or Nothing” Due To Creative Differences, Hangman Page To Face New Opponent

Earlier today, AEW star Adam “Hangman” Page answered an open challenge issued by Dragon Gate’s Open the Dream Gate champion PAC at a WrestleGate Event in Nottingham England, where the two would go on to wrestle a 15-minute bout that fans in attendance were super hot for. The match ended with PAC getting himself disqualified by low-blowing the referee. He then proceeded to attempt to injure Page by targeting his leg with a steel chair and would later cut a promo claiming that he would no longer be appearing at next Saturday’s Double or Nothing event in Las Vegas.

According to the Wrestling Observer, PAC’s claim was legitimate, and his scheduled matchup with Page has been called off. Reports state that there were massive creative differences between AEW and PAC, who wasn’t prepared to take a loss due to the immaculate record he’s accomplished since returning to the wrestling scene, and taking his current Dragon Gate title run very seriously. AEW had their own particular direction they were seeking, and decided to fly Page out to WrestleGate to have the match against PAC that was promised to fans. The DQ finish will leave the door open for PAC and Page to resume their feud somewhere down the line, although there is no time-frame. AEW will also release the full bout for free online later this week.

As for Page, he will still be competing at Double or Nothing, but against an unknown opponent.

Stay tuned.


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