Paige On Women Headlining Wrestlemania, Her Movie & More

Paige was recently interviewed by “Entertainment Weekly”. During the interview, she discussed “Fighting With My Family”, advice she received from The Rock, her feelings on women headlining Wrestlemania & more. Here are the highlights:

On Her Movie:

It’s kind of like ‘Rocky’ — you don’t need to be a boxing fan to enjoy ‘Rocky,’ it’s just a beautiful underdog story. I just wanted people to walk away from it not (saying) like, ‘I’m going to be a wrestler now.’ I wanted them to walk away from it and be inspired to chase their dreams and never give up and to always remain themselves. I feel like that’s definitely a universal message.

On Advice She Received From The Rock:

When it comes to Dwayne, he gave me some really solid advice and that’s to stay humble and hungry, right? Always be humble if you want people to work with you, but hungry so you always want to set goals and you don’t want to get complacent.

On The Potential Of A Women’s Match Headlining Wrestlemania:

It blows my mind. I wish I could be part of it, but I’m so happy that I was kind of one of the forerunners for it. It makes me feel really good because that was my aim for when I came over here: I just wanted to change the perception of how women were looked at in general, and I thought me and a couple of others kind of did that.

And I’m so proud of all the women that took the flag and ran with it at this point because we have so many talented women there. And I sit back and I’m like, ‘Wow,’ it’s so incredible to see. Because the women are just as good as the men, and some of them are even better.

On Advice She Gives Others:

Don’t worry about being the next me, be the first you. That’s kind of the advice I have for people, too. You want to start building your brand early on, even if you love the job that you’re in because you know some things don’t last forever.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly H/T Wrestlezone.


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