Pat McAfee On His Wrestling Training, NXT Dream Opponents & More

Pat McAfee was recently interviewed by WINCLY. During the interview, he discussed his training to become a wrestler, wrestlers in NXT that he’d like to face and more. Here are the highlights:

On His Goal With WWE:

It’s every kid’s dream…to one day become a Superstar or commentator. I think maybe there’s a chance in the future for both of those things.

They might try me out on some things if I do well…Right now we’re just seeing what works, seeing what fits, see what they hate, see what they love and see what can grow.

On Wanting To Reach The Top:

I have dreams and aspirations of taking a stroll down the ramp at a pay-per-view setting. Everybody has those dreams as a kid and that’d be really cool…

Hopefully I can end up in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

On His Training:

I bought a wrestling ring in either my third or fourth year in the league. I had it built in my barn and didn’t use it much except for at parties when my friends kids would want to get in there.

As soon as I retired a guy named Rip Rogers who used to train at OVW and lives 10 minutes from my house would chit-chat with me about “rasslin’.” He would train me like 3-4 times a week to get me in shape and to see if I ever wanted to do it if I could do it or not.

I was getting my ass kicked, getting chopped and having bruises on my chest, but I was having a blast.

On Who From NXT He’d Like To Wrestle:

[Cole’s] a guy that I would love to see do very well, and whenever that happens, I get a chance to run down and give a swift kick to the face. It would be a good time.


I have no clue, honestly. More wrestling as a fan is good especially now that I’m watching more and more stuff. I think it’s very hard to say that anybody’s going to be able to compete with the WWE. I just think it’s gonna be difficult to do that. That’s just like the AAF or XFL attempting to compete with the NFL right out of the gate.

I think what AEW has done on social media is impressive. I think the amount of interest they’ve garnered is impressive. Being able to sell out arenas is incredible but WWE is at the top of the mountain for a reason. I think it’s great for fans and professional wrestlers but I think saying they’re gonna compete with WWE is a wild, wild amount of pressure to be putting on AEW whenever they haven’t even gone on TV yet.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: WINCLY.

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