Paul Heyman On Whether He Scripts His Promos, How Brock’s MITB Appearance Was Kept A Secret & More

Paul Heyman was recently interviewed by Yahoo Sports. During the interview, he discussed whether or not his promos are scripted and how Lesnar’s MITB appearance was kept a secret. Here are the highlights:

On How Much Of His Promos Are Scripted:

I always know how I’m ending [when I prepare and cut a promo]. I know the point that I’m making — the big finish — how I’m getting to the big finish and what’s the turning point that takes me home.

On Taking Inspiration From His Father:

In crafting any promo it’s a lot like when I grew up and I went and watched my father, who was a personal injury attorney, perform in front of juries. It’s where I get the name advocate from, because my father was an advocate. I watched my father make the case and that’s what I try and do in terms of promos, I try and make the case.

On The Brutally Honest Nature Of His Relationship With Lesnar:

The respect, admiration and the honesty between Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman is 100 percent authentic. We are fantastic business partners, associates and best of friends because we are violently honest with each other, no punches pulled, no sensitivities honored, uninhibited approach to both business and friendship in which anything can be said as long as it’s heartfelt.

On Feeling Like He Couldn’t Be That Honest With Anyone Else Of Brock’s Stature:

That has always been the way between us, since the first day we met. I cannot imagine having that level of openness with anyone else of Brock’s stature and I don’t know if he could trust getting that openness from anyone else except the person that has been with him since the day that he debuted on WWE television.

On How They Kept Lesnar’s MITB Appearance Under Wraps:

It’s never difficult to pull off a surprise involving Brock Lesnar because we know how to keep the circle very tight. We pulled it off with not one person figuring this out, not one person offering a spoiler online or anywhere else and we once again demonstrated that Brock Lesnar knows how to dominate headlines better than anyone else in WWE, sports entertainment or mixed martial arts.

You can read the full interview HERE

Credit: Yahoo Sports.

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