PCO On How The Wrestling Business Has Changed, Thoughts On Marty Scurll, 2018 Being The Best Of His Career

PCO was a recent guest on the NBC Sports Radio Pro Wrestling 24/7 show, where the current ROH tag champion discussed a variety of topics regarding the pro-wrestling industry before calling his last year the best he’s ever had in the industry. PCO reveals that once he exclusively signed to ROH he had to cancel several other bookings, but offered companies and fans refunds out of his own pocket in order to remain professional.

Yeah, absolutely. Even without ROH I would say 2018 the full year, being in-demand from every company in Canada and the United States wanted to book me and when I signed with ROH I had tons of bookings, but I signed exclusive to ROH and I had to cancel a lot of shows that people bought I was very professional, I paid for the airfares and the insurance and reimbursed them and things like that, I was very professional about it, but there are a lot of promoters that no matter what they wanted me to be there and I couldn’t do that and yeah 2018 was without a doubt the best year in my career, but since then, since signing with ROH in December it’s been another crazy ride and it’s been my best ride ever in my pro wrestling career.

Speaking more generally, PCO gave his input on the current pro-wrestling landscape, mainly how the lines between being a heel or a face have been blurred, and how psychology has shifted into something different entirely.

Well everything’s changed. You can’t really tell who’s a heel and who’s a face anymore, you can, but it’s not as clear defined. They want to see great performances, they want to see guys go out and give everything they’ve got and they like the competitiveness of it more than just rallying behind someone, sometimes it does happen that there’s a guy that’s clearly a heel or clearly a face, but it’s not as pronounced as it used to be and you’ve got so much more acrobatics than before, you’ve got 630, 550, you’ve got all kinds of stuff like a gainer moves like that, a double back moonsault, guys can walk from one side of the ring to the other on the top rope pretty easily, but that’s the nature of life in embracing changes you know. That’s what makes my success is I did embrace those changes, I was not like ok I know how it’s down I’m from that era and wrestling should be like that, if it’s not my way it’s not good, it’s bad wrestling. No, I totally embrace all the changes, I go with it. It creates new opportunities, I’m happy with the way the business is evolving. I can’t work the shoulder, go back to the shoulder, work it the whole match and finish him with a shoulder breaker. It’s not like that anymore, people are educated, people are watching MMA, they’re watching UFC they know if guys are going for an armbar for a certain amount of minutes and then the guy breaks loose and gives an ankle they’re going to go for an ankle lock. Psychology will always make sense and that didn’t change. You know how to paint a picture, you know how to tell a story. It’s still 2 guys or 4 guys or however many guys in whatever type of match it is you need to have the ability to tell a good story. That’s the basics that’s never going to change. It’s never going to change in movies, it’s never going to change in wrestling, but everything around that can evolve and change that doesn’t matter you have to embrace changes that’s the key to success and it creates opportunities.

The Villain Enterprises member would then talk about his stable leader Marty Scurll, and what he hopes the outcome of the G1 Supercard is.

I’ve heard rumors that Marty’s contract is up in April I’m not sure if that’s the case I didn’t even ask him. I don’t think it’s my business to ask him when his contract is up. I’ve seen rumors people think it’s April, maybe it’s November, June, July I don’t even know and to be honest with you, not that I don’t care because I want him to stay, I’ve got not power or control over the decision or what’s going to happen. All I can control is what’s going on right now and try and make the best of it, every single moment that I have. I have the challenge to be perform and to be there and I think there’s satisfaction that we’re three guys, Marty becomes I hope and wish him all the best and he becomes the ROH World Champion in Madison Square Garden at G1 Supercard. The thing between our faction, Villain Enterprises we want to get all the gold, all the belts, all the championships, all the titles between the 3 of us and it doesn’t matter if Brody can get the TV Title from Jeff Cobb or it’s myself or we have the Tag Titles with Brody King, sometimes I do tag with Marty, sometimes it’s all 3 of us as we won the Six Man Tag Team Titles from the Kingdom and that’s what’s great about it sometimes it’s 3 against 3, sometimes it’s me and Brody as a team, sometimes it’s me and Marty as a team, sometimes it’s me solo against one of the Briscoes, me and Mark not too long ago in Florida we had a 25 minute match. It doesn’t mean that Marty might win the title from Nick Aldis the NWA World Title, I really don’t know we’ll see how everything evolves, but I’m very very happy to be part of this faction I think it’s great because I’ve known Marty since 2008 when I went to England for a 4-year with my wife and she got pregnant and my daughter’s 10 years old right now which by the way I named her London while we were there, that’s a scoop by the way, it was just a coincidence, but the chemistry between me and Marty was already really good, never in my wildest imagination did I think that Marty Scurll was going to be in ROH in 2018 and wanted me and Brody King to join him, sometimes you do things in the past and look back and think I wasted a year in England if I look back from 2007 to 2018 I could relate with things back in the days the fight with WALTER and then being proposed the idea of Villain Enterprises with Marty Scurll and Brody King and said hell yeah. I’ve known Marty for a while and have always got along good with him & Brody I had feud with throughout all of 2018 for different indys so I knew him too and went ok this is the perfect deal & let’s do it.

Listen to the full interview here. 


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