PCO On What Companies Were Interested In Him Before Signing With ROH

PCO was recently interviewed by “Wrestling Estate”. During the interview, he discussed the different companies that were interested in him prior to his decision to sign with Ring of Honor. Here are the highlights:

On The WWE Not Letting Him Be A Babyface:

I wanted to be a big babyface all over the states and he [Vince McMahon] said it wasn’t possible. Every time somebody came from Canada, especially from the French part like Montreal or Quebec, they had to make them heel. The Rougeaus, Dino Bravo, The Mountie, they had to be heels. Even when they turned Bret heel, it had to be Canada against the USA. I never understood that. There’s no heat between Canada and the U.S. So he thought I couldn’t get over as a babyface. I kept that in my mind and refused to accept that as fact.

On Joining ROH:

Basically, every single major company approached me around the fall of 2018. I chose Ring of Honor and so far, I don’t regret it. I’m pretty impressed with the roster we’ve got. They always keep adding people and looking for new talent.

On Villain Enterprises:

I was offered a great opportunity to join Villain Enterprises. The chemistry has been there since day one. I’ve known Marty since 2007 and have watched him grow. Brody was touring all over the states last year, like I was, and we crossed paths so many times. When I knew I was going to be put with those two guys, I couldn’t have been happier.

On His Goals:

I know my destination, but getting there is an adventure. I not only want to impact the wrestling world, but I want to transcend this business. When I go to bed, I think about my career and what I want to achieve. I’m willing to pay the price and make the sacrifices in order to achieve it.

You can read the interview by clicking HERE

Credit: Wrestling Estate.

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