Perfect 10 Wrestling w/Imp – NXT, 205 Live & NXT UK Reviews Feb 7th 2019 (Bugenhagen Rocks Full Sail, WWE Q4 Record Earnings, Gulak in NXT)

LOP Radio ‘Imp’s Adventures’ columnist & Perfect 10 Wrestling host Matt Maher (aka The Implications) jovially recaps NXT, 205 Live & NXT UK!

A lot to talk about this week, with the successes of Worlds Collide Tournament and Half Time Heat taking place over the weekend.

On 205 Live a new #1 Contender was named for Elimination Chamber next week, but it was NXT that stole the show with the ‘rocking’ debut of Eric Bugenhagen and Drew Gulak turning up to create a better NXT! Also Walter is back in Blackpool to slap the crap out of some poor fool’s chest.

Join Imp as he goes through it all!

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