LIVE @ 8ET Perfect 10 Wrestling w/Imp & Burn | Seth Rollins to Win Men’s Rumble?! | Royal Rumble Game 2019

LOP Radio ‘Imp’s Adventures’ columnist & Perfect 10 Wrestling host Matt Maher (aka The Implications) is joined by his former co-host Burn to preview WWE Royal Rumble 2019!

The potential road to the first ever Women’s WrestleMania Main Event starts here (maybe)! With a seemingly wide open men’s Rumble, is it possible the choice of road is narrower than we think with Seth Rollins? What happens if Finn Balor actually topples the beast?

The same for the women’s Rumble, is Charlotte Flair a shoe in? What about Becky Lynch? Will she surprise everybody and be more than ready for Asuka? As for Ronda Rousey, is she a definite to be walking in as RAW Women’s Champion?

Lots of possibilities for this Sunday, join Imp and Burn as they go through them all!

Also play Burn Royal Rumble games for both the Men’s and Women’s royales here:

Burn’s Men’s Royal Rumble Game
Burn’s Women’s Royal Rumble Game


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