Perfect 10 Wrestling – Worst Case Scenarios for WWE Extreme Rules!

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The LordsofPain’s very own Matt Maher (a.k.a. TheImplications) plays Worst Case Scenarios for WWE Extreme Rules!

Booking the upcoming WWE PPV as badly as possible. The wrong winners, destroy momentum, set up God awful story arcs. A bit of fun to help us remember that no matter how the PPV ends up being, it won’t be as bad as this. Things could be worse, much, much worse.

How come so many of the matches aren’t… you know… of the ‘Extreme Rules’ variety? That won’t stop me booking this awful mess! Just remember, no matter how the PPV is, at least it can’t possibly be as bad as I what I’ve booked here on this show. Right?

Also a little bit of NJPW because that G1 Climax thing people are all excited about starts this Saturday.

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