President of AXS On Possibly Working With AEW

CEO of AXS TV Fights Andrew Simon recently spoke with Wrestling Inc regarding their relationship with NJPW, and if the network would be open towards airing the newly formed AEW. Simon states that AEW is not currently something that interests them, and that they’ll always remain loyal to their current partner. However, they are open to listening.

We have a strong partner in New Japan Pro Wrestling. With AEW, I believe there are talks out there for television deals, but currently we are not looking to add AEW to the roster. But we’d be open to listening. Our first priority will always be to our current partner.

There’s never been a greater time to be in the wrestling business. I think they announced Brandi Rhodes and one other femalewrestler with Britt [Baker]. We’re really trying to capitalize on that women’s wrestling area and make it a place where women can excel and be the main event. They won’t be the third or fourth down the card.


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