Priscilla Kelly’s Husband Speaks On Her Controversial Angle

Darby Allin, EVOLVE star and husband to Priscilla Kelly, recently appeared on the “Omega Luke Wrestling Podcast”. During the interview, he discussed his wife’s now infamous “tampon” angle, why it revealed underlying sexism in wrestling and more. Here are the highlights:

On Priscilla’s Reaction To The Backlash:

She’s having a good time. She thinks it is hilarious. Like I said earlier, we come from a world of just being ourselves in our private time, so the moment we share some of our private selves as a joke everyone loses their shit. She’s doing awesome, though. She doesn’t give a shit about any of this stuff like Gail Kim, Tessa Blanchard and all of those fools going “She’s killing the women’s revolution.” No, she’s creating one.

On The Differing Gender Standards:

If you look at what the men have done in wrestling for so long, the gross shit. If it’s DX pouring dog shit on Vince McMahon or Joey Ryan’s lollipop in the ass or the cock thing, shit for men have gone on so long, and once a woman does it everyone loses their shit about it. Let’s talk about equal rights for a second. [People go], “It’s not about equal rights, it’s just a nasty ass thing.” Yeah, no. All the men things are nasty and vulgar, but once a woman does it, all hell breaks out. So, go fuck yourselves.

You can check out the full interview below:

Credit: Omega Luke Wrestling Podcast. H/T Wrestlezone


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