Rey Mysterio and CM Punk Reminisce About IWA Triple-Threat Match With Eddie Guerrero

WWE star Rey Mysterio recently posted on Instagram recalling a 2002 triple-threat match between himself, CM Punk, and the late Eddie Guerrero from IWA Mid-South. Mysterio reminisces about the direction of all three of their destinies following the bout.

Punk-Vs-Eddie-Vs-Rey. What a throwback pic!
Never would of imagined how our destinies would turn out after this night! #RIP🖤#MissYouEddie#MissYaPunk

Punk would also comment on the post, giving some background to the match, and states that both men are true legends of the business.

People should know how good Eddie really was. He was in a rough spot. Recently fired, home front was turbulent. He came to this show and looked tired. Said to me “I hate three ways. If it’s okay with you, can you and Rey put something together and just call it to me?” I wasn’t sure that was possible. He didn’t miss a beat. And you Rey, so open and giving to a little punk Indy kid. You laid out a masterpiece and I wasn’t sure I could keep up. One of the early times I remember being in the ring and thinking to myself, “this is fucking MAGIC!” A pleasure. An honor. I miss Eddie, truly fortunate to have worked him as many times as I did. I feel the same about you Rey! Legends, who treated me like an equal, and I’ve never forgotten it. Viva la raza!

See the exchange below.


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