Rhea Ripley Advises Simone Johnson To "Ignore The Drama" Within WWE

Rhea Ripley Advises Simone Johnson To “Ignore The Drama” Within WWE

NXT women’s champion Rhea Ripley recently spoke with Metro to comment on the WWE developmental signing of the Rock’s Daughter, Simone Johnson. Ripley reveals in the interview some advice she gave to Simone while at the WWE Performance Center, telling her to ignore the drama and work her hardest.

I’m very, very excited for Simone. She’s one of my close friends, and I’m so happy that she’s here at the Performance Centre with us. The main thing I always tell her whenever I do see her is to just ignore the drama, stay in your own lane, work the hardest and try your best. Just succeed and excel within your own brackets of talent. Just try and not let everything get to you, because that’s the hardest bit in any sporting background. It’s just the drama that comes with sport unfortunately, and the one thing I’m trying to get her to stay away from.

Simone’s signing has been making major headlines outside of the wrestling media circuit, an indication that the world will have a close eye on the daughter of the Great One. Check out Ripley’s full comments here.


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