Richard Holliday On Teaming With MJF & How He Feels About The Von Erich Family

Richard Holliday On Teaming With MJF & How He Feels About The Von Erich Family

During a recently interview with Fightful, Richard Holliday discussed his tag team partnership with MJF as well as his thoughts on the Von Erich family. Here are the highlights:

On Teaming With MJF:

There were a lot of provisions in this contract in order to [face] the Von Erichs [outside] of Mexico and we successfully did that. With that being said, we had to have a match within the states. We couldn’t completely disregard the Von Erichs; they were eventually going to get their title shot. And they’re gonna get it in Chicago. [MJF] wasn’t too happy about that when he found out, but we went on the yacht afterwards and calmed him down. We’re heading to SuperFight with a clear head, our game plan, and it’s going to be a Dynastic-night. I wanted to make it a Dynasty Tornado match. We’re still fighting endlessly to make this a Dynasty Tornado match. I will fight up until the bell. Our team is working actively to get this done. What is a Dynasty Tornado tag match? We’re still not sure. But when we find out what it is, it will be implemented. We do have some ideas, but I cannot release that to the press.

On How He Feels About The Von Erich Family:

It’s a whole band of misfits, the Von Erichs. It’s around Halloween right now; I’m sure a couple of Zombie Von Erichs are gonna be floating around trying to get in the match. There are only two that we need to worry about. That’s Marshall and Ross. Let’s be honest; they’re looking against the most dominant tag team in the history of MLW. Think about what me and Max have done. We successfully defended the titles internationally, truly making them World Championships before anyone else. We defeated the Hart Foundation, not only in a ladder match to win the titles, but we successfully defended them in a two-out-of-three falls match. Two matches where you can say the odds were stacked against us. And we still prevailed. So, you might want to ask the Von Erichs how they feel going after the Dynasty.

You can check out the interview HERE.

Credit: Fightful.


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