Ring Warriors TV Debut Results for September 15, 2018

Credit: Wrestling Epicenter

The show opens with a video package set to R&B music. Interesting choice.

Austin Aries is out though not on the format. He says he’s part-owner of Ring Warriors and reveals he will not be part of the tournament because he feels there is no one worthy of wrestling in the company. He then joins the announce booth for the show.

Match #1:
Martin Casaus vs. Damian Drake:
A solid match with a young guy probably best known for his work in WCWC in Drake versus Martin Casaus best known as Marty “The Moth” Martinez in Lucha Underground.
Winner: Martin Casaus

Match #2:
Desi Derata w/Allison Danger & Nicole Savoy vs. Santana Garrett:
Desi has a solid look and is larger than Garrett. Garrett is probably best known for her run in Impact as Brittany but is well respected in indy wrestling as one of the best female workers out there. This match did not prove that as the finish was totally blown by a referee’s counting of 3 on a move that wasn’t the finish resulting in an awkward roll up for the win.
Winner: Desi Derata

Match 3:
Luke Hawx vs Chris Bey:
Hawx headed to the ring in place of Bey. This was sold as Hawx feeling he’s above Bey. Interesting approach. Hawx is well known as the former Extreme Rising champion and the promoter of Wildkat Promotions. Bey is best known for his work in the United Wrestling Network. A somewhat lackluster match where Hawx outshined Bey in nearly every category.
Winner: Luke Hawx

Ken Resnick, yes that Ken Resnick, interviews Dontay Brown and Tokyo Monster Kahagas . Not much to write home about in what they have to say.

Austin Aries reveals he will defend the Impact Wrestling title next week on Ring Warriors.

Match #4:
Tokyo Monster Kahagas vs. Alex Chamberlain:
Chamberlain, I suppose, was the good guy in this encounter though not much is said as to why. He wins with a roll up.
Winner: Alex Chamberlain


– This was announced, before it started, as a paid program which means Ring Warriors is purchasing time on WGN America versus it being a TV deal. This is a known tactic by promoters over the years. Hopefully it results in a profitable result for Ring Warriors but it is a risk without question.
– Austin Aries is a big star and came off as one on the show. He is necessary on commentary though as he was probably the best of what we heard.
– The set looks good. Nice lights for the entrance way. Somewhere below ROH in production but not by a country mile by any means. I’d put it on par with MLW.
– The referee royally botched the finish of the women’s match. Why wasn’t this caught in post?
– Alex Chamberlain has a history in this venue as this is where Paragon Pro Wrestling was based during its year plus run. He had Lisa Marie Varon as a valet during his Paragon title run. I think someone like him benefitted from a little eye candy even if she is a veteran and a respected star. In other words, we need a toned female body next to Chamberlain to add to his overall package. Varon’s hind end added a lot in Paragon.

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