ROH Fires Kelly Klein Via Email

Former Ring of Honor producer Joey Mercury released yet another private email exchange on Twitter, this time between WOH champion Kelly Klein and ROH COO Joe Koff revealing that Klein has been fired from the company due to her referencing Mercury’s earlier online leaks at the beginning of the month. Koff states in the email that instead of Klein’s contract being terminated and a non-compete clause being issued, they’ll just allow her current contract to run out, with negotiations of an extension being ceased. Mercury writes, “How dare she!?!? The nerve. That’s what you get, @RealKellyKlein- hey I wonder who else you sent that nice email to? What if Tomorrow’s Summit was actually the resignation of GG & JK!?!? If it isn’t- I’m more than prepared to get LOUD & specific. Talent deserve this treatment.”

In a follow up tweet, Mercuy specifies. “For those with twitter and not google- SHE GOT FIRED. While concussed. For referring to someone.”

The information was later confirmed by Klein’s husband, AEW producer BJ Whitmer, who says “Now that the cat is out of the bag. Yes, my wife @RealKellyKlein was fired by @ringofhonor COO Joe Koff, via email Tuesday evening. Not a phone call, an EMAIL. Kelly is still very much suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome and was fired while still injured.”

Following his release a few weeks ago, Mercury called out ROH’s Greg Gilleland for a number of issues, most notably allowing Klein to compete after sustaining a concussion. Mercury claimed that the company had zero concussion protocol, and cited several instances, including the Bully Ray fan incident, of a lack of security being present at events.

Klein would issue a series of her own short statements.

“I was right to be afraid. But there is no courage without fear. It was worth it for the chance to finally force some positive change.”

When a fan questioned whether or not she would attend tomorrow’s Summit Facilities, Klein mentioned that she wasn’t invited.

“I hope so too. I wish I had been invited. I trust some of the guys there to take care of it. I have already presented many of my thoughts and ideas in person over the years, and most recently on November 7th when I drove 8 hours to Baltimore for a meeting requested by ME.”

Check out both tweets below.


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