Ruby Riott Promo on Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins, Eight Woman Suplex at Billings House Show

Despite what Elias will have everyone believe, the E in WWE does stand for Entertainment and thats exactly what the fans in attendance at the Raw brand house show last night in Billings, Montana got to witness. Not that the rest of the show wasn’t entertaining but this is something you don’t see regularly. An eight woman suplex involving Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Alicia Fox, Mickie James, Natalya, Bayley, Ember Moon, and Dana Brooke. Check out the video below.

While backstage at the Billings, MT house show, WWE cameras caught up with the Riott Squad and Ruby cut a fantastic promo against Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins geared towards WWE Super Show-Down and Raw this Monday. Ruby said:

“Why is it that you (Ronda Rousey) and the Bella Twins have some how combined forces? And I’m realizing that on the surface you’re fighting champions and reality show stars. The faces of the WWE’s women division. But when those masks are removed and all that makeup is washed off…you’re temporary. So when you guys go back home or when you go back to the UFC, the Riott Squad will still be here building the women’s division. On October 6th we’re gonna make sure that we run you off for good. But Brie, on Monday, I might make sure that you don’t even make it to Australia.”


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