RUMOR – NXT Moving To FS1 In October To Counter AEW?

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On this morning’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer answered a question during their mail bag segment and speculated that NXT will likely move to FS1 on Wednesday’s in October to counter AEW. The following is a partial transcript of that segment:

(Timestamp 29:10 – 31:05)

Bryan Alvarez reading the mail bag question: “Once AEW starts on Wednesday in October, do you see Vince putting NXT on FS1 on Wednesday’s to try and steal away viewers?”

Meltzer: “I think that is the logical move. So yes. I believe Vince will do that. I don’t know that he’s doing it but thinking like Vince, I believe that’s what he will do.”

Alvarez: “It is ironic that for months that people were talking about [wondering] if NXT would move to FS1. And there had been no talk of NXT moving to FS1. But now because of AEW it’s probably gonna happen.”

Meltzer: “I believe so. They’ll do something. If nothing else they’ll put that talk show on. But that talk show is not gonna siphon viewers away. The problem here is that if NXT beats them that’s a feather in the cap for WWE. But there’s a good chance that AEW will beat NXT because they’re on the stronger station [TNT]. If they do that it’s like, ‘Yeah we’re doing something to head them off.’ But at the same time if you go head to head its like war and Vince will be…ya know. There’s no guarantee that Vince will lose. There’s no guarantee that NXT does not beat AEW. Because WWE will promote the hell out of it…if they even do this head to head. But doing that head to head, it does put at risk the idea that they may lose a head to head battle every week. And Vince won’t like that. If they do that I’ll bet you they probably start sending Roman Reigns to NXT.”

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