Rumor & Speculation on Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Opponent + Other WM Rumors

The following are rumor notes and speculation from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio:

Tonight on SD they will announce who Bryan faces at Fastlane.

Kofi Kingston was not the plan as of this morning for WM or Fastlane. But…things can change.

The WM story (for Bryan) that Meltzer heard is that somebody is being brought back as opposed to somebody he’s already been facing. That could be among different people. Obviously some of the names on this list will not be it but the people on the list are: Bray Wyatt, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, John Cena, and Dave Bautista. It could be others but those are the names he’s aware of.

Undertaker’s name has been batted around. Originally there was no interest (not on the card) for WM or Saudi. And now there’s talk about him.

Batista and Triple H were supposed to have a match at WM but when Triple H got injured a few months back the match was put in jeopardy, and Meltzer doesn’t know where Triple H is right now physically for the match. Last Meltzer heard on Bautista is there was nothing in play as of about a week ago.

Meltzer believes Cena is unlikely. Cena was originally supposed to have a match with Lars Sullivan but that has been put on hold because of Sullivan’s anxiety issues.

There is talk of Kurt Angle doing a retirement match and WM is where it could take place but against who?

They do have an opponent for Daniel Bryan. Meltzer doesn’t know who it is but says it is likely one of the people on that list of names above. Guess work.

There was talk of Asuka and Lacey Evans being a WM match. It was definitely on the books at one point but Meltzer is being lead to believe that it is being reconsidered and probably will not happen now.

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