Ryback On If Tessa Blanchard Winning The IMPACT World Title Was A Good Idea

Ryback On If Tessa Blanchard Winning The IMPACT World Title Was A Good Idea

During a recent episode of “Conversations With The Big Guy”, Ryback spoke out against Tessa Blanchard winning the IMPACT world title. Here’s what he had to say:

I don’t watch IMPACT Wrestling, I’m never going to watch IMPACT Wrestling. Even when it was TNA, I just never been into it. It’s weird to me. And I say this from the standpoint of, if Brock Lesnar came out and all of a sudden wanted to be the Women’s Champion, is that okay? He wants to feel more feminine. There’s a reason why they have titles and things of that nature and I don’t understand going that way. If they’re just trying to get people talking, it’s not good way. Booker T is not wrong. It’s nothing against Tessa, she’s just the talent. Obviously the company wanted to go that direction. She’s just doing her job. Now, does she defend her title against the women? What about the other men on the roster? Where do you go from it? Why do you have all these different titles? Why not have the one title and let men and women fight over time then. I think there would be outrage among women if, in all of sports, men just wanted to fight for women’s titles. ‘I’m gonna be the women’s champion. I deserve it. Why can’t I?’ There would be so many arguments why you shouldn’t do that, right? So why is it okay to go the other way? I feel like this women’s empowerment thing, that’s not the play.

You can check out the podcast below:

Credit: Conversations With The Big Guy. H/T 411Mania.


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