Sami Callihan Talks IMPACT On Twitch, Tells Fans It’s Okay To Like More Than One Wrestling Company

IMPACT star Sami Callihan was a recent guest on the Wrestling Epicenter Interactive Wrestling Radio to talk about the promotion’s current deal with the Pursuit Network, and how well IMPACT does on Twitch. He does admit that he hopes for a new TV deal, but reveals that Pursuit allows the company to do whatever they want.

I think that’s huge and that is the only thing Impact is missing right now. I ain’t gonna hate on the Pursuit and Twitch deal, though. We’ve got a lot of eyes on Twitch! And, the one good thing about Pursuit and Twitch is Impact Wrestling, over the past year is we have been able to do what we want. We haven’t had a network telling us what we can and can’t do. That is why Impact is striding. And that is why, once we get on a bigger network, it is off to the races!

Callihan would also discuss how great the wrestling landscape currently is, but berates fans for trying to pit every company against each other.

Wrestling right now is great. The one problem with wrestling right now is the fans – They want to pit every company against each other. You know you’re allowed to like more than one wrestling? And, you know if someone likes a wrestling (company) you don’t like, how about you just shut your mouth about it? Why does everybody have to have an opinion on something that they know nothing about?

You can listen to Callihan’s full interview below.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)


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