Santino Clarifies His Comments On Transgender Women In Wrestling

Santino Marella made significant headlines and caused quite the stir when he discussed transgender wrestlers. The controversy stemmed from Santino stating that he was concerned that transgender wrestlers would lead to women thinking that they could take on men much bigger than them and getting hurt badly.

Response from the wrestling community was fierce and Santino decided to clarify his comments. Santino reached out to Pro Wrestling Sheet to say that he was not referring to pro wrestling when he made those comments, but legitimate fight sports instead. Here are Santino’s additional comments:

In legitimate combative sports, I don’t want to see women get hurt unnecessarily. Professional wrestling welcomes everybody.

I consider myself an ambassador to professional wrestling and my view has always been that it is welcome to all, I have gay students. I have trans students. I have students from every race and creed, we are all one big happy family.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Sheet.

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