Santino Marella Discusses Intergender Wrestling, Comments On Transgender Women In Combat Sports

Santino Marella

Former WWE star Santino Marella appeared on the Twitch streaming show Behind the Lights with host Alicia Tout to give his thoughts on intergender matchups in professional wrestling. Marella admits that he is not a fan of pitting men against women inside the squared circle, expressing that it could get women hurt in real life if they perceive it wrong.

If there’s a girl out there that says ‘this guy’s giving us attitude, I’m gonna step in and fight this guy because I saw that women can fight men because of intergender wrestling.’ And she goes out there and lips off and this guy’s a mental case and he just cracks her with his fist and shatters an orbital and busts her lip … and she wouldn’t have done it — perhaps — beforehand, because she didn’t get this inflated sense of confidence because of intergender wrestling.

Marella then shifts towards transgender women and their role in combat sports. Marella claims that he isn’t against the transgender community, but he believes that it is unfair for certain individuals who once identified as a man to compete against women because they were born with different biological attributes.

There’s cases now in MMA and wrestling where there’s trans girls that were born boys that are beating the shit out of females and that’s wrong. If you’re a guy — born a guy — and you become a woman, you’re accepted everywhere. But in the field of actual competitive sport, there has to be a barrier. And the barrier is based on, sorry, you were born a God damn man. You’re accepted as a human being and as a person and you are loved in every single way EXCEPT it’s not fair that you compete against women in sports because you were born with different physical biological attributes. And we have to be realistic about it and we also have to not be so sensitive.

Check out the video below. (17:33 is when it begins)

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