Scott Dawson Claims The Revival Is Best Tag Team, The Young Bucks & Matt Hardy Respond

The Young Bucks & The Revival

Twitter is a crazy place. Scott Dawson of The Revival proved that theory to be true once again this weekend.

After WWE released a video on their official YouTube channel called Inside the luxurious life of The Revival, Dawson, one-half of the current RAW Tag-Team Champions The Revival, posted a tweet that prompted responses from multiple WWE Superstars.

The tweet that Dawson posted in response to the above video touted his team with Dash Wilder as the best ever, specifically naming several legendary teams from the past and top teams from today, including AEW and ROH teams.

“Better than The Usos. Better than New Day. Better than [The] Young Bucks. Better than Good Brothers. Better than Undisputed Era. Better than Rock & Roll Express. Better than Street Profits,” wrote Dawson in the first of a two-part tweet in response to the “Luxurious Life” video.

The second tweet picks up right where the first left off.

“Better than The Hardys. Better than G.O.D. Better than IICONICS. Better than Heavy Machinery. Better than The Briscoes.”

Soon after posting the tweets, Matt Jackson of the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) tag-team The Young Bucks, responded to being included in Dawson’s list.

“You had me until the Young Bucks part,” wrote Matt in response to Dawson’s tweet. Dawson quickly replied to Matt’s tweet with a sad face emoticon.

Also chiming in with a response to the Kendrick Lamar “Control” verse-style tweet posted by Scott Dawson this weekend was Matt Hardy.

Hardy posted a collage of photos of himself and Jeff Hardy as various incarnations of The Hardy Boyz holding multiple tag-team championships over the years, along with a caption.

“Heard you mumbling some nonsense about being the best tag team [and] being rich,” wrote Hardy in the caption to his tweet responding to Dawson, which also included a photo of Hardy taking a bath in cash. “Get with me in 20 years [and] let’s see how well those tweets age.”

This prompted Dash Wilder of The Revival to post a tweet of his own.

“You two aren’t even the best Hardy Boys,” wrote Wilder in response to the aforementioned Matt Hardy tweet.

Matt returned soon after Wilder’s tweet, calling The Revival “the most delusional tag team on Twitter.”

“That’s also inaccurate,” Hardy wrote in response to Wilder’s tweet. “I just BEAUTIFULLY solved the mystery of who’s the most DELUSIONAL tag team on twitter, The Revival.”

Hardy continued, “And to think, you 2 would have gotten away with this LUDICROUS twitter claim if it wasn’t for me, The Meddling Big Money Matt Hardy!”

The recent Twitter exchange between Scott Dawson of The Revival and Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks is particularly interesting, as the two made the claim over a year ago that the two teams will one day do battle.

Matt even went as far as to publicly tweet an interesting prediction.

“One day we’ll wrestle The Revival [and] everyone will rejoice,” wrote Matt, who continued by even going as far as to say, “Remember this tweet.”

The tweet from The Young Bucks star and one of the Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs) of AEW was posted back on December 3, 2018.

Soon after it was posted, Dawson himself responded to the tweet with an interesting emoji that showed an alarm clock, signifying that it was just a matter of time before The Young Bucks and The Revival meet inside the squared circle.

Check out the ongoing back-and-forth exchanges on Twitter by following @ScottDawsonWWE, @DashWilderWWE, @MattJackson13, @NickJacksonYB and @MATTHARDYBRAND.

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