Scott Steiner Talks All In, His Time At WWE, Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

Scott Steiner was interviewed by WhatCulture at All In’s Starrcast convention last weekend and in typical Steiner fashion had nothing nice to say about the WWE, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H.

How is being back in Impact been for you?

“It’s doing good. I had to take time off because of surgery on my shoulder. I was out for about a year. I’m doing good.”

What’s it like being here at All In:

“There’s like two times since in the last 25-30 years since I’ve been wrestling. When the nWo was hot. That was unprecedented with the sellouts and merchandise. And today, this is like the first time, they (All In) sold out in, like what, thirty minutes? For an independent show, I’ve never heard of that before. This is like the first. Now they’re (ROH/NJPW) doing it at Madison Square Garden. It just goes to show that nobody wants to watch that bullsh*t WWE puts out right now. Their product’s f*cking horrible.”

How was your time when you were at WWE?

“It was f*cking brutal. The two times I was up there were the two times I thought about quitting. They’re f*cking weirdos, man. The bullsh*t you gotta put up with. Now it’s worse. Because you got one of the biggest c*nts running it, Stephanie McMahon. What the f*ck does she know about wrestling? And then Triple H…f*ck. You f*cking kidding me? I feel bad for the wrestlers, because they pigeon hole them into these stupid characters. They make everybody do the same interviews that they print out. You can’t expand and be creative. It’s not what my picture of wrestling was. I think something like this proves that. They’re bullsh*t.”

Do you think WCW dying was the worst thing that could have happened?

“It was the worst thing that happened. Competition keeps people on their toes. Trying to beat the other show. As you can see, when WCW closed, they didn’t pick up any of our fans, any of our viewers. They just turned them off. Look at the ratings now. Stephanie and Triple H go out and do the same bullsh*t. They do their interview at the beginning of the show. F*ck that sh*t. It’s old man. It’s like, take your brain off and watch it for a while.”

Do you think shows like All In could be the new WCW, that could pose a proper competition to everything:

“All you need is another big network. Mark Cuban’s doing that. So you just never know. There would be competition in the next day. I always said if like Rupert Murdoch or somebody like that who has a network or TV station, it’d be on again. Better for all the wrestlers. Right now all the boys are getting screwed. Independent contractor. That’s bullsh*t. Nobody’s an independent contractor under the actual law. It’s bullsh*t. We’re not independent contractors. They demand too much of our time. So how he gets away with it I don’t know. At some point, that’s going to be a lawsuit.”

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